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Pfizer Official Says COVID Vaccine Contains Luciferase Enzyme that “Glows”, Unveils Shocking Facts

David Martin | The Daily Knight

A former quality inspector for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals has come out and verified the following as fact:

# The Pfizer COVID vaccine is made with the cells of aborted babies

# The Pfizer COVID vaccine alters our genetics

# The FDA approved the vaccine knowing very well that it is not safe

# The COVID vaccine contains the enzyme Luciferase that causes the blood to light up under the skin

# The Luciferase enzyme was put in the Pfizer COVID vaccine to provide the state with a means of verifying reception of the vaccine. (A mobile app is used to scan vaccinated persons, at which time the Luciferase enzyme lights up on the app)

# The COVID vaccine is the ONLY vaccine that uses this Luciferase enzyme

Melissa Strickler who worked for ten years for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals told LifeSiteNews in a recent interview that Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine vials glow fluorescent blue and contain this enzyme called Luciferase.

“The vaccine glows, at least Pfizer’s does,” Strickler said. “It looks like someone took a blue glowstick, cracked it open and put it in the vial, but only if there is light and it is around a dark background.”

Strickler said she heard a doctor describe codes for ingredients in the vaccines, including the codes SM102 for Luciferase, a glow-in-the dark enzyme used in bioluminescence research. She told LifeSiteNews that she emailed the company and asked if Luciferase was in the COVID vaccine and was told that it was “only used in the testing of the vaccine,” but as she sees it, “the whole thing is experimental.”

After Strickler’s exposé aired on the social media, she received a phone call from a Pfizer employee telling her not to come to work again and a letter from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals confirmed that she was fired.

Luciferian Connection

Naturally, the word Luciferase is derived from the name Lucifer, who is the Prince of Darkness – Satan. Voluntarily receiving the COVID jab stigmatizes one with Lucifer’s mark.

What is interesting is that the word “Sorcery” in Greek is “Pharmakeia,” which connects to how the pharmaceutical system is now advancing this Luciferian sorcery of the last times.

Mark of the Beast?

Clearly, we see the table being set for the Mark of the Beast. The deep-state plan is to blackmail the populace into receiving the COVID vaccine, without which one will not have a ticket to ride in society—can't ride a bus, can't buy a house, can't have medical insurance or care. The enemy has planned it that verification of receiving the sinister jab will be our “passport” to ride. Without an outpouring of penance and prayer it will eventually come about that “no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the 1 name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Apocalypse 13: 17)

1. While the vaccine itself is not the full “mark” of Lucifer, the jab nonetheless marks a person spiritually so that people who have been verified as vaccinated could eventually be a given a physical mark on their bodies – a stamp of approval. The plan is still developing.



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