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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

Luciferians Preparing the way for Digital Currency Chip

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Through the years internationalists have been moving us closer to that time when everyone will have a micro-chip implanted in their hand that will enable them to participate in commerce. The federal government is moving forward now to implement this mandated programmable CBDC chip implant that would replace debit cards and allow the deep-state to control every aspect of your lives, including all your finances.

The technology is already available to implant into your hand a wireless RFID chip which can be used with a digital tattoo. According to 32M CEO Todd Westby, “Eventually, this technology will become standardized allowing you to use this [implanted chip] as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities.” Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has been openly discussing this “Microchip in Humans — Passport for everything.”

First Launched in Sweden

This CBDC plan was first launched in Sweden where companies urged employees to get a chip implanted into their hand. Over 50,000 people are now using it. At present, 39 states in the U.S. have no protection against companies mandating that their workers be implanted with a chip like one deployed in Sweden. There are now two bills in Congress that would prohibit the federal government from tracking and controlling private and financial transactions of law-abiding Americans with a digital chip. This clearly testifies to a plan in the works to shackle society. Americans are being asked to block Biden’s power-grab by petitioning Congress to vote yes on HR 1122 and S 887 because the passage of legislation to enforce CBDC technology upon the people would mark the end of American liberty.

A Sinister Tool to Control the Populace

With this technology in place the globalists would control your access to work and travel, computer logins and passwords, purchase payments—everything. And while this is being touted as a convenience that can unlock the door of your home, start your car, or pay for groceries, it can also lock you out of your home, shut off your car, or cut your electricity if you don’t follow the party-line. With this CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency chip, globalists will be able to monitor your every move and action and decide what they’re going to do with you. As they see it, the chip will be your ticket to ride in life, without which you won’t be allowed to buy or sell, to ride a bus, to drive a car, to go to the doctor, to login to the Internet, to own a home – to do anything. A simple push of a button could instantly erase your financial assets. No class will be excluded but everyone will be required to get chipped and obey government commands otherwise they will be subject to fines and penalties and will be barred from all banking activity.

Planned Monetary Crash

Right now most Americans would not accept this plan sitting down but this could all change if our cash was suddenly devaluated to zero through a world monetary crash. For this reason globalists plan to crash the market as a means of forcing society into this new cashless system. They know that the way to control society is by controlling our money. Swiping debit cards for the past four decades has been their way of slowly conditioning us into eventually swiping our hand instead. This shift of gears into tyranny now looms on the horizon.