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Government Workers Betray Constitutional Oath and Submit to United Nations Agenda

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Human trafficking becomes normalized in the United States.

The U.S. government has betrayed its oath to uphold the Constitution by allowing the cartels to traffic thousands of illegal aliens across the U.S. with impunity, effectively ending America as a nation-state with borders.

The official way to immigrate into the United States is very similar to most countries file an immigrant petition with the government and upon approval apply for a visa. You will then have to maintain a productive status for several years if you want to consider citizenship. But there is a new system now in place.

This new system is not official nor is it legal and it's being done by thousands of government employees who have sworn an oath to uphold the US Constitution.

And yet here they all are submitting to the United Nations agenda and committing treason. On the Mexico side. Mexican immigration officers lead crowds of people to crossing points at the border on the American side.

Government workers wait for the cover of darkness and in the middle of the night, federal employees begin processing the large crowd with mobile devices.

Middle schools are used as processing centers. Buses are backed in past the media as border patrol use government vehicles to try blocking the cameras from filming the migrants being loaded on board and brought into the country.

The migrants are given mobile phones as a digital form of ID, bus tickets, debit cards. And court dates set four years from now. There are no checks or balances in this new de facto immigration system and it's turning thousands of government workers into traders to their own country reporting for Info Wars.

This is Greg Reece.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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