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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

One Cannot be Modernist and Catholic at the Same Time

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Modernists promote the error that whatever the Church holds to at any given point of its history is the result of a common consensus of prelates, so that as the consensus of the hierarchy changes the doctrine of the Church may also change. But this isn’t true. Modernists deny divinely instituted absolutes and these modernists infiltrated the Council of Vatican II.

Since the Council there has prevailed the error that common consensus to a given position, ideology, or practice renders it part of the Church’s Ordinary Magisterium, but this isn’t true. Common consensus in itself is of no significance even though the Church at large may profess a set of errors to be the truth. Even if the pope and the entire body of bishops avidly hold to a given ideology for fifty or a hundred years it is not magisterial unless Christ Himself has established and guided this for His Church.

The words of St. Augustine apply:

“Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it, right is right even if no one is doing it”

Some will argue that if the Church is holding to error the fruits will most certainly be evident. Indeed, they are. The Church for the past sixty years has held to the errant Council of Vatican II, because of which the Church today has been reduced to a doctrinal garbage dump.

This is not to say that the Church has been completely destroyed. “The Church is not something dead: it is the body of Christ endowed with supernatural life.” (Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum), but the Church none the less has been oppressed and greatly reduced in number while the new humanistic church of man predominates. And while we in no way can judge those individuals caught in the confusion, many of whom are innocent, we can state categorically that there are two doctrines co-existing today side by side on Peter’s Barque, i.e., the Gospel and the anti-gospel, the latter of which has virtually taken over to the eternal ruin of many, courtesy of Vatican II and its proponents.

"Just because a doctrine is universally accepted by the church doesn't make it true or acceptable"

The Second Vatican Council proposed cultural diversity in Catholic worship and now we see Rome proposing Mayan liturgy for the Mass and that homosexuals be “included” in the Church. This is not to mention other pagan abominations being promoted by today’s Vatican hierarchy, courtesy of Pope Francis who in July 2022 participated in occult Indian liturgies in Canada wherein he joined heretics and superstitious Indians in calling upon demonic spirits for the protection of their land. Call him what you will, a pope, a no pope, a New Age ecologist, this man does not think with the Catholic Church.

Do we not see the “pope” declaring that laws must be enacted to protect LGBT living and that homosexuals must be admitted to the Church as they are? Did Francis not say that homosexual “parents” should be allowed to adopt children and have them baptized and that ‘transgenders’ can now be baptized into the Catholic Church? Did he not declare that “God wills diversity of religions,” that we must never attempt to convert outsiders, and that unrepentant souls “disappear” upon death without having to suffer eternal punishment?

Yes, he did, and sorrowfully, the Church at large holds to these errors and will continue to do so in the future, but this adherence has no connection with the Church’s Magisterium. The Magisterium teaches that God does not abide in other religions, that every soul created lives on for eternity, that LGBT living [sodomy] eternally banishes souls to the abyss, and that the Church’s commission from Christ is to convert the nations to the Faith so that people everywhere can be saved.

Teachings of the Counter Magisterium

The following ideas are *endorsed and promoted by the wide body of today’s Catholic bishops and are widely accepted by the church, yet they are heretical and exist outside the Church’s Ordinary and Extraordinary Magisterium.

· The Mass by definition is a memorial

· The Mass is a community meal

· The Mass is an assembly or community gathering

· The Eucharist is blessed bread

· The Catholic faithful are part of a “common priesthood”

· Communion in the hand is blessed by God

· The Holy Spirit guided the changes since Vatican II

· Unity with the world and Mass in the vernacular are the work of God

· God wants to empower women to help lead the Church

· Christ did not exclusively found the Roman Catholic Church

· Luther was a “witness to the Gospel” who corrected abuses in the Church

· Other religions can provide a means to salvation

· Ecumenism is the work of the Holy Spirit to unite the Church

· The Church should not correct homosexuals but should welcome them

The Church today indeed has departed from the sound precepts of Holy tradition in keeping with Pope John Paul II’s prophetic statement of summer 1976 when he said, “We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and anti-church.” The Church’s Magisterium indeed has been all but replaced with a counter magisterium.

Under the illusion of divine guidance, the wide body of today’s bishops, cardinals, and priests endorse the idea of updating the Church to keep up with the times, but this delusion has no approval from God. This “common consensus” to change liturgy and doctrine is the essential point of Modernism, which is condemned by the Catholic Church. St. Pope Pius X declared the heresy of Modernism to be “the synthesis of all heresies” and he forbade that Catholics should have any part with it.

Hence, just because a doctrine is universally accepted by the church doesn't make it true or acceptable. Modernism is sinful and therefore one cannot be a Modernist and a Catholic at the same time even if the pope and bishops say you can.

*While God in his permissive will might allow heresy to prevail as a means of testing the faithful, it is not part of His ordained will.