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  • Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

Americans are Suffering, Dying & Being Massively Lied to!

Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

With all eyes and ears on Ukraine and Russia, most have not seen the bombshell reports coming from a court order that forced Pfizer to release 55,000 pages of documents on their vaccine. These reports they wanted to keep hidden. Thank God for the U.S. district judge Mark Pittman who ordered the FDA to produce all remaining data on the vaccine at a rate of 55,000 pages per month, much faster than the 500-page-per month. If the FDA’s request of 500 Pages per month won, that would have taken 75 years to see all the data on the Pfizer vaccine! These documents have started to be released and the data is shocking!

To start off the first piece of shocking data is that the Pfizer vaccine only has 1,291 side effects! If that is not enough evidence to the murderous effects of the vaccine I don't know what is!

This 38 page document here list some of those side effects:

As Lawyer, Aaron Siri stated this is "A great win for transparency that removes a stranglehold "health" authorities have had on data independent scientists need to offer solutions and address serious issues with the vaccine program, (his article found here),

The Pfizer data is clearly showing that their vaccine is killing people, more so than Covid even came close to killing. A video on the Stew Peters Show, with Dr. Robert Malone exposes confidential information from Pfizer containing fatal vaccine injuries and lists of extreme adverse events. Watch Video: Top Secret Pfizer Documents Leaked: Pfizer Knew That Vaxx Would Kill Thousands

The bottom line is that Pfizer knew its mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccine injection is dangerous and lied about it.

Again the data is still being analyzed from the 55,000 pages from Pfizer but there are some bombshell reports already coming out and of course not being reported on. A big one is from Steve Kirsch, Founder & Executive Director of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, where he is working with over 20 scientists, doctors, and statisticians researching the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, including the renowned Dr. Malone, who is the inventor of the core mRNA vaccine technologies. Kirsch reports thus far that the Pfizer documents tell us 13 things, and will report more as they come to know more:

  1. Pfizer claimed repeatedly in their documents to the FDA that their vaccine would “prevent” COVID-19.

  2. Pfizer knew the injection’s adverse effects would increase with more injections of continuing boosters.

  3. Pfizer knew their injections did not stay at the injection site.

  4. Pfizer knew that the vaccinated group reported far more systemic adverse events than the placebo group.

  5. Pfizer knew that the efficacy of the vaccine waned very quickly over time; by as much as 50% in as little as 1 month after the second dose. How come we weren’t warned about that???

  6. Pfizer defended VAERS (because they didn’t want extra reporting cost burdens).

  7. There are six individuals that signed up for two different clinical trials at two different sites which is really odd.

  8. Pfizer knew vaccinated individuals could still catch COVID-19 and test positive.

  9. There are 1,448 pages comprising 9,704 individual subjects who were excluded from the trials. There isn’t enough detail to know why.

  10. Pfizer paid $2,875,842.00 for their application to the FDA. This is more of a point of information for now.

  11. It is troubling that Pfizer redacts information that is not proprietary that would be very helpful in assessing the data such as the number of doses administered in the ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST” (AESI) document (aka the 5.3.6 document).

  12. Pfizer only tests you for COVID if you have at least one symptom. If the vaccine suppresses symptoms (which it apparently does), then it will falsely appear as if the vaccine reduces the number of COVID cases.

  13. How could anaphylaxis not show up in the Phase 3 trial on any of the 44,000 patients, yet show up as a major safety concern in the post-marketing document?!?

Taken from Steven Kirsch's Newsletter, finish reading his report here.

When we think about the facts of what is listed in number three above could this start to explain all the death we are seeing with woman having miscarriages?

Pfizer Knew Its mRNA “Vaccine” for Covid “leaked into ovaries” but covered it all up, why?! Just see here LifeSiteNews report on how a FOIA docs reveal Pfizer shot caused avalanche of miscarriages, stillborn babies.

Kirsch further points out how we can clearly see from the data the truth that the vaccine goes to the ovaries and uterus from one of the charts here:

Yellow highlighting means the amount of μg lipid equivalent/g of the Pfizer injection increases rather than decreases over the 48hr period they observed. Orange means same as yellow but moderately high compared with others. Red means same as yellow but it is very high compared with all others. Green is where the injection started, and where they claimed it would stay. It clearly decreases over time and shows up other places in your body particularly the liver, ovaries, and spleen.

Ethan Huff at Uncanceled News reported how : Naomi Wolf of spoke with Steve Bannon on his “War Room: Pandemic” program to reveal that members of the “posse,” meaning the worldwide movement of volunteers pouring over the released documents, have learned that the Pfizer injection does not stay in the bicep muscle as claimed. “Already what I saw that people have submitted looks like Pfizer knew that the injection material, which includes lipid nanoparticles, wouldn’t stay in the bicep,” Wolf explained. “All these doctors said to me for month and months that it stays in the bicep. No, Pfizer knew, apparently, that it was going to the liver and to the ovaries.” Another thing uncovered is the fact that children were used in clinical trials for the experimental drug, possibly in violation of the law.

You can watch Naomi talk about the findings so far here: Joint Campaign Combs Through Thousands of Pfizer Documents

The Pfizer fraud Continues...

Back in October, Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer vice president and co-founder of Doctors for COVID-19 Ethics, who has joined American Frontline Doctors stated: 'I’m confident that their [Pfizer's] actions comprise deliberate mass murder. Their objective appears to be to keep people as fearful as possible and receptive to vaccination." He continued saying that there is “clear evidence of fraud” in the Pfizer study that purports to claim 95% efficacy in their COVID-19 “vaccine,” (read more here).

The chances of you getting injured by the vaccine are not slim to none, for the U.S. government’s own database, as of February 25, 2022, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Agency (VAERS) shows at least 1.1 million people suffered adverse reactions. This includes nearly 35,000 injuries in children aged 5 to 17, and 44,615 permanently disabled and 135,783 hospitalized after the shots. A Columbia University researcher says these numbers are UNDERREPORTED by a factor of 20 and estimates the death toll actually exceeds 400,000!

This means that you actually have a much higher rate at not dying from Covid than you do from the vaccine. And furthermore, the truth is, that it is not even covid that is killing people when they do come down with covid symptoms rather it is the covid protocol that is actually killing people. They won’t give people low-cost and proven medicine like Ivermectin. They won’t even give people simple oxygen who have low levels of oxygen, which was the protocol prior to Covid. And note well, that most of the people getting COVID today are vaccinated. Nurses, Doctors and family members are witnessing this horrible reality across the nation. American Frontline Doctors stated: “Unfortunately, going to the hospital today and being diagnosed with Covid-19 often guarantees a one-way trip to EUA treatment, isolation, ventilation, and higher probability of death than the disease itself. Dr. Fauci’s NIH protocols often include an elixir of lung sedatives such as Midazolam (commonly used in lethal injections), experimental Remdesivir (which is known to damage kidneys) and the Ventilator. And additional treatment is also being put on an ECMO machine, more commonly known as an iron lung.” read more about here.

Why are so little talking about any of this!?

Main Stream Media and the Government have been working together to accomplish the evil agenda of One World Order

Not to mention all the censorship that was experienced by most Americans that posted anything that was anti-vaccine or even a post merely questioning the vaccine.

The facts are the facts and the scientific data of what is actually happening despite the MSM narrative cannot be ignored forever when massive amounts of people are dying. Dying and suffering in all the ages groups across the globe! People are even now seeing these signs posted for those that play sports:

The forced vaccination by so many companies has had American Patriotic Truckers gather from across the nation to protest the tyrannical mandates that are not only destroying the American way of life but life itself. Again there is a media black out on the Trucker convoy in the U.S. See some live coverage here, and here and here.

The worst lie of Pfizer was about the vital truth of how their vaccine was abortion tainted. As Project Veritas reported: Whistleblower Goes On Record, Reveals Internal Emails from Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Director of Worldwide Research Discussing COVID Vaccine ... ‘We Want to Avoid Having the Information on the Fetal Cells Floating Out There’

Furthermore, if that didn't convince you how corrupt and evil Pfizer is, just see how after all that data they were covering up, they just launched on Wednesday their phase 2: Clinical Trial to Children Ages 6 and Older to Test Safety and Efficacy of the FDA Authorized Covid-19 Pill

Now what, is Pfizer is on the run?

It was just reported on Monday March 7, 2022 that Pfizer Filed SEC Form 25, to delisting from Stock Exchanges.

Fauci LIED, people DIED!

And now where is Vaccine Dictator Anthony Fauci? Missing in action but his plans are still being enacted.

For those that had not heard, Fauci is an Italian surname. It is derived from the Sicilian word for "sickle", the sickle is used by the grim reaper. The grim reaper symbolizes death and according the Britannica: "The Grim Reaper seems to have appeared in Europe during the 14th century. It was during this time that Europe was dealing with what was then the world’s worst pandemic, the Black Death, believed to be the result of the plague." That sounds about right, the grim reaper Anthony Fauci has been part of the eugenics plan of the One World Order to de-populate the world by killing massive amounts of people. Have no doubt this plandemic seeks to destroy the sanctity of human lives, mock God and aims to kill as many as possible.

During this Lent may we turn from our sins and ever turn towards the Good God. With all this evil, it can be overwhelming but if we keep the Faith, fight the good fight, we can win the grace with His Grace unto Everlasting reward! Deus miserere nobis! Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!” – “Christ conquers, Christ reigns, Christ commands!”

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