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Join a Holy Week Novena of Traditional Latin Masses that end on Easter Sunday!


“The Blood of Christ is shed for sinners in Holy Mass.”  - St. Augustine

What an immense grace it is for us to possess the adorable Blood of Christ in the Holy Mass. The Catholic Church owns no greater, nor more costly treasure, for a single drop of this Blood, which is united to the person of the Divinity, outweighs in value all the riches of Heaven and of earth. This Precious Blood is not only present with us in the Mass, but we have it for our very own and as our own we may offer it to Almighty God for the forgiveness of our sins.

Send in names of souls you wish to be added to this novena of Holy Masses, either for your own soul, your family, friends or any other living souls.

St. Claude de la Colombiere said "MORE honor is Paid to God BY A SINGLE MASS than by all other Actions of Angels & Men."  

The value of offering a single Mass is incalculable!  We give God infinite praise, love, thanksgiving, and reparation. Recall the story too, of the Miracle of the Butcher’s Scales.  A poor woman could not afford a piece of meat & offered to have Mass said. The unbelieving butcher said, “you go and hear Mass for me and when you come back I'll give you as much meat as the Mass is worth.” When she returned, he took a slip of paper and wrote on it "I heard a Mass for you." He then placed the paper on the scales but no matter how much meat he placed on the scales the paper always proved heavier. 

As we grow closer to God, by our prayers, fasts and penances, what a great gift then we can offer to not only to God but to our family and friends during Holy Week, a grand ending to Lent and preparation for the great feast of the Resurrection, giving them the gift of nine Holy Masses for the salvation and sanctification of their souls! 

MassConversions is collecting Mass Stipends for a Traditional Catholic Priest who will be offering a Novena of Holy Masses ending on Easter Day with your name(s) on the altar.  

If you would like to give the gift of this Holy Week Novena of Holy Mass and offer a Mass Stipend, MassConversions will send a beautiful Easter card to you or who you direct, that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for and which priest has done the offering.  We will also let them know who it was that sent the gift of the Holy Mass. We have a GiveSendGo page set up for online donations or you can write a check to MassConversions Founder “Alexandra Clark” who is transferring the Mass Stipends to the various Priests.  

Please fill out the information (copy and paste it to an email) in the form below to request before the deadline of March 12th in order to be included in the Novena of Masses and receive the Easter card.  

P.S. Feel free to share this with friends!


 ~Reply Form~ 

Dear MassConversions, 

I would like to request to be added in the Holy Week Novena of Masses that end on Easter Sunday. Below are the names of the souls I would like to be prayed for and placed on the altar during the offering of these nine Holy Masses (N.B. these Masses will only be Tridentine Masses offered by Priests in good standing in Communion with the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church): 



Would you like a Easter Mass Card to be sent?

 □ Yes □ No    And if yes, please indicate to whom and where to send it: 



Mass Stipends help support our Traditional Priests greatly! The suggested amount is typically $15-25 per Mass. The faithful are free to offer whatever they can.   For the Mass Stipend, credit card can be given or please make checks payable to the MassConversions Director: “Alexandra Clark” & write in Memo “Mass Stipend”. No fees are removed for checks. One can also use the online donation page found below, but please note that fees are removed by the Credit Card Processor. 

To give online go to our GiveSendGo click here.

Please Accept my Mass Offering of: 

  ­__$15  $25  $50  $100 $500 or $ _______ for the Offering for the Novena of Holy Masses.   

I have sent it online or by mail. (Please indicate which one):

Please email for mailing address to mail the form back  before the deadline of March. 12th  in order to be included in Novena of Masses & receive the Easter Card(s). 

Any additional questions please email

"Dearly Beloved of Christ, to give alms in the name of Christ is a: source of comfort to the Faithful , a sure defense of our Soul's safety, the bulwark of our hope, the protection of our Faith, a healer of sin, something placed within the power of the one who uses it, something great, something simple, a crown of peace without the dangers of persecution...a necessity for the weak, a glory for the strong, an aid by which the Christian attains to grace of Soul, merits the favorable Judgement of Christ, and may regard God as a debtor to himself. Let us strive promptly and generously for this Crown of the Works of Mercy. Let us enter this Contest of good will; at which God and Christ are Present. And let us who have begun to rise above this life and this world not dally on our Journey because of any earthly desire. If the day of the Contest...shall find us contesting, swift, ready, the Lord will not fail to give us the reward of our merits... He will give those who have won, a garland of white lilies for their good works." ~St. Cyprian's Sermon on Good Works For Laetare Sunday 


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