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Letter to the President

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Mr. President:

The American people stand with you, but you must openly show more respect for good prolife measures and not call them "terrible" as you have recently done, and you must show zero tolerance for abortion even in cases of rape or incest. You must pick it up where you left off in 2020.


Upon seeing that you are presently backing down on your fight for life, some Americans are seeing this lukewarmness as a mere political ploy to gain votes with the plan of later showing your true colors for life when you take back the Oval Office, but the problem with this is that you're losing conservative support right now because of it. You will lose more than you will ever gain by performing a compromise act and will lose even more if you are truly faltering in your stand for the life of America.  


Look at it this way. Our country right now is entering upon a time of great instability with fears of nuclear war, famine, and economic collapse, so what the people both need and want right now is a strong and stable candidate who promises to make America a protector of the people, especially the unborn. At this point in time, they'll better appreciate the man who was elected in 2016. Biden has lifted the blinders even from the eyes of Trump haters.  


Yes, even democrats may join your team now if you promise to lower their taxes, allocate their tax money for essentials and not for filthy internationalist private interests, and if you publicly voice strong defense for the life of the unborn.


After all, even Democrats are beginning to realize that abortion incurs divine wrath and they do not look forward to missiles hitting our soil and hordes of illegal rebels invading our country from the south. Your best sales pitch is to show a strong and authoritative hand in defense of the life of our country beginning with the unborn.   


What this means is no abortion, late term or early term, and no production, importation, or sale of abortifacient drugs at home. Abortion and everything connected with it should be criminalized. The word "murder" should always be used in reference to abortion to better sensitize the people to the horror of it. Euphemisms don’t work.


It is disheartening to see even conservative Americans finding fault with those states that are taking advantage of the reversal of Roe vs. Wade. This should be praised with more enthusiasm. For the beauty of this reversal isn't just that states can now 'decide for themselves,' but that murder can be criminalized. 

Right now, this is not being done as it should be. Biden has sentenced the unborn to death while allowing every stripe of criminal to run loose. Softening our tone on abortion, even if it be a political maneuver, will only fuel support for abortion at a time when America should be tackling it head-on.


What America needs right now is a leader, not a politician. We need a true voice of a "moral and religious people" to bring the hammer down on abortion and enact a federal abortion ban. This is what will please God, who in turn will give our country back to us on account of it.


An Ominous Warning to America


On the flip side, God will allow our country to fall to internationalist tyranny if we as a nation continue to offend him with the murder of the unborn. Let us not forget the total solar eclipse that passed over America on April 8. The historic eclipse passed directly over six U.S. cities called Nineveh and over a town called Jonah, the prophet who warned of Nineveh's destruction. Many understood this to be an omen that something dire is about to happen to America. Are we Nineveh II?

It's time to cast aside fears of appearing too conservative before ungrateful donkeys. God will give our country back to us if we simply follow his lead. For "the Lord saveth not with sword and spear: for it is his battle, and he will deliver you [Biden] into our hands." (1 Kings 17:47)


In Christ and His Holy Mother,


David Martin

Our Lady’s Workers of Southern California




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