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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

Ecomaniacs Creating Climate of Insanity

David Martin | The Daily Knight

The Maui fires that have claimed 106 lives were no accident but were intentionally set to get the fire going on climate action

They used to call it “global warming” but too many embarrassing cold spells (like the frigid North American Blizzard of December 2009 that made a laughingstock of the U.N. Copenhagen Summit in session at that time) caused them to switch to the name “climate change.”

Environmentalists this summer are ranting on about the “climate inferno” that is ‘burning up the planet’ when there is no climate inferno. What is burning out of control is an infernal lie. The liars are lighting fires so they can zoom in with their lens and flash these flames across the earth so everyone can behold the ‘terrible results of man’s abuse of the planet.’

Similar story with the photos of melting icecaps. Anyone in their right mind knows that the northern ice cap eventually goes from being an ice cap to an ocean as you move away from the North Pole. In between there is an area of broken up ice floating in the ocean – that’s normal – so the environuts zoom in with their cameras and flash images of the “melting icecap” across the earth so everyone will think the poles are melting and the oceans are rising.

Funeral for Melting Glacier

As an example of the lunacy these ecomaniacs will resort to, the Catholic Archdiocese of Munich and Freising recently celebrated an “ecumenical requiem” for a melting glacier together with members of the Evangelical Church.

The event was held on July 25 at the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, to bid farewell to the “glacier status” of the Schneeferner, Germany’s largest glacier, and to “draw attention to the [so-called] consequences of rapidly advancing climate change and the importance of preserving creation,” according to a press release by the archdiocese.

Climate Change is all About Abortion

The truth is that there is no such thing as man-made "climate change" nor does there exist a "climate inferno." The infernal elite are always creating fake emergencies so they can blame man and provide themselves with an excuse to depopulate the planet. Climate change is all about abortion and U.N. abortion mongers are always trying to frighten us into the climate action of making the world a "safer place" through population-control (abortion), and hence they go about deliberately lighting fires and spreading fears to fuel their emergency campaign.

Wildfires Deliberately Started by Arsonists

Yes, their minions like George Soros pay immoral people to secretly set our hillsides on fire during hot, windy weather. It is alleged that during the past several years arsonists working with PG&E deliberately arranged for electric lines to misfunction and ignite dry brush in California, resulting in the worst rash of wildfires in California history.

And of course, people everywhere are now waking up to how arsonists were behind the bizarre fires in Canada this year. Multiple people have been arrested in connection with dozens of intentionally set fires in that country, testifying all the more to the conspiracy at work to create this fake "climate change" emergency.

Hawaii Fires Deliberately Set

And now police in Hawaii have determined that both the Pahala and the Naalehu fires in Ka’u Hawaii were started under “suspicious circumstances,” alleging that one of those fires was “intentionally set.” An incendiary device (explosive) was found on the roadway in the area where investigators believe the second wildfire originated. And while the Ka’u fires were not part of the same fires that charred Maui they nonetheless appear to be connected to a network of arsonists behind all the fires on the Islands. Hawaii is infested with satanic cult activity and cultists seemingly played their advantage by setting off explosives amidst high winds.

Moreover, weather control experts working for NASA and other deep-state agencies were apparently behind the catastrophe in Maui, which wasn't limited just to fire. According to one report, the plan was to use explosives to burn down parts of Maui with the view of rebuilding it into a center for climate action while using the fires they started to push their climate agenda.

These climate change fanatics have humorously overplayed their hand. California received three years’ worth of precipitation this past winter (2022-2023) with up to 72 feet of snow having fallen in some areas of the Sierra Nevada, and they’re still crying "drought" and they’ve skillfully used the "pandemic" to lay off road crews so the foliage alongside the highways can grow into a tinder wall making it easy for drivers by to set it aflame with a match. And with all the media-deception about a climate emergency (e.g., declaring a heat emergency in July when daytime highs in Palm Springs were only 106, which is 7-degrees below normal for that time of year), people are duped all the more to believe that man's abuse of the planet through “fossil fuels” is burning up the environment. And they've been at this for years.

Helping to Create the Drought

Some years back following a winter of abundant rain and snow, California elites ordered that the run-off from the Sierra snowpack be diverted to miss Central Valley farms and empty into the Pacific Ocean, because of which thousands of acres of tree orchards and farms were ruined and had to be abandoned by farmers... all so Newsom and the globalists could declare a “drought” and cry "conservation."

Back in May, globalists were again engaged in a political a campaign to reroute mega-tons of mountain water out to the Pacific with the purported reason of ‘releasing dangerous amounts of water’ when the real reason is they’re upset that the drought is over, and hence they’ve frantically tried to re-create a drought so they can keep accusing man of heating up the planet. The elitists are the ones 'lighting the fires’ so they can blame us and have an excuse to eliminate us.

Secret Society Luciferians

That is to say, they are wicked people who have a wicked leader. These higher-ups in the deep state echelons are secret society initiates who labor for Lucifer who "was a murderer from the beginning." (John 8:44) These are the members of the Illuminati and the Freemasons who live for murder, though they call it "brotherhood."

Their population control campaign isn’t limited to abortion but includes euthanasia and lethal (Covid) vaccines as well. And now we learn that deep-state scientists are working to create a vaccine for “Disease X,” a deadly virus they expect will wreak havoc in the future. Note that if they are creating a vaccine for the virus, they already know what the virus is, which means they created it with the intention of spreading it. It's like Covid, it wasn't "leaked" from the Wuhan lab but was deliberately formulated and spread by the WHO to “justify” jabbing us with their deadly vaccine.

Bill Gates Spreading Deadly Mosquitos

These Frankensteins are now saying that "Disease X" will be spread by mosquitos spawned by manmade "climate change." Non-surprisingly, we’re now hearing about how Bill Gates and his cronies are spreading deadly mosquitos in Florda and Texas.

These same elites plan to force us into a cashless digital system whereby they will have absolute control of our money so that if anyone opposes party-line mandates to vaccinate or deny Christ for the New World Order, they'll make him instantly poor by pushing a button.

Political Tool to Lock down Society

A key part of their plan is to use climate change as their political tool to lock everyone down in the future. Anyone found to be a "climate denier" will have their gas and electricity cut and will be blacklisted as threats to public safety. Covid was just a trial balloon to what is coming.

America Must Return to its Knees

If trials are coming upon America, it is because we as a nation have lent our ears to the global serpent and have dignified his cause of betraying God and bowing to the planetary idol of “Mother Earth.” Satanists see abortion as a sacrifice to the devil, the “Prince of this World,” and by our consenting to their cause of murdering the unborn as a sacrifice to the planet we are bringing the hand of divine justice upon our nation.

In the final analysis, the coming trial to America will have come as a Chastisement from God. The Christian sector of America is called upon to double down on their Rosaries and Prayers in order to balance the scales because punishing times are coming if we don’t get on our knees NOW!

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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