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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

I'm a Veteran and I'm Flying the American Flag Upside Down - May God Save the Republic

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Flown in the Face of Tyranny

Tomorrow, I'm forced to start my day differently. As normal, I'll enjoy my cup of coffee, let the dog out, read a few pages of spiritual reading (right now from The Heresy of Formlessness), offer my morning prayers, and warm up the car to defrost the windshield. Different than other mornings, I'll walk out the front door with a heavy heart. The world is dark; the sun has yet to rise and the grass is frosted, absent from the warmth and light of the sun. Tomorrow morning, that description and reality stands as a metaphor for the United States, a country that is falling further away from God's grace. Tomorrow morning, I will pause, put my coffee and computer bag down, reach up to the American Flag that proudly flies above my porch, take a deep breath, detach the grommets from the pole, and reattach the flag. Stepping back, for the first time in my life, I will watch as the glorious Stars and Stripes flies upside down.

It breaks my heart that I have come to the reasonable conclusion that the American Flag must be flown upside down in a display of distress. This is not a light action; albeit, a serious one, and one that has ben thrust against us. This is not an attempt to disgrace the flag, for which thousands of valiant patriots paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect. I owe my freedom and liberty, success and prosperity, to those who died on battlefields from Europe to Asia and New England to Texas. Moreover, flying "Old Glory" in distress is an act of defiance against an unlawful and unconstitutional election that will irreparably injure the American Flag, the Constitution, and the Republic.

The unlawful election of the Usurpers Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and multiple politicians in the U.S. Senate, the rampant molestation by voter fraud and foreign interference, the multiple violations of state laws and election policies, the commitment by local, state, and federal officials to hinder investigations and block evidence, the reluctance of the courts to hear litigation, and the unconstitutional certification by State and Federal Congresses has presented the greatest crime in the history of the United States. By divine truth, the election is null and void. These irreparable injuries against the U.S. Constitution, the Republic, and the American People are greater than that of George III against the colonies, slavery against Africans and indentured servants, and abortion that has claimed the lives of over 60 million since 1973.

To be clear, the violation of the integrity of the electoral process, along with the commitment to commit fraud and treason, robs every unalienable right away from the 328 million Americans, who reside in this country. Even those who voted for Joe Biden have suffered a great loss of liberty, forever harmed by the loss of trust and faith in a system that was denied a fair and just process. Every American has lost the very thing that made them Americans, their voice.

There is no going back from here. If a General Election and a Constitution can be usurped, by a corrupt political system, every election and law from this moment forward is unlawful and illegitimate. The line of succession and the purity of the Republic shatters from here, unable to be rectified unless American leaders right the wrong in the current state of affairs. Donald J. Trump, duly elected by the American People, is the lawful President of the United States for the next four years. No acceptance of a falsehood can create a right, and no censorship of the truth can destroy fact.

My Irish ancestors went through an eerily similar crisis in the late 17th century. The protestant lords and barons of England hated King James II, a Catholic, so much for his faith, that they were willing to commit treason to remove him from the throne. Under invitation by England's protestant elite, William the Orange, sovereign of Holland, invaded to depose King James II in 1688 during the "Glorious Revolution." My family fought for several years as Jacobites (latinized from James) in allegiance to the rightful King of England, James II. Without success and exiled to France, my ancestors continued to fight in armed conflict against the Usurper in London for over 50 years, even up to the 1745 Uprising with Bonnie Prince Charlie, or King Charles III.

The above historical tale is not far from the Democrat Coup that started in 2016 and consolidated during the 2020 General Election.

I'm a Veteran, a West Point Graduate, and a former Captain of the U.S. Army. I swore an oath, before Almighty God, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and bear true faith and allegiance to the same. My oath to defend the Constitution can never be forgotten, neglected, or omitted. To violate my oath would be a mortal sin, one that I would happily kneel before the sword before committing. I cannot sit idle and watch the destruction of the Republic, or turn a blind eye to the usurping of the rule of law and justice. It is clear to me that opposing this tyranny is the only moral option. For the sake of my children and my immortal soul, I will, until my dying breath, stand firmly against evil and in defense of the Republic.

Tomorrow, I will fly my flag upside down in the face of tyranny; and, let it remain so until justice and the rule of law returns to this land. May God save the Republic.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.


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