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Do we Have the Faith of Christ or the Faith of Demons? Satan apes God! Armor Up! Demonic Trap is Set

Sermon by Anonymous Priest | The Daily Knight

"Then the devil comes and takes away the Word from their heart."

Brethren in Christ our Lord,

As we gather with grateful hearts to worship God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of All Time, the Holy Mass of the Apostolic Tradition - the word of God addresses to us a parable of striking power and meaning – the parable of the sower. And we are challenged to hear this parable upon the context of our life here and now, as we see the world in crisis and the Church being attacked by forces of evil of truly demonic nature. The nihilistic “woke” culture continues to ravage our society with insane “gender” and “trans-sexualism” ideologies declaring a war on reality - stemming from the denial of God and His order of creation.

And in the Church we see the liberal revolution wrecking the Deposit of Faith, clamoring for LGBT, divorce, end to priestly celibacy and approval of every abominable sin; the Apostolic Tradition in Liturgy and Sacraments is about to be completely banned, in effect establishing some new church of the 60’ – no longer Catholic but Protestant in line with the spirit of the times and the globalist agenda of a New World Order. And this is being done by people who call themselves Catholic; by the shepherds of the Church - thus people who have heard the word of God, and others who were called to preach it!

All who have received the seeds being sown by Our Lord – the divine sower. So where have all these seeds fallen? Upon what ground? Seeing what is going on we ask in horror: “how can this be happening”? How can a Christian society be doing this evil? How can such destruction be happening in the Catholic Church, established by Christ to be the Arc of Salvation, where God’s word has been sown so generously over 2000 years? And we sense that there is some demonic action involved, as otherwise it could scarcely be explained by human powers alone. And our suspicions are right.

In the Gospel, Our Lord clearly warns us that Satan is acting to destroy the work of the sower planting the seeds. Jesus says important words: “the devil comes and takes away the word from their heart.”

Brethren we need to urgently reflect on this Gospel, if we want to understand what is happening in our Church, and see things clearly from the perspective of faith. The Gospel puts us on notice about a fact of spiritual life: where Christ appears with His divine word and love, the demons appear nearby with their disruptive, tempting powers. The world of holiness and the world of the demonic are always uncomfortably close!

As Bishop Fulton Sheen was teaching: “wherever you have a great manifestation of the Spirit, you always get the devil working.” Our Lord describes this by presenting the sower; and as the seeds fall upon the ground of human hearts, the demons are trying to take them away. The Scriptures are overflowing with examples of that. In the Church where we find the highest holiness – we also find the most scandalous evil. In no place are the demons more furiously at work, than at the Vatican!

Padre Pio, as did many saints, while celebrating the Holy Sacrifice would see a demon standing nearby, tempting, mocking and raging against Christ. But don’t we see it in our own lives? Whenever we want to advance in holiness; participate in spiritual retreats; go to Confession; and make great resolutions–as if the next moment demons hit us with temptations like a ton of bricks and we may fall, never even expecting that! Jesus’ teaching on the devil rushing to take God’s word away from our hearts is extremely important for our spiritual life–which is always a life of spiritual combat. And looking at our world today we must realize how the demonic works, always shadowing the good and holy.

Why? Because Satan as a fallen angel - apes God and that is how he deceives. Real evil – the most dangerous evil – is always the evil that pretends to be good; that dresses itself as good.

This is why great evil often hides where it is least expected – we see this evil in the Church! Who would expect it there? The most faithful Catholics are banished from parish churches under the pretext of building unity! The Traditional Apostolic Liturgy and Sacraments drawing multitudes of the faithful seeking holiness of life, promoting sanctity of family life and producing bountiful vocations – it is being abolished accused of being “outdated” and harmful to the modern church. What has always been held as holy and sacred – in the words of pope Benedict - is now forbidden and even considered harmful! This is demonic evil –mascarading as good!

This is real, horrific evil for it is being done by shepherds who profess they serve Christ. The worst evil is always done by those who pretend to be good – this is why it is so real in the Church, by those looking like Christ’s disciples but who corrupt the young, subvert the faith and lead the faithful astray. As Traditional Catholic doctrine teaches: Evil can ensconce itself in the very substance of the good, leading to profound spiritual, theological, moral and political corruption, through a terrible demonic falsification of the good. This is the most insidious path that evil can take, since it insinuates evil in the heart of goodness. It thus poses a grave spiritual danger for Christians and men of good will. This is why, seeing what is happening in the Church, we have a sense of the presence of the demonic – as we can scarcely admit this is possible by mere human powers. What do the demons want?

When the devil comes to steal the seeds of God’s word from the soil of our hearts, as Jesus says in the Gospel, it is not to make us atheists; oh no! Satan wants us to have faith; but not the faith of Christ – but the faith of demons.

Brethren, remember what the Scripture says in the Letter of St. James: You believe that God is one. Even the demons believe and tremble. So they want us to have faith – but demonic faith: without love, without humility but with rebellious pride, falsifying God’s word!

Cardinals, bishops, nuns, theologians, wrecking the Faith, demanding that the Church change her teaching to please the world – they all profess faith in Christ - but believe they can correct Him and tell Him what to do. This is demonic faith – like that of Satan tempting Jesus in the desert to become a Savior the devil’s way not the Father’s way.

This is the demonic faith of Peter who wanted to teach Jesus how to be the Messiah by rejecting the Cross.

This is the demonic faith of many shepherds who want the Catholic Church to be on their terms; when Christ does what they want.

This is the supreme religious deception worthy of the diabolical mind – be holy, but your way– not God’s way!

For that will lead souls straight to hell, while being convinced that they deserve heaven. Do your own will while professing faith in Christ as demons do and you will destroy marriage and family; deprave the young promoting promiscuity, perversions, contraception, sex-change operations, and believe you are protecting rights and advancing equality and the well-being of society. Believe yourself to be a saint, but love only yourself and do what you want -not what God wills, and you will be a shepherd of the Church demanding that the Deposit of Faith be changed; the Apostolic Traditional Liturgy banned; sodomite sins be declared good; abortion and divorce be allowed; priestly celibacy abolished; Holy Communion given to everyone without any faith or repentance or contrition! This is the faith of demons – and it is so widespread in the church today!

Do not be surprised therefore, when you see what is happening in our church, and wonder: “how can this be?” Well, it can be! All hell is busy at work to make sure that it be that way; all demons are hard at work to ruin the Church!

Brethren in Christ our Lord, as we gather with grateful hearts to worship God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of All Time, as we see our Church falling into crisis of truly demonic nature, the word of God comes to us today with striking power and meaningful lessons so pertinent to our struggle to keep the faith and abide with Christ. In the parable on the sower, Our Lord warns us of the spiritual reality whereby holiness and the demonic are always uncomfortably close. As Christ sows God’s word for our salvation, Satan tries to rush in and take that word away from our hearts. His purpose is to infiltrate the good with evil and tempt us to have faith but the demonic way, not Christ’s way: Faith of pride, not humility; faith of words but not deeds; faith of self-love, not love of God; faith of doing one’s own will – not God’s will.

So we must watch and not fall into the demonic trap. Make your heart a fertile soil for the seeds of God’s word to fall on! Grow in faith that wants to do everything for the love of God and not yourself; faith that is always humble and sincere; and most importantly – faith that inspires you to seek and do in everything the Will of God and not your own!

Brethren, in this hour of supreme danger to our faith, as the Apostolic Traditional Liturgy and Sacraments are threatened with complete prohibition –which would mean in effect – total destruction, we must put on the armor of God and be ready to fight, remembering that we must obey God rather than men; and we must pray and do penance! Join the Rosary Crusade – offer sacrifices for the conversion of the shepherds of the Church; for courage for our good bishops – and trust in the in the ultimate triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amen.



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