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The Daily Knight's Alexandra Clark interviews Alexander Tschugguel on the Holy Sacrifice of the

Welcome to our first video in the Series on Mass Conversions!

After our long interval, we are now back up and running. Starting this year, 2020 A.D. with a new project called: “Mass Conversions!” Delving into how the Saints LEARNED the Holy Mass, LIVED the Holy Mass, and LOVED the Holy Mass!

For our first video in relation to the project, please welcome Alexander Tschugguel, of Vienna, Austria. In this interview we talk about why he loves the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in particular the Latin Tridentine Mass.

Then we get into talking about what is the right mind and spirit those within traditional communities should have to be welcoming to those that come to visit the Latin Mass. For Christ said,

Then we jump to talking about the forgotten principle of “Lex ordandi, Lex credendi” which is summed up that the way we pray shows what we believe. Since the way we pray has been changed in the last 60 years, this has had an effect on Catholic beliefs.

Finally, we ask Alexander, why would he die for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? So many Saints have died for the Holy Mass, why?

In the Heart of the Immaculata,

Alexandra and Tiffany Clark

Alexander lives in Austria and is one of the men who threw the Pachamamas into the Tiber River in Rome during the Amazon Synod. To find out more about this or Alexander, visit his website here:

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