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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

LabCorp denies Blood Dioxin tests for East Palestine residents - Owned by CCP Vanguard and Blackrock

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Multiple videos have gone viral on TikTok revealing how LabCorp, a medical company owned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controlled and influenced Vanguard and Blackrock investment groups, is denying blood dioxin tests for the residents of East Palestine, OH, who suffered from last month's Norfolk Sothern train derailment and "controlled chemical burn" that released the deadly vinyl chloride and dioxins into the air and water system.

According to the patients, phlebotomists at LabCorp were confused as to why the service was discontinued, as it was only weeks before that blood dioxin tests were provided by the company.

LabCorp's primary stock holders:

There is no coincidence that multiple subsidiaries of Vanguard and Blackrock investment groups are the top and controlling holders of public stock in LabCorp and Norfolk Southern:

Don't see the insidious spider web or money conspiracy yet? The company that the EPA contracted to conduct environmental testing in East Palestine was Tetra Tech, also owned by Vanguard and Blackrock.

Vanguard and Blackrock are also the largest investors in Pfizer and their "died suddenly" mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

And, in Moderna.

The spider web and monetary conspiracy spreads far across the plutocracy of the United States and tying back to the controlling interests of the internationalist-socialists and globalists in Europe and the communists in China. It is well known how Vanguard and Blackrock are well invested in CCP nationalized companies and the Chinese military. Both investment firms are highly influenced and controlled by the vary party officials in Beijing who give them favor and funnel billions of dollars through their subsidies to buy of companies, assets, and land in the United States.

Because of their ties to the CCP, both companies have had to offload billions of dollars in investments to avoid the ramifications of high imposed sanctions on China and companies that are tied to the Chinese military.

Follow the spider web to its epicenter and trace the money trail to its sources, it becomes difficult to determine, without a reasonable doubt, that the train derailment in East Palestine, like the hundreds of other derailments and food supply fires in the past year, was not a false flag event. These false flag events are design to support the UN's Agenda2030 and the WEF's 15 Minute City initiative, in which international bodies seize control of catastrophe regions.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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