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A Biden Victory Would Sound the Death Knell for America

David Martin | The Daily Knight

2024 is a pivotal year in American history and Tuesday, November 5, will be the pivotal moment of that year when voters will be given their chance to rid our nation of the communist puppet in Washington and place back into office the man who truly sees to the best interests of America. Trump’s four-year tenure as president (2016-2020) demonstrated his love for the life of America beginning with the unborn, unlike Biden’s four-year tenure (2020-2024) that demonstrated his hatred for the life of America.

Biden is a communist pawn who thinks only of empowering evil and destroying good. Communism is intrinsically evil. Their atheism, inhumanity, and forced “distribution of wealth” (robbing the just to give to insurgent freeloaders) is stark proof of this.

Trump Bashing Generated by Communists

It is the infiltrated socialists in our government that have incessantly bashed President Trump for the past eight years. Every one of their charges against him—whether it’s his “collusion with the Russians,” his instigating the January 6 riot, or his “falsely” alleging that election officials in Georgia cheated on the 2020 election count—were fabricated by communistic radicals in an attempt to keep Trump out of office, the reason being that communists hate American patriots.

So if this is the way communists treat Trump it means Trump is just because communists persecute only the innocent and never the guilty.

If Trump at this time is showing some signs of waning in his prolife convictions let us not forget that he is being harassed 24/7 by these kangaroo lawyers that are desperately trying to prevent his reelection in November. Who wouldn’t falter under such pressures? And can we even say he is faltering? Perhaps he is simply resorting to some subtle political maneuvers at this time to get himself through a tight spot with the latest “hush money” assault against him.

What is astounding is Trump’s resilience. The beating he has endured on a daily basis for the past eight years would have knocked out most any other candidate long ago yet Trump keeps coming back with mind-boggling determination and stability.

Some might argue that his foes have likewise battled their cause against him for years with no surrender but what they have demonstrated is stubbornness, which is insistence on failure, whereas Trump has demonstrated determination, which is perseverance in good. It’s much easier to go down than to go up and Trump nonetheless has continued to come up against his foes time and again to put them to shame, and with very little help at that.

Many of the evils taking place in our country would not have happened had Trump stayed on as president because he would have stood up against these evils just as he stood up against the United Nations, the major force generating these evils.

A Vote “For Biden” is “Forbidden”

Biden rather has served as a U.N. puppet to execute these evils. Any true Christian American understands that a vote “for Biden” is “forbidden” since he has every mind to complete his plan to corrupt America and hand it to the New World Order.

A Trump victory in November would deliver America from the NWO and give it a fighting chance to regain its liberty and strength whereas a Biden victory will strip America of its sovereignty and complete the globalist plan to place it under the rule of internationalist despots.

Most anyone at this point understands that Biden represents the cause of Satan with his fanatical push for abortion, homosexuality, “trangenderism,” revolution, and his enabling rebel insurgents to breach our borders and bring into our country violence, crime, and murder. A Biden victory in November would sound the death knell for America.  

A Moment of Decision

2024 is truly a pivotal year for America. The eyes of the world are on America to see if she will surrender to Biden or stand with Trump in a consolidated effort to keep America free and moral. It is time for America to make the right choice and to ensure that the process for making that choice is carried out with integrity. “He [God] hath set water and fire before thee: stretch forth thy hand to which thou wilt. Before man is life and death, good and evil, that which he shall choose shall be given him.” (Ecclesiasticus 15:19)



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