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Reject the MSM Narrative of Russia vs Ukraine

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight


Other than IMF loans, and international loans from the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Union (as covered throughout the below article), China has become, in a relatively short time, the largest foreign investor and importer to Ukraine. According to the Hong Kong outlet, Friday Everyday, China accounts for (2021 figures):

Ukraine's biggest trading partner: China

Ukraine's biggest economic partner: China

Builder of Ukraine's US$1bn wind farm: China

Ukraine's main solar power developer: China

Top importer of Ukrainian iron ore: China

Developer of Ukraine mobile network: China

Provider of Ukraine cybersecurity: China

Top importer of Ukrainian barley: China

Builder of Ukrainian oil/grain terminal: China

Upgrader of Ukraine's busiest port: China

As of 2018, China, behind the Russian Federation, accounted for roughly 13.2% of imports and only 4.3% of Ukrainian exports. The following year, Ukraine shifted imports from Russia to China and Poland (European Union).

BNE ItelliNews, a German outlet, reported that in 2019 "Poland displaced Russia to become Ukraine’s largest export market where it sold $1.1bn worth of cumulative of goods between January and April and imported $1.3bn of goods from Poland over the same period." Moreover, "Poland is now the second biggest export market, buying $2.2bn."

The report continued that "China was already a big supplier of imports to Ukraine, selling $916mn of goods to Ukraine in the first four months of the year (2019), but Ukraine sold next to nothing to China, which didn't appear in the top 15 export destinations from Ukraine at all...That changed dramatically in the next four months from May to August. Now China tops both lists, buying $2.4bn worth of Ukrainian goods and selling $5.7bn of goods to Ukraine between January and August."

Approaching 2020, a year in which faced a pivotal presidential election in the United States and an incoming global pandemic that spread from China, Chinese exports were ramping up and gaining control of Ukrainian markets. European Union also mirrored Chinese operations.

In 2020, Germany (European Union) also jumped Russia to join China and Poland as the largest trade partners of Ukraine. Such moves in the international markets were most definitely geared to destabilize Eastern Europe and position the region against the Russian Federation.


International sanctioning or the "boycott" of Russia and her businesses is driving the world toward world war, while some on Wall Street call for it. Humanity, and the West, has been here before. Same internationalist bankers and diplomats, but different century. The road toward the First and Second World Wars runs parallel to the converging avenue bringing the European Union and NATO in direct conflict with President Putin and the Russian Federation.

J.P. Morgan, the banking tycoon of the early twentieth century, along with his banking associates in London and Berlin, was a chief proponent for expanding the footprint of the "Great War." Morgan acquired the top twenty publications in the United States to control the narrative, originally to gain support for the Federal Reserve System, for the war. His businesses, particularly railroads, also placed thousands of writers and editors on the payroll to alter public opinion against Germany. Behind several international financial organizations, like the International Committee of Bankers and the Council on Foreign Relations, that oversaw and manipulated socialist revolutionary governments like Mexico and Germany in the 1920s. Morgan also controlled a third of all freight lanes to supply the war effort in Europe; this can also be extended to the $13billion in loans that passed from the Federal Reserve and through is banks to fund the same war effort. For a more in depth analysis, read G. Edward Griffin's The Creature of Jekyll Island.

The Second World War was no different, regardless of the state or morality of its actors. Through the auspices of the League of Nations, internationalist bankers created a hyper-inflated market to finance socialist reforms in Great Britain, France, and the newly formed Weimar Republic; all the while, funneling money through Morgan's Guaranty Trust Bank, Rockefeller's National City Bank, and the Red Cross to bankroll Vladimir Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution. International liquidity more than doubled and tossed the world into the Great Depression, which gave rise to governments like Nationalist Socialists. As early as 1933, internationalist bankers and businesses launched a global boycott on German goods and services, attacking the German worker. See the news clipping from the Daily Express on March 24, 1933, nearly six years before the onslaught of the Second World War, which was expanded by the interests of Moscow, London, Paris, and Washington, D.C. Now, the very same capitals work to drive the world into another war.

Karl Marx, in developing dialectical materialism, conceived that through the production of war and revolution, he could "walk through the world a creator." Internationalist-socialists desire and design conflict to further the advance of the socialist revolution, to gain more control, centralize more governments, and collectivize more recourses. Those very actors and institutions, aiming for such "progress," have completely shown their hand, just as they had done before the First and Second World Wars.

Billionaire hedge-fund manager, Bill Ackman, proclaimed to CNBC that the "Third World War has already started." In joining MSCI and FTSE, the S&P Dow Jones removed all Russia stocks from its indexes on March 4th. American Express, Visa and Mastercard, including other institutions like Paypal, announced their exodus from Russian markets. Actions, such as the above and in 1933, injure the average Russian and are viewed, and felt, as acts of war. Financial and socio-economic warfare are non-discriminatory, just as nuclear weapons, and often lead to expanded conflicts.

Since the Maidan Revolution in 2014, after the initial $15.8 billion from the IMF and U.S. backed loans (as covered further below), the International Monetary Fund has continued to dump billions of dollars through Ukraine. In 2020, the IMF confirmed an additional $5 billion to the revolutionary government in Kyiv, while demanding additional political reforms, as reported by Reuters. A violation of Ukrainian sovereignty in exchange for money?

Ukraine has been exploited by internationalist actors to help destabilize Eastern Europe, increase reliance on the IMF and European Union, both backed by the Federal Reserve, and fabricate a major conflict with the Russian Federation. As stated before, same internationalist bankers and diplomats, different century.


A recent statement was released by His Excellency, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former papal-nuncio to the United States, provided a through analysis of the internationalist-socialist involvement in and manipulation of the revolutionary government in Ukraine. For over eight years, internationalist-socialist bodies (United Nations, European Union, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, NATO, World Economic Forum, etc.) and actors (United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, George Soros, etc.) have eroded the sovereignty of Ukraine, sparking socialist revolution, overthrowing an elected government in 2014, waging civil war, and laundering international loans to fund various entities of the revolutionary underground and the "deep state."

Archbishop Viganò has been in hiding, out of fears for his life, for the past two years, after first blowing the whistle on the Vatican's covering up of marxist-pedophile networks, including that of former-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, within the Catholic Church. His Excellency has also been a loud voice against the "deep state" in the United States and the various internationalist organs that are tied to it and the anit-church.

Read full statement, here.


One of the initial chief Ukrainian negotiators, who met with the Russians to discuss a cease-fire, was found executed in the street. Denis Kireev, 45, a former banker, is seen at the first peace talks between the Ukrainian and Russian governments.

There are conflicting reports of his involvement as a Russian spy or double agent between Ukraine, Russia, and the EU. Initial claims of Kireev's alleged "treason," were called by various lawmakers in the Ukrainian parliament, leading Ukrainian intelligence to execute him in cold blood, without arrest and trial. According to Ukrainian news, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was responsible for his execution; however, there are conflicting reports that the neo-nazi and IMF funded Azov Battalion conducted the operation.

Perhaps the most conflicting part of the execution of Kireev is that the Ukrainian defense ministry hailed him, along with two others, as "heroes" who fought and died for Ukraine. This was proudly posted by the defense ministry on social media.

This political assassination comes days after revolutionary militias abducted and executed the mayor of Kremennaya village, in the Luhansk region, Vladimir Struk on March 1st, as reported by the New York Post.

UPDATED COLUMN; Wednesday, 3/2/2022

Igor Kolomoisky, the Jewish-Ukrainian billionaire oligarch has been uncovered as one of the chief financiers of the revolutionary socialist fighting units in Ukraine. As president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine and European Council of Jewish Communities, it is ironic that Kolomoisky would be found funding an organization portrayed as "neo-nazi's." Not ironic, because its not true. The Azov Battalion is an extension of the marxist, Soros and CIA backed 2014 Maidan Revolution that ousted the elected Ukrainian government in 2014.

The Donbas War, erupting after the revolution in 2014, was fueled by an incursion of revolutionary militias, one of which was the Azov Battalion. Such violent organizations were lumped in with the 40,000 reservists and national guardsmen who were deployed by the revolutionary government in Kyiv to stop Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk from seeking sovereign independence.

Controlled by the revolutionary government in Kyiv, the Azov Battalion assisted the Ukrainian military wage an 8 year civil war in the Donbas region. As described by NewsWeek in 2014, the Azov Battalion fought an "ISIS-Style war" in the Donetsk and Luhansk, being responsible for civilian causalities and the destruction of private property. The Ukrainian military and the revolutionary government in Kyiv have both protected the organization.

The organization has established connections to other socialist organizations, many of which were originally painted as "white supremacist" or "neo-nazi" groups, across Europe and the United States. Facebook originally banned positive promotion of the Azov Battalion and other such groups, now they are being praised by socialists and liberal democrats for their defense of the revolutionary government in Kyiv.

Kolomoisky's steel empire supported by billions of dollars of "shadow money" that funnel in and out of West Europe and the United States. His enterprises have been investigated for laundering operations by multiple times by federal agencies in Washington, D.C. Such operations were conducted through multiple sites in the United States and banks like Deutsche Bank and Privatbank. He, and members of his family, were also sanctioned in 2021 for "human rights violations and corruption," as was reported by the Washington Post.

While getting his hand slapped my the United States, Kolomoisky has been well shielded by the same government for laundering IMF loans through various banks, which in turn, funneled a portion of the funds to the 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign (covered further in depth below in the original article). Kolomoisky was a strong support and financial donor to the revolutionary Petro Poroshenko government in Kyiv, and was aided by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, Victoria Nuland.

The Obama Administration pushed the voting board of the IMF to extend large loans to the new Ukrainian government to shift financial alliance to the United Nations and European Union. Over a third of the funds passed through National Bank of Ukraine into Privatbank, which was controlled by Kolomoisky. Multiple investigations by the DOJ and FBI were launched into laundering operation in the United States, but were all terminated by senior positions within the agencies. In 2019, a lawsuit was filed through Delaware Court of Chancery with Privatbank as a plaintiff and the controlling partners, including Kolomoisky, as defendants.

Covered in depth by the Kyiv Post, along with Kolomoisky's worldwide laundering operations, suit alleged embezzlement and laundering: "From at least 2006 through December 2016, the UBOs [Ultimate Beneficial Owners – Kolomoisky, Bogolyubov] were the majority and controlling stockholders of PrivatBank, one of Ukraine’s largest privately-held commercial banks...Through the Optima Schemes, the UBOs [Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov] exploited their positions of power and trust at PrivatBank to cause PrivatBank to issue hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of illegitimate, inadequately-secured loans to corporate entities also owned and/or controlled by the UBOs and/or their affiliates (the “Optima Scheme Loans”). To facilitate and fraudulently conceal the Optima Schemes from discovery, the UBOs created and utilized a secretive business unit within PrivatBank’s operations (the “Shadow Bank”) to fund the fraudulent loans and launder those loan proceeds through a sophisticated money laundering process.”

Moreover; IMF loans were "cycled through dozens of UBO-controlled or affiliated bank accounts at PrivatBank’s Cyprus branch (“PrivatBank Cyprus”) before being disbursed to one of multiple Delaware limited liability companies or corporations (or other United States-based entities), all of which were [controlled by the UBOs].”

To launder the money, "old loans issued by PrivatBank would be ‘repaid’ (along with the accrued interest) with new loans issued by PrivatBank, and those new loans issued by PrivatBank would then be repaid with a new round of loans. The UBOs and their co-conspirators continuously carried out this process to conceal their frauds...“the proceeds from the new PrivatBank Ukraine loans were then laundered through various accounts at PrivatBank Cyprus to disguise the origin of the funds (i.e., a new loan from PrivatBank)."

The plaintiff alleged that, under the control of Kolomoisky, it directed “the process of raising the loan exposure from UAH 27 billion (USD 5.3 billion) in December 2006 to UAH 195 billion (USD 8.1 billion) on December 31, 2015 (the Bank’s financial year end). During the same period, PrivatBank’s total liabilities relating to its customer accounts increased from UAH 24 billion (USD 4.8 billion) to UAH 192 billion (USD 8 billion).” The swings of $2.8 billion on the book and $3.2 billion on the balance-sheet accounts for the influx of laundered IMF loans that were granted with the assistance of the Obama Administration.

As early as 2015, upon FBI investigations for racketeering, indictments were submitted by the DOJ. It was determined that U.S. banks (Citibank, Bank of America, and JPMorgan Chase) played a role in money-laundering operations, in coordination with Yulia Tymoshenko (Former Prime Minister of Ukraine and proponent of the 2004 Orange Revolution, who was imprisoned in 2011 for corruption) and Kolomoisky, by Ukrainian companies, individuals, and financial syndicates upon the revolutionary removal of President Victor Yanukovich in February 2014.

Coincidently, all investigations and litigations were put on hold in 2021.

All in all, the IMF reported that, starting in 2016, a total of $7.5 billion, including $3.6 billion in loans from Canada, Japan, the United States and company, was lent to the new revolutionary government in Kyiv. If thirty to forty percent was laundered through Privatbank, as alleged, then roughly $3.5 billion passed into the shadow operations of Kolomoisky.

Kolomoisky was a major financial donor to current President Zelensky, $40 million to be exact. It has also been well reported that Ukrainian entities, using laundered IMF funds, were the largest financial supporters of the 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign (as illustrated by The Wall Street Journal).

The very same funds have been used to fund revolutionary socialist militias, like the Avoz Battalion, to wage 8 years of civil war in Ukraine.

UPDATED COLUMN; Tuesday, 3/1/2022

Ukrainian Parliament Member, Kira Rudyk, joined Fox News to garner American support for the revolutionary government in Kyiv. During the interview, Rudyk boasted that Ukraine is "fighting for this New World Order" and that her regime is the "shield of Europe." (Original video was removed from Youtube; we have uploaded a clipping on Wednesday, 3/2/2022.)

A translation failure? Far from it; such words of a "New World Order" do not simply slip from an intelligent mouth. Tipping her hat to the masonic and internationalist-socialist agenda, she illustrates her, along with her colleagues', commitment to the revolutionary underground, which controls Ukraine and many nations within the European Union. The Ukrainian "shield of Europe" is only a inversion of the Soviet Iron Curtain.

Original Article, posted Saturday, 2/26/2022

"Russia has been given a special gift from Heaven, that God [...] has entrusted Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

"It's not because Russia needs it, because Russia is bad or worse or whatever, it is about a choice of God."

"Putin knows more about Fatima in this regard than the pope does."

"Even people I've known for a long time, they say, well you know, 'well our country hasn't been asked to be consecrated so we're good, they're the ones that are bad'. No! Wait a minute, just hold on! A consecration, what does the word mean? It means to set something aside for a holy purpose. It means that God wants Russia to be set aside to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for a special purpose, for a holy purpose. That's a vessel of election [...]"

"Well, God has elected Russia from all eternity, at this time, to be consecrated to God's service, particularly through service to the Blessed Virgin, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." ~ Fr. Nicholas Gruner, The Fatima Center

For those who are spoon fed by the corrupt mainstream media, controlled by internationalist-socialist, neo-pagan elites in New York, Washington, London, Paris, and Berlin, the unequivocal narrative is one of a reemerging Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) under Vladimir Putin and a Russia invasion of the sovereign and free democratic nation of Ukraine.

The narrative couldn't be further from the truth. Russia has come full circle in rejecting the tenets of marixist-leninism. Although Orthodox, Russia has destroyed the militant atheism of the Soviet Union and resurrected a Christian society with Christ as the head and center. In fact, any crime against the Church is an act of treason against the state. Putin has become a protector of the Church, in more ways than the West has seen since Francisco Franco in Spain. Arguably, in terms of Christian morality and law, Russia has emerged as one of the most conservative nations in the world, hence why they are opposed by internationalist-socialists.

To the media, Europe is on the brink of World War III, but that would take France, Great Britain, and the United States to escalate the volatile situation, just as each nation coordinately did during the First and Second World Wars. Hopefully, the conflict remains local or regional, and doesn't expand beyond the borders of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

Unfortunately, that could have been said over a hundred years ago with Austria-Hungary and Serbia, and over eighty years ago with Germany and Poland. In both instances, internationalist-socialists, Fabians, and Marxists saw opportunities to weaken Central and Eastern Europe to fabricate the conditions for financial extortion, economic exploitation, and political revolution.

The world continues to live in the shadow of the errors of the First and Second World Wars. Russia appears to be attempting to throw off the yoke of the modernist 20th century.

Here is the truth, the revolutionary underground controls Ukraine.

Ukraine Is No Democracy

On February 22, 2014, the Atlantic reported that "earlier today, Ukraine's parliament voted to remove President Viktor Yanukovych from office, after months of anti-government protest. Yanukovich, decrying the actions as a "coup", fled Kiev, as the heads of Ukraine's security forces appeared in parliament to declare they would not take part in any conflict with the people."

The 2014 Ukrainian Revolution, otherwise known as Revolution of Dignity or Maiden Revolution, was "a series of violent events involving protesters, riot police, and unknown shooters in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv culminat[ing] in the ousting of elected president Viktor Yanukovych and the overthrow of the Ukrainian government."

George Soros, involved in Ukraine since the 2004 Orange Revolution, and United States CIA, under the direction of the Obama Administration, supported Antifa style protests and revolutionary operations took Kyiv by firestorm. Sounds farfetched or a conspiracy, far from it. Forbes, on April 16, 2014, even ran a story "Why CIA Director Brennen Visited Kiev: In Ukraine the Covert War Has Begun."

Law enforcement and military were assaulted by revolutionaries, and snipers in the streets made the situation lethal. When Yanukovich's government attempted to restore law and order, internationalist-socialists and marxist syndicates painted a narrative of a tyrannical dictatorship. The west turned their back on Yanukovich, and the socialist revolution toppled the government.

Multiple regions of Ukraine refused to recognize the illegitimate government that was conceived through the violent overthrow of the president.

The following month, Crimea democratically voted and applied, as reported by The Guardian, to separate from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. Local residents of Crimea were nearly unanimously in favor of the resolution: "final results showed that 96.8% of voters were in favour of joining Russia." A delegation was received in Moscow, and the illegitimate, revolutionary government mobilized 40,000 reservists to threaten the peninsula.

Furthermore, the United States and its NATO "allies in Europe...announced sanctions against Russia, including visa bans and potential asset freezes." In clear contradiction to the defense of "democracy," President Obama asserted "that Crimea's vote 'would never be recognized' by the United States, as he and other US officials warned Moscow against making further military moves toward southern and eastern Ukraine."

To defend the Crimean people against the 40,000 reservists of the Ukrainian revolutionary government, Russian military forces moved into the peninsula from the Black Sea and secured all avenues from the Ukranian mainland.

Other regions of Ukraine, such as Luhansk and Donetsk resisted the revolutionary government in Kyiv, formed militias to defend against revolutionary reservists, and announced their independence from Ukraine. Ukraine was plunging into civil war.

8 Years of Civil War

The Eastern province and city of Donetsk, home to over 2 million people, declared its independence on April 7, 2014. Luhansk followed a few weeks later on April 27.

People Demonstrate for Donetsk Independence

While Ukrainian revolutionary government in Kyiv labels the provinces as controlled by terrorist organizations and Russian separatists, each province held democratic referendums for their independence. The people of Donetsk voted in favor by 89% and Luhansk by 96.2%. Kyiv, nor its internationalist-socialist allies in the West, refused to recognize the democratic process and referendums.

Out of Kyiv's refusal came an embattled eight year long civil war that split eastern Ukraine into with frontlines of inhabited residential areas, barbed wire, and trenches, something unseen since the First World War.

Otherwise known as the Donbas War, the Ukrainian civil war has claimed the lives of 4,629 Ukrainian soldiers, 5,772 soldiers of the DNR, LNR, and Russia, and 3,393 civilians in the region. In total, between 13,100 to 13,300 have been killed, 29,500 to 33,500 wounded, and over 400,000 displaced to other regions of the country or Eastern Europe.

Trenches, ghost towns, and rubble ridden residential areas have divided a Ukraine ruled by a revolutionary government in Kyiv and free Ukraine in the Donbas. But, there was hope for peace in 2019 and 2020.

The Steinmeier agreement was reached in October 2019, instituting a ceasefire in July 2020 that reduced casualties by over five-fold. According to the agreement, brokered by Germany, France, and Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk were to hold free elections and reintegrate into Ukraine. Western European powers were not interested in entertaining the regions as sovereign and independent. The people of the DNR and LNR were extremely skeptical, only 55% were favorable of reintegration and of that 25% demanded special status.

Without entertaining the democratic option for Donetsk and Luhansk to be recognized as independent nations, Russia refused to support the Vienna document meeting Ukraine and Western European powers. Russian military continued to reinforce its defensive support of the DNR, LNR, and Crimea, and the Ukrainian revolutionary government deployed Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone bombers into the Donbas, destroying artillery placements and leveling houses. The increased violence violated the 2020 ceasefires and greatly "destabilized the region" and any hopes of peace in the Donbas.

On 21 January 2022, the Russian State Duma called to recognize the independence of the Donbas region and the separation of Donetsk and Luhansk from Ukraine.

Failure to bring a peaceful end to the Ukrainian civil war, and bring justice to the marxist overthrow of the elected government by the Maiden Revolution in 2014, has delivered Ukraine and Russia, Europe and the World, to expanding conflict in 2022.

Putin's Ultimatum: End Hostilities or the "Bloodshed" is on the Revolutionary Government

"I consider it necessary to take a long overdue decision to immediately recognize the independence and sovereignty of Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic. I'm asking the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to support this decision, and then ratify treaties of friendship and mutual assistance with both republics. These two documents will be prepared and signed in the immediate future.

And we demand for those who took over and retain the power in Kyiv to immediately stop combat activity; otherwise, the responsibility for continuing the bloodshed will lay on the shoulders of the Ukrainian regime." - President Vladimir Putin

On February 22nd, 2022, eight years to the day after the marxist overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine, Putin gives the order for the Russian military to enter Ukraine.

Initial Media Reports All Fabricated as Russian Military Operations Commence

To keep the American and Western European people spoon fed with propaganda and misinformation, mainstream media and social media sources filled the waves and internet with fabricated initial reports of the Russian military engaging civilian targets.

Like war profiteers, the Western outlets plastered images of injured civilians with no respect or dignity for the state of their condition. All to boost ratings, it must be added.

Much of the content illustrated "bombed out" apartment buildings that were actually from news stories going back to 2018 or earlier. A narrative of a violent invasion, willfully threatening innocent Ukrainian lives, was being dishonestly written.

In fact, the Russian military's initial targets were all military assets and sites. Even military targets have been illustrated to look like civilian infrastructure.

Russian aircraft destroyed radar towers, yet left cell phone towers, electrical grids, and oil supply chains intact, in an effort to affect the civilian population as minimal as possible. In any full-scale invasion, the invaded country would suffer from a complete blackout. Ukrainians can still communicate with loved ones, post Tik Tok videos, refrigerate their food, and warm their residences.

Putin's military operations do not appear to bring annihilation as the mainstream media and internationalist-socialists in world governments are portraying.

Old Photos of Zelensky from Donbas War resurface to push MSM Narrative

2016 Clinton Campaign and the Ukrainian Revolutionary Government

In September 2019, the Wall Street Journal and the Gateway Pundit released intelligence from a "Vasily Prozorov [who] was an Ukrainian security service (SBU) staffer from 1999 to 2018. Since 2014, he was an expert consultant in the SBU’s main anti-terror unit. In 2018, he fled to Russia. The Ukrainians now call him a traitor. Writing on his blog Ukraine Leaks, he says that in 2016, the Ukrainian government openly supported Hillary Clinton and tried to help her defeat Donald Trump."

“Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko was terribly afraid of a Republican victory, believing Donald Trump would change Russia policy and lift sanctions, reducing support for Ukraine and robbing Poroshenko of his Western power base,” Prozorov writes. “Ukrainegate is a criminal conspiracy of representatives of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the leadership of Ukraine in the person of Poroshenko, aimed at preventing Donald Trump from winning.”

“At that time, I worked at SBU HQ in Kiev,“ says Prozorov. “I remember the panic that gripped the power structures in Ukraine after Donald Trump’s victory. They expected immediate retaliation from Washington for Ukraine’s participation in the attacks on Trump. Many politicians deleted their social media posts criticizing Trump.” However, as it turned out, the phony Russiagate witch hunt kept the Trump campaign from doing anything that could look like “collusion” or “obstruction” abroad. Now, however, the Ukrainegate conspiracy is starting to unravel."

"Prozorov charges that during the 2016 presidential race, the Ukrainian government not only helped Hillary Clinton by providing potentially damaging information on Trump campaign employees like Paul Manafort, but also used money diverted from the IMF to fund Hillary Clinton’s compaign."

"Beginning with the Obama-assisted coup in Kiev in 2014, the National Bank of Ukraine received billions in foreign aid from the International Monetary Fund to keep the Ukrainian financial sector afloat. “A year after Poroshenko’s pro-Western government came to power in 2014, the IMF agreed to loan Kyiv $17.5 billion (€15.8 billion) over four years — and then suspended the aid in 2017 after disbursing only half of it over worries about corruption”, Deutsche Welle reports."

"Around the time of the US presidential campaign, Ukrainian banks started funneling this money offshore via the Austrian Meinl Bank – up to $800 million, as Kate Matberg reports on Mediapart. The banks paid kickbacks to the head of the National Bank, Valeria Gontareva, and her patron, Petro Poroshenko, Prozorov claims."

"The banks involved in the scam include Tavrika, Pivdenkombank, Avtokrazbank, Moscow Commercial Bank (Converse Bank), Finrostbank, Terra Bank, Kyivsky Rus, Vernum Bank, Dnipro Credit, Delta Bank and others."

"Of the 36 banks that were granted loans by the National Bank of Ukraine at the expense of the IMF, 11 were closed without returning borrowed funds. The two banks which received the most of IMF money are Dnipro Credit and Delta Bank (folded 2015), which are owned by the oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, who also had close ties with the former IMF head in Ukraine, Jerome Vacher."

"Pinchuk is the founder of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, which has “used offshore companies to funnel over $29 million to the Clinton Foundation since 2012, the largest transfers in 2015 and 2016,” Prozorov says."

"Despite being one of the poorest countries in Europe, Ukraine was the leading donor to the Clinton Foundation 1999-2014, the Wall Street Journal reports: “Mr. Pinchuk and his wife—the daughter of former Ukraine President Leonid Kuchma —began donating to Clinton charities in 2006 after being introduced to Mr. Clinton by Doug Schoen, a pollster who has worked for both Clintons.”

“Ukrainian steel magnate Victor Pinchuk gave the (Clinton Foundation) $10 to $25m”, The Independent wrote in 2018. “And he was by many accounts not shy about asking for help from Hillary Clinton when she served as secretary of state.”

5 Years of Russian Hoax to Groom Americans Against Russia

For five years, the Russian Hoax dominated the American mainstream media. Conceived by the Steele Dossier, paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee, the Russian Hoax demonized President Donald Trump, Republican counterparts, and fabricated a myth bout Russian interference in the 2016 General Election.

The Washington Post reported how "the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about President Trump’s connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the matter said."

"Marc E. Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington firm, to conduct the research."

"After that, Fusion GPS hired dossier author Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with ties to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community, according to those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity."

"Elias and his law firm, Perkins Coie, retained the company in April 2016 on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Before that agreement, Fusion GPS’s research into Trump was funded by an unknown Republican client during the GOP primary."

"The Clinton campaign and the DNC, through the law firm, continued to fund Fusion GPS’s research through the end of October 2016, days before Election Day," while the Obama Administration authorized FISA warrants to illegally spy on the Trump Campaign and entrap advisors like Ret. General Michael Flynn.

"Fusion GPS gave Steele’s reports and other research documents to Elias, the people familiar with the matter said. It is unclear how or how much of that information was shared with the campaign and the DNC and who in those organizations was aware of the roles of Fusion GPS and Steele. One person close to the matter said the campaign and the DNC were not informed by the law firm of Fusion GPS’s role."

"The dossier has become a lightning rod amid the intensifying investigations into the Trump campaign’s possible connections to Russia. Some congressional Republican leaders have spent months trying to discredit Fusion GPS and Steele and tried to determine the identity of the Democrat or organization that paid for the dossier."

"Steele previously worked in Russia for British intelligence. The dossier is a compilation of reports he prepared for Fusion GPS. The dossier alleged that the Russian government collected compromising information about Trump and that the Kremlin was engaged in an effort to assist his campaign for president."

"U.S. intelligence agencies," under the corrupt influence of Obama Administration appointees, "later released a public assessment asserting that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to aid Trump" sparking a nationwide witch-hunt that culminated in the disruptive Robert Mueller investigation, endless Congressional hearings, and the erroneous impeachment of President Trump.

The fact remains that the "FBI once planned to pay former British spy who authored controversial Trump dossier" on behalf of the Clinton Campaign and the DNC.

What was created was a fabricated narrative of Russia being a sort of octopus with her tenacles in and around the electoral and democratic processes of the United States. What was covered up by scapegoating Russia, now brought to light by the foreign interference, voter fraud, and data manipulation of the 2020 General Election, was how the DNC, its foreign vendors like Dominion Voting Systems, and the Chinese Communist Party were the real treasonous culprits of violating the sovereignty of the United States.

That brings us to Joe Biden.

Ukrainian Corruption with the Bidens

Let's not forget that it was the revolutionary Ukranian government that paid crack addict, Hunter Biden, $50,000 a month for a board position on Burisma Holdings Ltd. to gain access to Vice President Joe Biden and the Obama Administration.

Moreover, how Vice President Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to the revolutionary government in Kyiv if it didn't fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden.

Vadym Pozharskyi, then an advisor to Burisma and now head of Energy Security Forum, met with the Biden's to gain American leverage in the region. The New York Post confirmed the leak of an email between Pozharskyi and the Bidens.

Gain American leverage over what? Oil and natural gas? Nord Stream 2 pipeline? No, but America's interference to destabilize energy markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Why? China is a major factor. The EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform is geared to shift European reliance to Chinese renewables and away from Russian consumables. In 2020 China accounted for 56% of global additions for new wind power capacity (Global Wind Energy Council, 2021) and, according to the Chinese National Energy Agency, China aimed to spend more than $360bn in 2020 on renewable power sources including solar and wind energy. In this context, the EU has become a major destination for Chinese investment flows in renewable energy markets.

So, where did the $50,000 per month salary for Hunter Biden come from? China through the revolutionary government in Ukraine and into Biden coffers.

Most of the IP addresses discovered in the manipulation of Dominion voter data in the 2020 General Election, where in fact Chinese. China had invested interest to terminate the Trump tariffs, regain its hold on the American economy, strengthen its leverage over the EU, remove the U.S. Military from Afghanistan, and insert itself into the Pacific.

With Western eyes on Ukraine, China moves battleships and aircraft into Taiwanese waters and airspace.

China, and the internationalist-socialists and revolutionary underground that conceived them, controls the narrative. In that narrative, Russia is the aggressor. If you are reading this, good chance is that you live in the propaganda shadow of the wrong side.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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