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The Modernist-Evolutionist Connection

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Evolution is the sinister theory of Charles Darwin that was proposed to destroy the knowledge of man's origin. It's the theory that man evolved biologically from other species. It was designed to alienate man from God and is tied with Nietzsche’s idea that man evolved from the apes and is on his way to becoming a self-deified superman.

Evolution denies Genesis and dehumanizes man by reducing him from a child of God to the descendent of a dumb beast. It denies that God created the universe out of nothing and proposes that the cosmos slowly evolved to the state to where it is now at. It is purely science-fiction and reflects nothing more than a rebellious ambition to evolve away from God.

Modernism Built on Evolution

Modernism is evolution applied in an ecclesial context. It in fact is rooted in evolution. Modernism proposes that whatever the Church holds to at any given point of its history is merely the result of a common consensus, so that as the consensus changes (evolves) with time the Church's teachings likewise change. It denies divinely revealed absolutes and advocates that man is free to whimsically develop according to his own “internal laws.” Modernism is all about updating the Catholic Church to 1 meet the expectation of the times.

Unfortunately, evolution-based modernism made its inroads at Vatican II, which accounts for the widely held error that the Catholic Church is an ongoing, evolutionary process that goes through phases of change over time. The pseudo scientist Teilhard de Chardin was the primary exponent of this heresy. His work to integrate the theory of evolution with Catholicism helped spawn this modern-day notion that the Catholic Church is an evolutionary process, but his ideas hold no water. Monkeys do not grow out of fish, people do not grow out of monkeys, and heresy does not grow out of Tradition. What God has established from the beginning, whether physical or spiritual, remains, and does not change.

It was for reason that the Vatican denounced Chardin’s work in 1962, yet many of the Vatican II fathers were infatuated by his subjective fantasies so that his evolutionary thinking began to weave its way into the Vatican II documents.

Generally, we see modernism reflected in many of the Vatican II declarations that contravene immutable Church teaching. For example, St. Pius V solemnly declared that the liturgy of the Latin Mass promulgated in 1570 may never be changed or disregarded, yet Vatican II says:

“Holy Mother Church desires to undertake with great care a general restoration of the liturgy itself.” (Sacrosanctum Concilium 21)

Against the dogma that there exists no salvation outside the Catholic Church, Vatican II erroneously asserts that life-giving elements of faith operate outside the confines of the Catholic Church.

“Many of the significant elements and endowments which together go to build up and give life to the Church itself, can exist outside the visible boundaries of the Catholic Church: the written word of God; the life of grace; faith.” (Unitatis Redintegratio 3)

Against the Church’s condemnation of ecumenism, Vatican II says:

“The restoration of unity among all Christians is one of the principal concerns of the Second Vatican Council.” (UR-1) …. “It is allowable, indeed desirable that Catholics should join in prayer with their separated brethren.” (UR-8)

Consider too this traitorous and heretical declaration from Vatican II’s Nostra Aetate:

“Muslims adore the one God, living and subsisting in himself… the Creator of heaven and earth, who has spoken to men.” (3)

Did the Council fathers forget the Quran’s teaching that Christ, whom the Quran rejects, is the only God “who has spoken to men?” Had they considered the Quran’s barbaric teaching that anyone who is Christian should be slain?

The foregoing are just a few examples of Vatican II’s evolutionary thrust away from orthodoxy. This was influenced in no small way by the curse of Darwinist evolution that was first proposed in 1859.

It was for reason that Darwin was praised by Karl Marx, the satanic father of world Communism who went on record as saying that Darwin’s ideas on the biological processes of change formed a major foundation for his own work to incite revolution (change) against the Church.

The First Vatican Council implicitly condemned evolution, which was already laying the groundwork for modernism. Later, St. Pius X both in his Lamentabili Sane and in his Pascendi Dominici Gregis condemned the errors of modernism, but Vatican II progressivists smugly dismissed these holy admonitions and persisted in their error to the end that we see the Church today driving into darkness under the illusion of progress.

The End Fruits of Modernism

What modernism has done is to alienate man from God so that he sees the Eternal Father as a boogie-man or stranger. Man has slowly evolved away from God but this has largely been due to the priests turning their back on tradition and adopting the darkness of modernism.

This rebellious path was set in motion at Vatican II when modernists had agreed that they would scrap tradition and move forward with a new church of man that decides without God which teachings and practices the Church shall follow.

This is the “synodal” path that Pope Francis aims to bring to a head with the coming Synod of Bishops in October 2022, but unfortunately the synod promises to plunge the Church into deeper darkness because Francis’ plan is to fully bring tradition to an end 2 and to move forward with this new synodal church.

Unfortunately, it is the common folk who will suffer because the whole thrust of this new church is to bury the past and to withhold the light of Christ from the people. The Church's commission from Christ was to extend the light of Christ to all peoples that they might leave their idols and creeds and convert to the Catholic Faith, but Rome has abandoned the light of tradition, thus depriving the world of this needed light for its salvation. Our Lady’s prophecy at La Salette hereby is fulfilled:

"The Church will be in eclipse, the world will be in dismay"

1. But it does not meet the needs of the times. This is something that only the immutable teachings of Christ can do.

2. While this might seem outlandish, it should come as no surprise when we consider that Pope Francis has now come out and praised Black Lives Matter terrorists as “good Samaritans.”



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