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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

More on Francis’ Continuing Attempt to Bless ‘Transgenderism’

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Francis to Gays: “God made you like this and loves you like this”

As reported on November 8, Pope Francis approved a text drawn up by Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández declaring that 'transgender' individuals can be godparents for the sacrament of Baptism, as well as allowing homosexual 'parents' to have their children baptized.

The document triggered backlash from conservative clergy and laity throughout the world who were aghast over Rome’s approbation of this abomination that cries to heaven for vengeance.

More recently, former CDF prefect Cardinal Gerhard Müller strongly rebuked the document issued by Francis and Cdl. Fernández on transgender issues, accusing Fernández of a “manipulation” of prior teaching on such questions.

On November 21, Müller said in an interview with Il Messaggero:

“It is confusing and harmful for the Magisterium to rely on the terminology of a nihilistic and atheistic anthropology by seeming to grant its false content the status of legitimate theological opinion in the Church.”

Fake Attestation

In their document, Francis and Fernandez quoted Cardinal Ratzinger and St. Augustine out of context to give the appearance that their position on transgenderism is in continuity with Catholic doctrine when in fact the document “said the exact opposite regarding these sensitive questions.” (Cardinal Müller) The cardinal referred to this devious quoting of Augustine and Ratzinger as “a substantial manipulation” of the Church’s “very clear” prior teaching on the subject.

Even so, Francis and his twin haven’t budged on their blessing of LGBT-transgenderism but are doing everything they can to raise their approbation to the level of “authentic magisterium.” The "pope" is saying that transgenders and homosexuals can be baptized and can adopt and baptize children. He's saying these offenders deserve the blessing of the Church and that the grace of baptism can be bestowed on children whom they will sodomize from their infancy thereby making them the children of Hell.

LGBT is More Criminal than Rape, Theft

It would make more sense to baptize a habitual rapist or auto thief than to baptize a transgender since rape and grand theft auto are not among the four sins crying to heaven for vengeance, whereas LGBT-transgenderism is. LGBT is more offensive in God's eyes, yet Francis fully approves the idea that "a transsexual individual could receive Baptism with the same ease as anyone else." (LifeSiteNews)

Speaking on behalf of Francis, LGBT sympathizer Cardinal Fernandez defends this point, saying:

"Such a person who had also undergone hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgery – can receive baptism, under the same conditions as other believers, if there are no situations in which there is a risk of generating public scandal or disorientation among the faithful.”

That makes as much sense as saying that a violent man with a gun in one hand and a knife in the other "can receive baptism, under the same conditions as other believers, if there are no situations in which there is a risk of generating public scandal.” The state of being homosexual or transgender is the scandal. This is what generates disorientation just as it has generated a disoriented Vatican hierarchy.

There is No Such Thing as a Transgender

For the record, there is no such thing as a transgender. At conception our gender is fixed for eternity as either masculine or feminine, which plays out on earth as male or female. Sowing on new cosmetics doesn't change this no more than putting on a Donald Duck mask on Halloween changes our identity. The kiddies have enough sense to know it's just a mask to have fun with, but these LGBT morons take their joke seriously. They don't get it. Gender cannot be changed yet the Vatican is honoring this abominable fake-change to the point of declaring 'trans' offenders worthy of Baptism and of the role of being godparents.

But who is more culpable before the judgment seat of God, Francis or these tranny godparents? There are drug users and there are drug pushers, who is the greater offender? Francis' duty (if he were pope) is to set up centers to correct and help homosexuals but instead he pushes this shame in their face and calls it "mercy." He is sending them down the road to perdition to burn in everlasting fire.

Where shall he wind up?

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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