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CENSORED: History of Ukraine, Must Know These Facts!

Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

Olive Stone interviewed ousted president Yanukovych and Russian president Vladimir Putin about events such as the 2004 Orange Revolution and the removal of Yanukovych in the 2014 Maidan Revolution. This history is very crucial to understanding what is going on today.

Mr. Stone is no right-wing conspiracist nor is he even considered a conservative, yet he is now being banned by the same Left he had supported. The film was not written by him but he was the Executive Producer and the one who interviewed these leaders concerning what has happened in Russia and Ukraine.

Some of the very facts mentioned in the film and admitted by President Putin are what Archbishop Vigano mentioned in his latest letter, that you can read here in full: War in Ukraine is a "Globalist...Criminal Plan"

"Ukraine On Fire" was a film released in 2016 but now it is being removed everywhere.

Watch the CENSORED: "Ukraine On Fire" IN FULL HERE

If that link does not work for you as this is being heavily censored, try again to watch it here.

Special note: I would start watching the film after the intro, starting at the 2 minute and 35 second mark (2:35) to skip pass the immodest imagery that I guess is supposed to portray "Ukraine on Fire."

Also see more research and reporting of our platform at The Daily Knight: Reject the MSM Narrative of Russia vs Ukraine.



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