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Confessions? St. Patrick's Cathedral converted confessionals into bathrooms

Rear Restrooms at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, New York, New York

Most modern Catholic Churches in the Novus Ordo omitted confessionals long ago; and if it's an older Church, then the confessionals are seldom occupied or only opened for Advent and Lent. The Novus Ordo abandoned the sacrament over the past forty years, rarely discussing mortal sin, the need for penance and reparations, and the requirement to be in a state of grace to receive Holy Communion.

While traveling to see family in Connecticut for Christmas, I took my wife to New York City for a day to enjoy several spots that I frequented while a Cadet at West Point (O'Neills, The Perfect Pint & Fraunces Tavern), and other sites like the United Nations, Central Park, Wall Street, 9/11 Memorial, Statue of Liberty from Battery Park, Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Plaza, and Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

In Saint Patrick's, we knelt in once of the center pews and said the Glorious Mysteries and five decades of the Holy Rosary for the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. We got some stares as usual, because its so rare to see people pray the Holy Rosary anymore. Two women in their 60's, with short hair and "peace-sign" buttons, gave several nasty looks at my wife for being a respectful Catholic, kneeling, praying, and wearing a chapel veil.

None of that bothered us; we are used to it.

After we finished praying the Holy Rosary, my wife and I visited the side chapels for various Saints and the rear chapel for Our Lady. The next day was Christmas Eve and I thought about asking if there were any Priests hearing confessions. As the thought settled in my mind, I overheard several Catholics asking an usher about confessions and he informed them that the opportunity wouldn't be available until the next evening before Mass.

As we passed the Pieta, I noticed a long line outside one of the confessionals. I thought to myself that maybe the usher was wrong and that I could jump in line and receive absolution before tomorrow's Midnight Mass. I asked several people in line if this was the line for confessions, but the response I received was like hearing an illogical answer.

Hearing that "the line was for the bathroom," was like hearing the erroneous statement that children should choose their own genders. I must have heard wrong and inquired again. All I could feel was anger and disgust as I heard the same response and witnessed someone exiting the confessional and the line moving forward.

Keeping my composure, I said several Hail Mary's and my wife and I departed.

To have people, mostly non-Catholic tourists, urinate and defecate where thousands of penitent once confessed their sins, received absolution, and were blessed with Sanctifying Grace is a disgrace and a perfect illustration for how modernists view the sacrament.

Modernist prelates have gutted our Churches of everything Catholic; High Altars are gone; Communion rails are gone; confessionals are gone; Tabernacles are removed to the corner of the Church; Crucifixes are replaced with bare crosses and demonic illustrations of Our Lord; Our Blessed Mother is absent; Relics are disgarded; and the Angels and Saints are nowhere to be found. This kind of carnage replicates that of the Socialists, Communists, Saracens, Lutherans, Calvinists, Anglicans and Puritans.

Enough is enough.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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