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Human Trafficking Horrors of Catholic Charities at US Border; $3.8B in Fed Funding, $13B to Cartels

The Daily Knight

Complicit Clergy, Dec. 8, 2022

Watch First:

Following article is from Frontline America with Ben Bergquam.

Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon on Thursday to talk about the conflict of interest between what Catholic Charities claims they are doing in the name of faithful Christians and what they are in fact- actually -doing that is harming humanity as they exploit the Southern Border for maximum profit.

Bergquam, armed with numerous detailed investigations by multiple independent investigative journalists, including himself, provided Bannon with the definitive edition on how corrupt Catholic Charities really has become. He also explained to the War Room audience why Americans and all Christians should care about this issue.

“What the government and Catholic charities are doing at the border is tied to Communism and the undermining of America; it’s all tied together,” Bergquam told Bannon.

To show how devious and corrupt the government is behaving, Bergquam cited data from a new report from Complicit Clergy, saying, “three billion dollars is what the federal government has given Catholic Charities to run this trafficking organization, according to the Heritage Foundation.”

Bergquam introduced that new study from the Heritage Foundation’s group- Complicit Clergy- and what they reported on should shock the entire body of Christ, not just the Catholics.

Catholic Charities, with the help of the US government, are trafficking and enslaving humans in the name of a religion that is grounded in liberating the captives. These actions are absolutely intolerable to the Catholic people and to other Christians who do not consent to these horrors, and the outrage over the injustice is growing.

Bergquam told Bannon, “Complicit Clergy had this amazing article that just came out exposing this entire racket showing Catholic Charities are involved with human trafficking, and it is being paid by the federal government. This organization basically left the Catholic church, even though they are still under the umbrella of the Catholic church. But in the 1960s, it went from a social organization to a welfare organization; it shifted its entire focus to social justice”.


The Complicit Clergy report was quite detailed about how they discovered the numbers of illegal invaders to the United States and how they determined the group’s assistance in the migration of these illegal immigrants, who are being transported by Catholic Charities; Bergquam discovered, in the report, that the Charity-Government partnership seems to be strategically placed to override Republicans and Conserative-Populists in specific battleground areas.

“The fact that 71% are going to Republican congressional districts is not an accident. It is an intentional recolonization of America to change the voting demographics, and we’re paying these leftist organizations to facilitate it! ” Bergquam posted introducing the Complicit Clergy report:

“In a new memo titled, “Tracking Movement of Illegal Aliens from NGOs to Interior of USA,” the Oversight Project unveiled new data showing the massive numbers of illegal aliens who have made their way to NGO facilities physically located along the border and in border states and subsequently traveled throughout the United States.

As part of the Oversight Project’s work to document NGO involvement in the border crisis, the Project launched an investigation that ultimately obtained a sampling of approximately 30,000 unique and anonymized mobile devices that were geofenced to a number of these NGOs along the border. These locations were chosen based on human source information, as well as open-source intelligence, that they may be involved in helping illegal aliens travel from the border to various parts of the interior. As a result, device pings were captured throughout the month of January 2022, in four different phases:” READ THE FULL ARTICLE FOR MORE DETAILS.

And what is even worse than displacing American voters is the idea that Catholic Charities is moving people around and also transporting children to be used in different ways to make money for Mexican drug cartels- and as we know from the recent project veritas story that includes sex trafficking, which is an absolute tragedy and not at all anything faithful Catholics would fund.

In a second Complicit Clergy article, Bergquam reported on the details of Catholic Charities funding child trafficking as well, which showed where that number of three billion dollars came from.

Bergquam is an emerging leader on this topic, with a broad understanding of how the left works with nonprofits and NGOs and on how the border works.

Based on previous reporting by Bergquam, we know that Catholic Charities is assisting in the chaos at the US Southern Border. In the following articles, Bergquam is seen filming a problematic Catholic Charities storefront in the Rio Grande Valley region, where Catholic Charity workers are seen processing people who have just crossed over the border, and the organization is transporting those border crossers around the interior of the United States:

Frontline America also covered a brazen admission of what appears to be a huge payoff to the dirty NGO and a sort of money laundering scheme- caught by another independent reporter from the same Rio Grande Valley Catholic Charities center as Bergquam covered above:

Added to the above citations, Bergquam discussed with Bannon on Thursday new evidence that Catholic Charities appears to be getting rich on human slavery and captivity- which is in direct conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Catholics are told by Democrats, as Bergquam repeatedly reports, that open borders are humanitarian and help people. However, many Catholics are very upset about the actual work of the NGO. And reports show that the open borders is enticing dangerous criminals to exploit people.

And for Catholics, the usurpation of their faithful giving has not gone noticed.

“I was born, baptized, first communion & confirmed all in the Roman Catholic. My mom and most family are very strong Catholics. I’m 57yrs old today & I’ve never ever seen a Pope so against traditional Catholic beliefs. A woke liberal! Now I know why-bought & paid for,” Michelle Feilds posted in reaction to the Catholic Charities article.

Many faithful Catholics are hurting and feeling stung over the betrayal, and they know that horrible things are being done in the name of their religious faith.

But something even more sinister is happening the name of the American taxpayer; humans are being used as sex slaves at very young ages, as they try to pay off their debts to brutal crime lords.

So really- no one escapes the sinking feeling that under force of law- the Democrats have forced us all to build THIS nightmare…

Read about Project Veritas shocking expose of what Americans are being forced to embrace and fund:

“Catholic Charities aiding child trafficking… where is the outrage? Bergquam asked.

Indeed. Where is the outrage?

View Are U.S. Bishops Complicit in the Trafficking and Exploitation of Migrant Children? ( for tables illustrating financial awards to Catholic organizations, by diocese, for all immigration-related services (Total: $3.12B) and awards to Catholic organizations, by diocese, for unaccompanied alien children (Total: $766M).

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.



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