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Theistic Evolution is Incompatible with Traditional Catholic Doctrine of Creation

Hugh Owen | The Daily Knight

Dear Friends of the Kolbe Center, Glory to Jesus Christ! I want to thank all of you once again who watched and prayed for Dr. Kevin Mark in his recent debate with Dr. Douglas Darnowski on the Crisis Magazine podcast. The outpouring of congratulations we have received for Dr. Mark testify to the effect of your prayers and to the splendid defense that he offered for the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation. In this newsletter, I would like to offer a few reflections on some of the topics raised during the debate since it was impossible for Dr. Kevin to respond to every point that was raised in the time available to him. Dr. Darnowski dismissed the Paluxy evidence for dinosaur and human co-existence, clearly without having examined the evidence for himself. He suggested that the tracks were carved, but that claim has been thoroughly debunked, as explained by Ademar Rakowsky in the article at this link. The best proof that the tracks were not carved is the C-scan that was done of the Delk print which proves that the tracks were made naturally and were not carved. The material beneath the tracks was shown to be compressed--which would not have been the case if the tracks had been carved.

CT-Scan of Alvis Delk Print

An objection was raised to the literal historical interpretation of Genesis One on the grounds that the text states that the sun was not created until the fourth day of the Hexameron, rendering it impossible to have 24-hour days without the sun. The Fathers, like St. John Chrysostom, taught that God revealed that He created the sun on the fourth day so that those who remembered the revelation that was handed down from St. Adam would always know that the Sun is not the source of life.

All Catholics used to be taught this. For example, the Little Flower, St. Therese of Lisieux, the one that St. Pius X called "the greatest saint of modern times," in her catechism was taught the following Q and A:

Q. Why were the sun, moon and stars not created until the fourth day? A. They were not created until the fourth day, in order to teach man that they are not the authors of the productions of the earth. God wished thereby to prevent idolatry. Q. What further do you remark with respect to the sun? A. I remark that the sun rises and sets every day, runs his course with great velocity, illumines and vivifies all nature. It is in this an image of Christ, who, having gone forth from the bosom of His Father, returned to heaven, after having enlightened all men by His doctrine, and sanctified them by His merits and example.

St. Therese of Lisieux, “the Little Flower,” as a Young Girl

It is important to point out the wisdom of God in doing things this way because all over the world people who lost the memory of God's Creation Revelation began to worship the sun as a god--and even to offer human sacrifice to the sun, as the Aztecs did in Mexico until the arrival of Cortes and the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Other commentators have pointed out that the text of Genesis One teaches that the sun was created to “rule the day,” which would be impossible if the “day” did not exist before the sun. Dr. Darnowski asserted several times that Catholics who adhere to the doctrine of special creation are succumbing to "fear.” However, the reality is that the Catholic faith on the foundation of the true Catholic doctrine of creation offers the best antidote to fear and the ideal framework within which to maintain complete trust in our all-wise, all-loving, all-powerful Creator.

Theistic evolution, on the other hand, instills fear that God and His Church are not infallible and not trustworthy, and that fallible human science must give its stamp of approval to Catholic doctrines before they can be accepted.

Dr. Darnowski referred repeatedly to the Dominicans, as exemplars of orthodox preaching and teaching who promote theistic evolution using the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. It is important to point out that anyone who studies the history of the founding of the Dominican Order will discover that the Kolbe Center is defending the doctrine of creation that St. Dominic himself founded the Dominican Order to defend! (See the article at this link for more information.) The Albigensian heretics denied that God specially created the different kinds of corporeal creatures and the human body. Instead, they held that God created a few kinds of matter in the beginning and satan formed the matter into the different kinds of bodies. This view led to a denigration of Holy Marriage and all kinds of immoral behavior. St. Dominic founded the Dominic Order initially to combat these errors and to defend the traditional doctrine of special creation that the Kolbe Center is defending today. Ironically, the Thomistic evolutionists agree with the Albigensians in denying the special creation of all of the different kinds of corporeal creatures. Thank God, there are still a few Dominican theologians, like Fr. Thomas Crean, who continue to uphold the true spirit and doctrine of St. Dominic. May their tribe increase!

The miracle of the trial by fire of the books of the Catharist heretics and of St. Dominic.

Dr. Darnowski identified so-called Evo-Devo as a mechanism for macro-evolution. However, as David White explains in an excellent article on the CMI website:

Hox genes are developmental genes that guide overall body architecture. A single mutation in a Hox gene can dramatically change an organism. For instance, consider the mutant fruit fly that has legs in the place of its antennae! Although this condition obviously disadvantages the fly, these types of changes have excited many evolutionists, because they think they might provide clues as to how radical new body designs could evolve. As more developmental genes have been discovered, a whole new field of inquiry has “sprouted” that attempts to merge developmental and evolutionary biology. The result is Evolutionary Developmental Biology (“Evo Devo”). The basic principle driving Evo Devo is that if embryonic development is “re-programmed”, “improbable” structures like limbs, wings and new body designs might arise. Hox genes are part of a broader group of developmental genes that have many varied roles. Some of them mark out the geography of the embryo’s body. Others play key roles in the development of structures like limbs, eyes and hearts. But the most astonishing thing about Hox and other developmental genes is that they are shared across the animal kingdom. Organisms as diverse as leeches and lawyers are “built” using the same developmental genes! This discovery has come as such a shock that one of the world’s most eminent biologists, Sean Carroll, confessed: “no biologist had even the foggiest notion that such similarities could exist between genes of such different animals.”