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Israel Planning to ‘Quickly and Efficiently’ Gas 2 Million Palestinians to Death - Aided by USA

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Israel is planning to pump underground tunnels in Gaza full of deadly nerve gas and chemical weapons in order to ‘quickly and efficiently’ kill over two million Palestinians.

According to a disturbing report from The Middle East Eye newspaper, Israeli military officials have been given the go-ahead to flood underground tunnels with internationally banned gases as part of a massive surprise attack.

Palestinian resistance groups expect Israel to flood Hamas tunnels with nerve gas and chemical weapons under the surveillance of US Delta Force commandos as part of a surprise attack on the Gaza Strip, a senior Arab source familiar with the groups told Middle East Eye.

Israel and the US hope to achieve the element of surprise in order to penetrate Hamas tunnels, rescue an estimated 220 hostages, and kill thousands of soldiers belonging to Hamas’s al-Qassam Brigades, the source said in a statement, noting that the information comes from a leak originating in the US.

Middle East Eye cannot independently verify the information in the leak.

“The plan hinges on the element of surprise so as to decisively win the battle, using internationally forbidden gases, particularly nerve gas, and chemical weapons. Large quantities of nerve gas would be pumped into the tunnels,” the source said.

US Delta Force will oversee “large quantities of nerve gas being pumped into Hamas tunnels, capable of paralyzing the bodily movement for a period of time between six and 12 hours.”

“During this period, the tunnels would be penetrated, the hostages rescued and thousands of al-Qassam soldiers killed,” they added.

Middle East Eye reached out to the White House and US Department of Defense for comment but did not receive anything by the time of publication.

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