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Excommunicated Advocates of the Amazon Synod

Meet the excommunicated advocates, the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, of the upcoming October Amazon Synod, which many expect to discuss married priests, women deacons, and ordained women priests.

In July, LifeSite News reported that Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, removed in 2017 by Prope Francis, stated that “the Magisterium of the Pope and of the bishops has no authority over the substance of the Sacraments."

"Therefore, no synod – with or without the Pope – and also no ecumenical council, or the Pope alone, if he spoke ex cathedra, could make possible the ordination of women as bishop, priest, or deacon. They would stand in contradiction to the defined doctrine of the Church," he continued.

"It would be invalid,” the Cardinal added.

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, ARCWP, were founded in 2002 by the invalid ordination of the Danube Seven. The group of women were invalidly ordained by three bishops who were no longer in communion with the Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church.

Romulo Antonio Braschi, one of the bishops who ordained the Danube Seven, established an independent church in Buenos Aires in 1975. The church was called the Catholic Apostolic Charismatic Church of "Jesus the King," which was a branch of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church.

The Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church was an proponent for greater local autonomy for Catholic churches, an end to obligatory celibacy, Mass in the vernacular, larger role for women in the Church, and greater discretion to liquidate church assets if the material needs of the faithful demanded.

Romulo Antonio Braschi was consecrated bishop by Bishop Garrido Padin of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church and was assisted by Bishop Hilarious Karl-Heinz Ungerer of the Free Catholic Church in Germany, which was founded by the "married" Anglican converted bishop and 2nd Vatican Council advocate, Bishop Salomao Barbosa Ferraz.

Clearly, these organizations were no friends to Apostolic Tradition and Catholicism.

One can make a strong argument against the validity of the ordination and consecration of Bishop Braschi, due to his illicit "Apostolic succession," but his invalid ordination of the Danube Seven is much clearer.

The Catholic Apostolic Charismatic Church of "Jesus the King's" commitment to the ordination of women led, in 2002, to the much–commented excommunication of seven Roman Catholic women by (then) Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Braschi invalidly ordained the seven women, Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, Adelinde Theresia Roitinger, Gisela Forster, Iris Muller, Ida Raming, Pia Brunner and Angela White, priests in 2002 aboard a boat on the River Danube in Austria.

The ordinations, or "simulations" of ordinations, according to the Vatican excommunication, are considered null, void, and invalid, not on account of their holding Braschi to be a "schismatic", but because, as explained in Pope John Paul II in Ordinatio sacerdotalis, "the church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women" (n.4), as confirmed by Cardinal Mueller in his before-mentioned comments about the Amazon Synod.

Nevertheless, these women were deceived by modernist leaders and continue to deceive new women that they can be ordained, administer the Sacraments, and save souls.

The ARCWP continues, "the principal consecrating Roman Catholic male bishop who ordained our first women bishops is a bishop with apostolic succession within the Roman Catholic Church in communion with the pope," but fails to give any details of the bishops who consecrated and assisted in the consecration of the original Danube Seven.

In true deceptive fashion, the ARCWP doesn't want you to know the details of who consecrated the first "ordained" women priests.

On their "About Us" page, the group asserts that "the Vatican states that we are excommunicated, however, we do not accept this and affirm that we are loyal members of the church," again stating that "the first women bishops were ordained by a male Roman Catholic bishop in apostolic succession and in communion with the pope," without providing any details.

Additionally, no women priests were ever consecrated bishops in the ARCWP. So, how does the ARCWP have bishops when Bishop Braschi only ordained the Danube Seven?

Good question, because the ARCWP's women bishops were self consecrated.

Today, the ARCWP claims to have over 124 women priests and 10 women bishops worldwide. The organization has their own parishes, churches, and congregations, whom they commit weekly mortal sin by invalidly administer the Sacraments.

The ARCWP deceives thousands of souls of being in communion with the Holy and Apostolic Church, coerces them into committing mortal sin, and robs them from a chance of eternal bliss within the Holy Trinity.

It is clear that the women of the ARCWP don't have the saving of souls as a high priority and mission for the organization, when the groups lists on its "About Us" web page:

"The unique focus of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests is on justice and equality:

1. We seek equality for women in the church including decision-making and ordination. 2. We minister with the poor and marginalized. 3. We live the spiritual and social justice tradition of the church serving inclusive communities of equals. 4. We actively and openly participate in nonviolent movements for peace and justice."

It sounds to me that the ARCWP is not in the business of saving souls.

If I had to make an educated guess, you will starting hearing more about the ARCWP after October's Amazon Synod.

Nevertheless, Pope Francis, after establishing a commission on the matter, said that Pope Saint John Paul II had the “last word” on the issue – a reference to a 1994 apostolic letter that said ordaining women was not possible because Jesus Christ chose only men to be his 12 apostles."

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus. Amen.

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