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Scattering the Sheep of Christ & Dying for the Holy Mass?

Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

As many of you have heard by now, the Diocese with the most parishes to have the Traditional Latin Masses in the USA, has just eliminated more than half of them. The Arlington Diocese, in Virginia, which is under Bishop Burbage, has 21 parishes that offer the Traditional Latin Mass. To recap, on July 29th a statement (found here) was issued that now says only 8 parishes can have the Holy Mass, with only three Parishes being allowed to have the Mass in the main Church. And in 2 years no Traditional Latin Mass of All Times may be offered anywhere in the diocese. This abolishment of the Latin Mass policy will take effect on September 8th, 2022, the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. May the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with the priests of this diocese as the Bishop has failed to be a Faithful Shepherd of Christ's flock! Bishop Burbidge has allowed the scattering of the sheep and unfortunately is going along with the destructive instructions from Rome to destroy the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is the Heart of the Holy Catholic Faith. This Mass, as Archbishop Vigano has clearly articulated:

" is the Tridentine Mass in itself that is a formidable profession of Faith and an unflinching refutation of the patched-together reformed liturgy, whether it is celebrated by an old parish pastor or a newly ordained priest, regardless of whether he wears a Roman fiddleback or a medieval chasuble. It is that Mass, and the Mass par excellence, celebrated in the one Rite that is truly extraordinary, not because it is occasional but because it is incomparably superior to the Protestantized imitation that is the Montinian rite, which a Curé of Ars would have looked upon with horror.

This Mass, the Mass of the Holy Church, the Mass of the Apostles and Martyrs of all times, our Mass – this is the Mass that truly causes them scandal. It is not Roman birettas and bows that scandalize them; it is not the mozzettas and rochets that scandalize them. The real thing that scandalizes them is the Catholic Mass, and this is what they rail against, with the rage of heretics – the same people who preach “welcoming” and “inclusivity,” which applies to everyone without condition except for good priests and faithful laity.

The sheep are now wondering what do we do? What will the priests do? They have to September to get ready for throwing out the majority of Faithful Catholics from the Churches. What will they do? Will any of them fight and obey Christ or will they just submit to the process of eliminating Faithful Catholics and aid in helping destroy the Holy Church by "obedience" to hireling wolves? Will they help in scattering the beloved sheep of Christ? Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has encouraged: "The lay faithful, priests, and Bishops have the sacred and urgent duty to rise up against the decisions of these completely discredited characters and to demand, without yielding an inch, that the venerable Tridentine Liturgy remain an inviolable bulwark of doctrine, morality, and spirituality. We must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29), especially when these men have demonstrated by their reprehensible conduct, that they do not love either God or their brothers in the Faith. " Indeed now is the time to draw the line! Enough is enough! Good Shepherds do not let the sheep be scattered! If this can happen in the Arlington Diocese, it can happen anywhere, so be prepared. For the Faithful, do not give up nor fall into despair. For those that seek Christ and truly desire Christ, He will not abandon us! As some lines from the 4th century hymn "Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silent" were sang by the early persecuted Christians:

He will Give to all the Faithful, His on Self for Heavenly Food." Yes, God will not abandon the Faithful!

Will we have to suffer? Yes!

Will we have to fight? Most definitely!

Will we remain Faithful to prove our Love to Christ? Depends if we desire that.

Would we Die for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the Saints in the past have done? Depends on our Love for Christ.

Watch the video interview with Alexander Tschugguel, when we asked him if he would Die for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

As Fr. Samuel Waters has stated: "The Priest as the “Persona Christi” has the role of Priest & Victim. Christ was both the one offering and the one offered. The priest must seek to be open to being the victim, if the defense of the True Mass and the True Faith brings him to this moment in his life."

Finally, remember that as Fr. Hesse explains Quo Primum is a forever binding document!

“The Mass, due to the oldest principle of Mass - Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi - the Law of what has to be prayed, would determine the Law of what has to be believed.

Therefore the Mass is not just a matter of Faith, it is the basis of our Faith. We do not believe what is not celebrated in Mass, and we believe what is celebrated in Mass.

There was nothing new in the Missal of St Pius V of 1570. He canonized the Mass because he did not give his successors the right to change the Mass ever again. … Canon 13 of the 7th Session of the Council of Trent Canons on the Sacraments in General says that whosoever says that the accustomed and rites handed down in the practice of the sacraments may be held in disdain or something may be omitted or added to them or they may be changed into new rites by whomsoever pastor of the Church…, let him be accursed.



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