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"The Novus Ordo was a Heart Attack for the Church." ~ Fr. Mawdsley, 4 Part Video on Good v. Evil

Alexandra Clark| The Daily Knight

Fr. James Mawdsley, a recently canceled priest who only offers the Traditional Mass of All Times, has posted so far three videos of a four part video services titled: Good v. Evil. These videos go over the reality of where we have been, what is happening now and where we are going in regards to the life of Grace and the battle between Good and Evil. Especially how the Heart of the Faith has been under attack from within, that is the attack on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and how that has then affected everything from within the Church, outside the Church, down to nature and man's very existence. Chaos has resulted from the disorder that man has done to God's work and the perfect order He set up with His Worship, Laws and Love.

As Fr. Mawdsley writes in the description of his video:

"The abandoning of the Traditional Liturgy by most clerics from the 1950s-70s was like a lobotomy for the Church, a heart attack, a removal of her spine.

It left the Church no match to withstand the storms of evil pounding the world. But God will not lose. Penance and the restoration of the TLM will mean a solid foundation for the House of God, a return of the splendour of truth, an inflaming of charity. "

The first video lays out :

Listen to the 4 part series on Good v. Evil below:

Part 1 traces stages of disintegration of society over centuries. Schism leads to divorce which leads to abortion which leads to transhumanism: Click HERE

Part 2 looks at the disintegration of the Church's liturgy and supposes its inevitable restoration: Click HERE

Part 3 looks at how God's victory is assured in eternity, in souls on earth, and at the end of history. Everyone can turn their sin to God's glory. In the end "all manner of things will be well" (Bl. Julian of Norwich). The Church will triumph: Click HERE

Part 4 looks at how evil inevitably destroys itself. (Coming soon, subscribe and click on the bell on Youtube to get the notification when Fr. Mawdsley posts it).

In the Immaculata all will end well! Mary will crush the head of satan!

Check out Father Mawdsely's previous article here.



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