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Exclusive - Twitter Target Gavin McInnes on Solution: 'Trump Has to Step Up'

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Conservative commentator Gavin Mcinnes appeared on Breitbart News Saturday this week to discuss his recent Twitter suspension and why it’s up to President Trump to stop social media censorship.

Appearing alongside Breitbart News Editor Amanda House, conservative commentator and CRTV host Gavin McInnes discusses his recent suspension from Twitter and the banning of his pro-Western mens group, The Proud Boys. During the interview, McInnes warned that the banning of Alex Jones was just the beginning of mass consevative censorship and soon websites like Breitbart and Fox News would also have to worry about being censored online.

“I interviewed Alex Jones this week, I dedicated an episode on my show to him and he said “you’re next!” and he was talking about me, but all conservatives, and 24 hours later, I was next. I think the future is socialism, the future is Tucker Carlson getting on a plane and being tapped on the shoulder and being told he has to get off the plane, and that’s already happened with ICE agents, by the way, they’re told they can’t use certain airlines. We’re going to be kicked out of hotels, it’s already happening with restaurants, so utilities follows after that and that includes web hosters y’know they’re trying to get rid of [social media network] Gab and yes, of course, Breitbart is next on the chopping block, of course Daily Caller, Daily Wire, they will attack the hosts for those and try to make sure they can’t have that site and they’ll make up a ‘unite the right’ story to justify it.”

Breitbart News Editor Amanda House asked McInnes: “What needs to happen? Is it Congress stepping in, is it people just getting off these platforms altogether?”

McInnes replied: “Trump has to stand up and say ‘this is not the free market, this is collusion with the DNC and big business and big tech and that’s illegal, that’s unamerican, that’s not acceptable.’ The whole reason that InfoWars was shut down was because the DNC saw him as a threat, the whole reason me and the Proud Boys were shut down is because the DNC hated our millennial appeal. We can’t have the DNC deciding how big companies behave, that’s called fascism.”

Listen to the full clip of Gavin McInnes on Breitbart News Saturday here.

Original article on Breitbart, here.

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