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Vatican Doctrinal Chief Calling for an end of the Church’s Condemnation of Homosexuality

David Martin | The Daily Knight

DDF Prefect Cardinal Victor Fernandez is calling for an end of the Church’s age-old condemnation of homosexuality. Speaking at an April 8 press conference launching the DDF’s new text Dignitas Infinita, Fernández said it would be good if we could find an expression other than “intrinsically disordered” to describe the nature of homosexuality.  

Fernandez denoted homosexual acts as simply not being able to “match” the “great beauty” of marriage between a man and woman, suggesting the possibility that homosexual actions have their own kind of “beauty.”


Insidious Game Plan

The authors of Dignitas Infinita point out the unlawful nature of abortion and “gender theory” (though they don't say they're against this). It appears this was deliberately done to better gain the confidence of conservative Catholics to make them more attentive to Fernandez' pro-LGBT discourse at the April 8 conference. After all, Francis and Fernandez avidly promote the priestly blessing of homosexuals, the same who run the abortion industry, and Francis has appointed abortion advocates to key positions in the Vatican, so how honest is their denunciation of abortion?

Sodomy is Intrinsically Evil


Francis' lieutenant Fernandez was asked if there is a better term than "intrinsically disordered" that can be used to describe homosexuality. There certainly is: "Intrinsically evil," or better yet, "criminal." Rome's objective at this time is to decriminalize homosexuality and define it as something other than sin, which is perfidious. To do so would mightily spawn the germs of sodomy throughout the Church and all the sexual abuse that comes with it. 

The Church has always taught that homosexually is one of the four sins "crying to Heaven for vengeance," which puts it on par with murder. Sodomy is a mortal sin, but Rome is probably hoping to redefine it as something like "refined brotherhood" or "new ways friendship." It would make more sense to tone down the seriousness of rape, theft, or arson, than to tone down the severity of homosexuality. 

Most people would deem it absurd to redefine rape as an "overly affectionate pass toward a woman" or theft as an "intrinsically disordered method of making a living," so how much more absurd is it to euphemize homosexuality?


Euphemistic Terminology 

The term "Intrinsically disordered" was never a good one because it is euphemistic and eliminates the sinful element of homosexuality. "Intrinsically disordered" is pacifist lingo from the 1993 "Catechism of the Catholic Church," which was largely the work of Cardinal Schönborn who has a long history of being an avid LGBT advocate. The modern Catechism is half baked and unfit for human consumption since it waters down the truths of the Faith. Its intrinsically disordered terminology has helped to pave the way for Rome's latest attempt to dignify LGBT.

True Human Dignity Needed

The Vatican’s’ present idea of respecting human dignity is to respect homosexual relations as spewed forth in Francis’ pro-LGBT document Fiducias Supplicans. This attacks our true dignity, which consists in our being made in the image of God. We live up to this by keeping ourselves “unspotted from this world” (James 1:27) and not by allowing polluted affections to ‘take hold on us.’ (1 Cor. 10:13) St. Paul reminds us “that no fornicator, or unclean, or covetous person (which is a serving of idols), has inheritance in the kingdom of Christ.” (Ephesians 5:5)

If Francis had any concern for human dignity, he would publicly decry homosexuality and expel all homosexuals from the Church, and he would exhort LGBT people to sorrowfully regret their lifestyle and go to confession with the understanding that this is the only thing that can erase from their being the criminal affections that war against their true dignity.

He would also remind everyone of the fierce punishment and destruction that befell Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of homosexuality. The world today has become a sodomite merry-go-round with this corruption having penetrated every facet of society like a cancer. Even the elementary and pre-schools have been polluted with this shame. Yea, our Vatican officials are embracing this shame.

It is certainly no accident that Fernandez voiced his call to decriminalize LGBT April 8, the day of the historic total solar eclipse that many saw as omen of God’s impending Justice upon the world, so simple common sense should tell us that the great Warning is “nigh, even at the doors.” (Mt. 24: 33)





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