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Mount Sinai preparing to host climate summit – a new global ‘religion’ with new '10 commandments'

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Egypt's President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi speaks during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, Nov. 1, 2021. (Photo: REUTERS/Yves Herman/Pool)

By All Israel.

According to conservative commentator Jordan Peterson, the measures demanded will result in climate poverty for the masses

Egypt’s Mount Sinai – just a hop, skip and a jump from Israel – is the site most commonly known as the place where God appeared to Moses to give him the Ten Commandments – the primary covenant in Judaism, as well as the foundation for most other religions and many modern-day laws.

Now, this mountain will be a venue for many nations to gather, to receive their newest creed emanating from the world’s highest and most exalted religion of “Climate Change.”

Yes – climate change has become the latest addition to world religions, leaving others in the dust as it endeavors to bond and solidify all people under the banner of “caring for the planet,” which – it implies – translates into “caring for one another.” Who would be against such lofty goals?

All are invited to participate in an auspicious conference, COP27, to take place Nov. 6-18, 2022 at Sharm El Sheikh, in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The name COP27 refers to the 27th annual meeting of the United Nations’ Conference of Parties.

But, this year, there is a greater focus on extending an invitation to “religious communities and religious leaders who are believed to have a key role to play in addressing climate change and criminal justice, which requires deep transformation within society” ( The call for ceremonial repentance for failing the planet is, consequently, going to be front and center.

This “interfaith” climate conference, predictably sponsored by the U.N., seeks to be “transformative, inspirational and heart-stirring.” Conference goals include changes in attitude and heart, new vision and the putting forth of climate justice via the “ten universal commandments.”

The U.N. has invited all the world’s religions with the hope of drawing together inspirational teaching and spiritual ideals towards the goal of perpetuating “collective survival.”

Within the exploration of these various topics, the world’s communities will be challenged to reflect on how they personally are meeting the goals of climate change – sounding eerily similar to the way today’s corporations are being encouraged to view their operations through the lens of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), for the purpose of obtaining social approval from globalists, with their specific agendas.

The conference will attempt to tap into the power of religions, with their leaders becoming the agents of change as they motivate their communities to fall in line. There are already takers in the queue.

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Archbishop Tapio Luoma has expressed his full support for this conference on YouTube, stating its totally consistency with the annual ecumenical responsibility week, whose purpose is to make people reflect and evaluate their own lifestyle as it relates to the state of the world.

In the near four-and-a-half minutes, Luoma never once speaks about matters relating to religious faith or his personal biblical beliefs.

Instead, he focuses on the word “moderation,” which he extrapolates to mean “unselfishness,” in not just acting for one’s own good but for the collective body of mankind.

Luoma exhorts everyone to adopt a new order which will pursue being carbon neutral by 2030, something the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church hopes to accomplish itself.

While a number of nations have rushed frantically toward a similar goal of reducing the carbon footprint within the next few years, renowned clinical psychologist and eminently respected writer and speaker Dr. Jordan Peterson warned that this climate conference is a creation of “woke” moralizing narcissists.

According to Peterson, the measures demanded will result in climate poverty for the masses, who will no longer be able to afford to heat their homes. According to the psychologist, those who are pushing for “climate-friendly” actions are indifferent to the heavy price others will bear in order to satisfy their demands.

Stating that “virtue-signaling utopians” claim we are destroying the planet with cheap energy, Peterson asked if they are truly committed to the ideas they are promoting or if this claim is, instead, some kind of revenge for capitalism.