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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Reject the MSM Narrative of Russia vs Ukraine

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight


Other than IMF loans, and international loans from the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Union (as covered throughout the below article), China has become, in a relatively short time, the largest foreign investor and importer to Ukraine. According to the Hong Kong outlet, Friday Everyday, China accounts for (2021 figures):

Ukraine's biggest trading partner: China

Ukraine's biggest economic partner: China

Builder of Ukraine's US$1bn wind farm: China

Ukraine's main solar power developer: China

Top importer of Ukrainian iron ore: China

Developer of Ukraine mobile network: China

Provider of Ukraine cybersecurity: China

Top importer of Ukrainian barley: China

Builder of Ukrainian oil/grain terminal: China

Upgrader of Ukraine's busiest port: China

As of 2018, China, behind the Russian Federation, accounted for roughly 13.2% of imports and only 4.3% of Ukrainian exports. The following year, Ukraine shifted imports from Russia to China and Poland (European Union).

BNE ItelliNews, a German outlet, reported that in 2019 "Poland displaced Russia to become Ukraine’s largest export market where it sold $1.1bn worth of cumulative of goods between January and April and imported $1.3bn of goods from Poland over the same period." Moreover, "Poland is now the second biggest export market, buying $2.2bn."

The report continued that "China was already a big supplier of imports to Ukraine, selling $916mn of goods to Ukraine in the first four months of the year (2019), but Ukraine sold next to nothing to China, which didn't appear in the top 15 export destinations from Ukraine at all...That changed dramatically in the next four months from May to August. Now China tops both lists, buying $2.4bn worth of Ukrainian goods and selling $5.7bn of goods to Ukraine between January and August."

Approaching 2020, a year in which faced a pivotal presidential election in the United States and an incoming global pandemic that spread from China, Chinese exports were ramping up and gaining control of Ukrainian markets. European Union also mirrored Chinese operations.

In 2020, Germany (European Union) also jumped Russia to join China and Poland as the largest trade partners of Ukraine. Such moves in the international markets were most definitely geared to destabilize Eastern Europe and position the region against the Russian Federation.


International sanctioning or the "boycott" of Russia and her businesses is driving the world toward world war, while some on Wall Street call for it. Humanity, and the West, has been here before. Same internationalist bankers and diplomats, but different century. The road toward the First and Second World Wars runs parallel to the converging avenue bringing the European Union and NATO in direct conflict with President Putin and the Russian Federation.

J.P. Morgan, the banking tycoon of the early twentieth century, along with his banking associates in London and Berlin, was a chief proponent for expanding the footprint of the "Great War." Morgan acquired the top twenty publications in the United States to control the narrative, originally to gain support for the Federal Reserve System, for the war. His businesses, particularly railroads, also placed thousands of writers and editors on the payroll to alter public opinion against Germany. Behind several international financial organizations, like the International Committee of Bankers and the Council on Foreign Relations, that oversaw and manipulated socialist revolutionary governments like Mexico and Germany in the 1920s. Morgan also controlled a third of all freight lanes to supply the war effort in Europe; this can also be extended to the $13billion in loans that passed from the Federal Reserve and through is banks to fund the same war effort. For a more in depth analysis, read G. Edward Griffin's The Creature of Jekyll Island.

The Second World War was no different, regardless of the state or morality of its actors. Through the auspices of the League of Nations, internationalist bankers created a hyper-inflated market to finance socialist reforms in Great Britain, France, and the newly formed Weimar Republic; all the while, funneling money through Morgan's Guaranty Trust Bank, Rockefeller's National City Bank, and the Red Cross to bankroll Vladimir Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution. International liquidity more than doubled and tossed the world into the Great Depression, which gave rise to governments like Nationalist Socialists. As early as 1933, internationalist bankers and businesses launched a global boycott on German goods and services, attacking the German worker. See the news clipping from the Daily Express on March 24, 1933, nearly six years before the onslaught of the Second World War, which was expanded by the interests of Moscow, London, Paris, and Washington, D.C. Now, the very same capitals work to drive the world into another war.

Karl Marx, in developing dialectical materialism, conceived that through the production of war and revolution, he could "walk through the world a creator." Internationalist-socialists desire and design conflict to further the advance of the socialist revolution, to gain more control, centralize more governments, and collectivize more recourses. Those very actors and institutions, aiming for such "progress," have completely shown their hand, just as they had done before the First and Second World Wars.

Billionaire hedge-fund manager, Bill Ackman, proclaimed to CNBC that the "Third World War has already started." In joining MSCI and FTSE, the S&P Dow Jones removed all Russia stocks from its indexes on March 4th. American Express, Visa and Mastercard, including other institutions like Paypal, announced their exodus from Russian markets. Actions, such as the above and in 1933, injure the average Russian and are viewed, and felt, as acts of war. Financial and socio-economic warfare are non-discriminatory, just as nuclear weapons, and often lead to expanded conflicts.

Since the Maidan Revolution in 2014, after the initial $15.8 billion from the IMF and U.S. backed loans (as covered further below), the International Monetary Fund has continued to dump billions of dollars through Ukraine. In 2020, the IMF confirmed an additional $5 billion to the revolutionary government in Kyiv, while demanding additional political reforms, as reported by Reuters. A violation of Ukrainian sovereignty in exchange for money?

Ukraine has been exploited by internationalist actors to help destabilize Eastern Europe, increase reliance on the IMF and European Union, both backed by the Federal Reserve, and fabricate a major conflict with the Russian Federation. As stated before, same internationalist bankers and diplomats, different century.


A recent statement was released by His Excellency, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former papal-nuncio to the United States, provided a through analysis of the internationalist-socialist involvement in and manipulation of the revolutionary government in Ukraine. For over eight years, internationalist-socialist bodies (United Nations, European Union, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, NATO, World Economic Forum, etc.) and actors (United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, George Soros, etc.) have eroded the sovereignty of Ukraine, sparking socialist revolution, overthrowing an elected government in 2014, waging civil war, and laundering international loans to fund various entities of the revolutionary underground and the "deep state."

Archbishop Viganò has been in hiding, out of fears for his life, for the past two years, after first blowing the whistle on the Vatican's covering up of marxist-pedophile networks, including that of former-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, within the Catholic Church. His Excellency has also been a loud voice against the "deep state" in the United States and the various internationalist organs that are tied to it and the anit-church.


One of the initial chief Ukrainian negotiators, who met with the Russians to discuss a cease-fire, was found executed in the street. Denis Kireev, 45, a former banker, is seen at the first peace talks between the Ukrainian and Russian governments.

There are conflicting reports of his involvement as a Russian spy or double agent between Ukraine, Russia, and the EU. Initial claims of Kireev's alleged "treason," were called by various lawmakers in the Ukrainian parliament, leading Ukrainian intelligence to execute him in cold blood, without arrest and trial. According to Ukrainian news, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was responsible for his execution; however, there are conflicting reports that the neo-nazi and IMF funded Azov Battalion conducted the operation.

Perhaps the most conflicting part of the execution of Kireev is that the Ukrainian defense ministry hailed him, along with two others, as "heroes" who fought and died for Ukraine. This was proudly posted by the defense ministry on social media.

This political assassination comes days after revolutionary militias abducted and executed the mayor of Kremennaya village, in the Luhansk region, Vladimir Struk on March 1st, as reported by the New York Post.

UPDATED COLUMN; Wednesday, 3/2/2022

Igor Kolomoisky, the Jewish-Ukrainian billionaire oligarch has been uncovered as one of the chief financiers of the revolutionary socialist fighting units in Ukraine. As president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine and European Council of Jewish Communities, it is ironic that Kolomoisky would be found funding an organization portrayed as "neo-nazi's." Not ironic, because its not true. The Azov Battalion is an extension of the marxist, Soros and CIA backed 2014 Maidan Revolution that ousted the elected Ukrainian government in 2014.