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The Third Secret of Fatima Spoke of Today's Apostasy in the Church

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Third Secret of Fatima and the Vatican (Aleteia)

In an interview in April 2020, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former papal nuncio to the United States publicly expressed his belief that the Vatican to date has not published the full Third Secret of Fatima. Archbishop Viganò: Third Secret of Fatima has not yet been fully published

Speaking to Dies Irae, a Portuguese website, the Archbishop said, "The third part of the message that Our Lady entrusted to the shepherds of Fatima, so that they could deliver it to the Holy Father, remains a secret today."

To recap briefly, the Blessed Virgin appeared to three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal on July 13, 1917, and disclosed to them a Secret consisting of three parts, the first two of which have been released by the Church. However, the third part, commonly known as the Third Secret, was to remain a secret until 1960, at which time it was to be publicly disclosed.

Third Secret Remains a Secret

Unfortunately, the Third Secret was not released in 1960 because a number of Vatican cardinals pressured Pope John XXIII into keeping it hidden. Concerning this, Archbishop Viganò says in his interview:

"With this departure from the Queen of Heaven's message, a cover-up operation was initiated, evidently because the content of the message would reveal the terrible conspiracy of her enemies against the Church of Christ."

Unfortunately, this cover-up reached alarming heights in June 2000. Pope John Paul II had attempted to release the Third Secret on June 26, 2000, but then his archenemy Cardinal Sodano—who many times had insulted and blasted John Paul in the press—hijacked the project and turned it into a master cover-up job.

What the Vatican released in June 2000 was not the Third Secret of Fatima but a vision given to Sister Lucy in conjunction with the Third Secret. The vision is a symbolic picture of the Church being put to death by its enemies. After giving the vision to Lucy, Our Lady explained in a few words the meaning of the vision. This verbal explanation by the Blessed Virgin—written out in one page of text of approximately 25 lines—is the Third Secret of Fatima.

More than once it has surfaced that the Third Secret of Fatima spoke of “a bad council and a bad Mass.” This was reported by The Fatima Crusader in May 2009 and again by One Peter Five in May 2016. According to the first report, Cardinal Ratzinger in 1990 had told his friend Fr. Ingo Dollinger—a long-time friend and spiritual child of St. Padre Pio—that Our Lady in the Third Secret warned not to change the Mass.

Upon the supposed publication of the Third Secret by the Vatican in June 2000, Fr. Dollinger noted that it did not contain those elements that Cardinal Ratzinger had revealed to him ten years earlier, whereupon he confronted the cardinal about this. Not knowing quite what to say he blurted out to Dollinger in German, “Wirklich gebt das der etwas,” which signifies that “really there is something more there.” Ratzinger, who had read the Third Secret, was confessing that there is more to the Secret than what was released in June 2000, all but confirming that it did warn about not changing the liturgy as he had previously told Dollinger.

Consider now the prediction of the nineteenth century Freemason and excommunicated priest Canon Roca, who said that “the liturgy, ceremonial, ritual and regulations of the Roman Church will shortly undergo a transformation at an ecumenical council … to deprive the Church of its supernatural character.” This seems to gel with the prediction of “a bad council and a bad Mass.”

Among the instructions that accompanied this “bad council” was the September 26, 1964, conciliar Instruction on the Liturgy, Inter Oecumenici, which outlined the new ruling for the Mass and sanctuary. Section 91 says:

“The main altar should preferably be freestanding, to permit walking around it and celebration facing the people”

This unprecedented change was calculated to bring about a shift of focus where the emphasis is on the community. What has resulted is a universal turning away from God and a turning toward the world.

Apostasy Would Begin at the Top

Among those who have read and commented on the Third Secret, we find a common thread in that it concerned the great apostasy of the last times and how this satanic infiltration of heresy would begin at the highest levels of the Church and filter down through the hierarchical ranks.

Cardinal Mario Ciappi, who read the Third Secret and who was personal papal theologian to Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II, told a Professor Baumgartner of Salzburg:

“In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top”

The Third Secret in gist was that Satan would capture and possess bishops and cardinals at the highest levels of the Church and would use them to misguide the Church but in such a way that this would be done under the illusion of divine guidance. What they would call the Holy Spirit would in reality be the spirit of the devil goading the Church to its own destruction. Under this dark influence the Church would depart from its past and merge with the world under the banner of Novus Ordo Seclorum, a path that is quickly coming to head under Pope Francis. Only a remnant of faithful priests and laity would remain faithful while the church at large would plunder to its own destruction. The devil would manage to sow disobedience into the Church through obedience so that those who remained obedient to tradition would be marginalized and sent out of the Church.

This indeed has come to pass. Since Vatican II we have seen the formation of a new church of man that is not the Church that Christ left us. Rules, dogma, and tradition have been cast aside while modernist bishops have turned the Church into a meeting place for heretics, schismatics, and unbelievers. Like the idolaters of the old, we have seen the proponents of a so-called charismatic renewal running after strange gods and spirits that our forefathers knew not.

Worse yet, a number of Vatican cardinals along with Pope Francis offered incense to the pagan idol Pachamama during a pagan ceremony dedicated to the idol, which occurred during the historic Amazonian Synod that convened Oct. 6-27, 2019.

This Abomination of Desolation in Rome is the culmination of fifty years of change that was generated by Satan. These diabolically inspired changes—like Communion in the hand, the use of lay Eucharistic ministers, contemporary “guitar Mass,” interfaith worship, ecumenism, socializing in church, bowing to Pachamama, appointing women acolytes, appointing homosexuals to clerical positions—fulfill the Blessed Virgin’s prophecy at La Salette that “Rome will lose the Faith and will become the seat of Antichrist.” (1846)

The Significance of 1960

Hence we can understand the significance of 1960 as the appointed year for disclosing the Third Secret, since it was only two years later that they would convene the Second Vatican Council, setting into motion this insidious departure from tradition that would leave the Holy City "half in ruins." Our Lady was attempting to avert this disaster to the Church.

One ray of hope we have is that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI could disclose the Third Secret of Fatima before his death, since this would confirm to all that the post-conciliar "reform" wasn’t the work of God after all. This would vindicate restorationists and motivate the Church Militant to come forward with more vigor to fight these changes.

St. Paul gives us the remedy for withstanding the “operation of error” of these last times:

“Stand fast, and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle.” (2 Thess. 2:14)

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