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FBI covered up CIA's satanic pedophile ring for decades - 'The Finders'

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CIA Kidnapping Ring

In the 1970's, local police in Florida, Texas, California, and DC discovered that the CIA was running a Satanic Cult that would kidnap kids, lock them in cages, and traumatize them, before selling them as sex slaves overseas.

+ FBI Coverup

FBI takes control of investigation. Learns the cult is run by the CIA for "intelligence" purposes, so FBI stops investigating and sit on the evidence for 50 years until the documents are legally required to be released.

"Specially trained Government Kidnappers with Top Clearance and protection in their assigned task of stealing children, torturing and sexually abusing them...involving them in satanic orgies, bloody rituals, and murder of other children..."

Tunnels to Preschools

Tunnels with chambers were dug up to preschool classrooms and were being used by CIA operatives to kidnap young children.

Sacrifice Rituals

Satanic Pedophile Cult members make ridiculous excuses for why they were wearing white robes and making children slaughter animals.

CIA Internal Matter

"The investigation of the Finders had become an internal matter...FBI Cointel directed MPD not to advise Washington of anything that transpired."

Kids in Cages

"Cages were discovered on the premises that witnesses revealed were used to keep children during their visits to the farm."

FBI Coverup

"The Finders are involved in a well organized child abuse scheme...and the FBI's Foreign Counterintelligence Section conspired to cover up..."

The FBI unlocked its vault recently and released hundreds of documents related to the Finders and a Tallahassee child abuse case that sparked a bizarre federal investigation into allegations of Satan worship and child pornography involving an eccentric commune in Washington, D.C.

The arrest of the two well-dressed men in suits tending to six motley, bug-bitten children made sensational headlines in 1987 when they were identified as members of The Finders, a secretive commune that based its teachings on the writings of Chinese philosopher Lao Tse.

The Tallahassee Democrat covered the story extensively at the time, and headlines about the strange group that preaches complete passivity in the face of danger spread across newspapers nationwide.