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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

The Daily Knight's Justin Haggerty and his family attends the Immaculata Consecration - SEE PHOTOS

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

This past week, I had the fortunate opportunity to take some time off of work to drive up from Texas to visit St. Marys, Kansas for the Consecration of the Immaculata Church. Savannah and I brought the children and made a pilgrimage out of it.

The Immaculata is a magnificent Romanesque-Neo Classical Church. Not only does it stand as a "gate to Heaven," but also a pillar of the visible Faith and proof that authentic Catholicism can exist, thrive in, and rise above a modernist and pagan world.

It was a tremendous blessing to see Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX, who confirmed my wife and conditionally confirmed me; Fr. Christopher Danel, who concelebrated our marriage and baptized our first two children; and, many of our friends, especially new ones, throughout the Society and Church.

Please enjoy our photos below: