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Everyone Knows It. Trump’s Georgia Indictment is the Final Proof the 2020 Election Was Stolen

The Daily Knight

Op-ed by Wayne Allyn Root.

Folks, now you know it. I know it. Everyone with a brain knows it. Even Democrats (deep down) know it. The 2020 election was stolen. The debate is over.

How do I know? Because both the feds and Georgia just indicted our President for talking about, questioning, and trying to investigate a stolen election. When the communist thugs, bullies and tyrants make it a crime to question a stolen election, in a country built around free speech, it’s 100% proof they stole the election.

There is a perfect precedent. In the NFL. The game was called “The Miracle in the Meadowlands.” Everything about that fixed game reminds me of the 2020 stolen election. It’s a perfect match.

The game was the New York Giants versus the Philadelphia Eagles on November 19, 1978. The NY Giants had it won. All the NY Giants had to do was kneel the ball and the game was over. But they decided to run one more play- for no reason. The NY Giants quarterback tried to hand the ball off. The running back refused the ball. It fell to the ground. No NY Giant wanted to pick it up. A Philadelphia Eagle player (Herm Edwards) picked the ball up with only a few seconds on the clock and ran it back untouched into the end zone. It was the most unlikely win in the history of the NFL. It became known as “the Miracle in the Meadowlands.”

But everyone with a brain…anyone who wasn’t a sheep, or complete moron…and every street-smart gambler…knew they had just witnessed a fixed game. Today everyone acknowledges it. It was a stolen football game. Philadelphia had to win, or people were going to get their legs broken. Or worse.

It wasn’t a “miracle.” It was a mafia fix. No one can prove it. But we all know. Everyone knows. Sound familiar? Sometimes you don’t need proof. You just know.

But the plot thickens. A decade later (in 1989), I became one of the youngest TV hosts and anchormen in America. I was in my twenties and hosted NFL programming for CNBC (in those days known as FNN- Financial News Network). One day I invited a famous bestselling author as a guest. His name was Dan Moldea.

Dan was famous for writing bestsellers about the mafia, political corruption and the murders of Robert F. Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa.

In 1989 he wrote a book titled, “INTERFERENCE: How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football.” In the book he named actual fixed games. And the one he built the whole book around was “The Miracle in the Meadowlands.”

But Dan never got to appear on my show to talk about the fixed “Miracle in the Meadowlands.” My network banned him after a call from the NFL. Moldea was blackballed by the entire American mainstream media. The fix was in. His book died.

Moldea told me, “I’ve written about the murders of RFK and Jimmy Hoffa and no one ever banned me. But no one will allow me to talk about a fixed NFL football game? There’s your proof- the game was fixed by the mafia. Now we know. That’s why they won’t let me talk about it. Because it’s true.”

All these years later, it’s happening again- with the fixed and stolen 2020 presidential election. But this time there’s a new twist. It’s even worse. Because communists are far worse than the mafia.

Democrats, media and social media conspired to ban any discussion or questions about the rigged and stolen 2020 election- just like the NFL and the mafia. If you talked about it, or questioned it, you were suspended, shadow-banned, or banned for life. You were also demonized and slandered as a “conspiracy theorist.”

But no one listened. It wouldn’t go away. Just like the “Miracle in the Meadowlands” we all knew the election was rigged and stolen. Who needs proof when we have our eyes? We could not be persuaded, intimidated, or bullied. Trump would not stop talking about it either. He was like a dog with a bone. A bull in a china shop.

The bans accomplished nothing. The noise would not go away. Polls showed a huge majority of Americans believe the 2020 election was rigged.

The communist thugs started to panic. They couldn’t let Trump run for president and keep talking about a stolen election. Worse, what if he won and opened an investigation? Democrats would go to prison for life. Or worse. This was treason.

They had to act- to end this talk once and for all. To set an example. To make sure no one ever dared question any stolen election ever again- because of course, they plan on rigging and stealing 2024.

Now they’ve indicted and arrested Trump (and other Republicans) for free speech…for talking about a stolen election…for asking questions…for trying to investigate…in America.

Trump faces hundreds of years in prison for free speech.

So, now the mystery is gone. Now you know. When it becomes a crime to talk about a rigged and stolen election…when Democrats are so desperate one indictment is not enough, they indict Trump again and again and again and again…

That’s the final proof the election was stolen.

That’s also the final proof this is a communist takeover of America. These are the hallmarks of communist and Nazi thugs and tyrants throughout history- steal elections, weaponize government, censor and ban dissent, arrest your political opponents.

Folks, we are there.