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Amazing Promises Made by Our Lord to Those Who Have Devotion to the Way of the Cross

Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

The Stations of the Cross, is a devotion rarely known or done today, but it is a most wonderful way to meditate on Christ's passion and walk with Him through His journey of carrying the Cross for our salvation. The way of the cross, can deepen our understanding of the Christ's sufferings and can help us greatly to meditate on the passion of Christ during this season of Lent. Besides how these 14 stations of the Cross reminds us of the passionate Love Jesus has for each one of us, many don't know about the amazing promises He revealed to a Spanish monk for those that have a devotion to the Way of the Cross.

Reflect this from the Visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich:

"I beheld our Blessed Saviour and Redeemer—his bare feet swollen and bleeding—his back bent as though he were about to sink under the heavy weight of the cross, and his whole body covered with wounds and blood. He appeared to be half fainting from exhaustion (having had neither refreshment nor sleep since the supper of the previous night), weak from loss of blood, and parched with thirst produced by fever and pain. He supported the cross on his right shoulder with his right hand, the left hung almost powerless at his side, but he endeavoured now and then to hold up his long garment to prevent his bleeding feet from getting entangled in it. The four archers who held the cords which were fastened round his waist, walked at some distance from him, the two in front pulled him on, and the two behind dragged him back, so that he could not get on at all without the greatest difficulty. His hands were cut by the cords with which they had been bound; his face bloody and disfigured; his hair and beard saturated with blood; the weight of the cross and of his chains combined to press and make the woollen dress cleave to his wounds, and reopen them: derisive and heartless words alone were addressed to him, but he continued to pray for his persecutors, and his countenance bore an expression of combined love and resignation...The street through which they led Jesus was both narrow and dirty; he suffered much in passing through it, because the archers were close and harassed him. Persons stood on the roofs of the houses, and at the windows, and insulted him with opprobrious language; the slaves who were working in the streets threw filth and mud at him: even the children, incited by his enemies, had filled their pinafores with sharp stones, which they threw down before their doors as he passed, that he might be obliged to walk over them..."

Continue reading the whole vision here from the Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


~Jesus to Brother Estanislao (1903-1927):

  1. I promise eternal life to those who pray, from time to time, the Way of the Cross.

  2. I promise them my greatest graces.

  3. I will deliver the faithful from purgatory on the first Tuesday or Friday after their death.

  4. I promise them a special glory in Heaven.

  5. I will grant them everything they ask through praying the Way of the Cross with faith.

  6. I will grant them the remission of all their sins, even if they be as scarlet; if they be more than the grains of sand on the seashore and the stars in the heavens, all of them will be erased by the Way of the Cross.

  7. I will preserve them from sudden death.

  8. I promise them my special protection; my hands will always be open to protect them.

  9. I will bless them at each Way of the Cross and my blessing will follow them everywhere on earth, and after their death, in Heaven for all eternity.

  10. They will be assured of being joined to the Supreme Choir Of Angels.

  11. I will give them the grace never again to commit a mortal sin for I will give them the grace never again to separate themselves from me.

  12. I will lift all power from the devil at the hour of death that they may repose tranquilly in my arms

  13. I will make of each one of them a living ciborium in which it will please me to pour my graces

  14. I will give them a special drought from the fountain of My Deity.

  15. As I am nailed to the cross, so also will I always be with those who honour me in making the Way Of The Cross frequently.

"Spanish Brother Estanisloa was born in 1903. At an early age of 18, he entered the Christian Schools of Charity in Bugedo, Spain. Here he took vows of regularity, perfection and pure love. In October 1926 he offered himself to Jesus through Mary. Soon after this heroic donation he fell ill and was obliged to rest. He died in the odor of sanctity in March, 1927 of tuberculosis. According to the master of novices he was a privileged soul who received messages from heaven. Confessors and theologians recognize these supernatural facts. His spiritual director asked him to write down the promises made by Our Lord to those who have devotion to the Way of the Cross as written above."


Full page printable pdf can be found here

Printable small Booklet can be found here

Video of the Stations can be found here



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