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Ben Shapiro Labels Candace Owens “Anti-Semitic” for Saying “Christ is King”

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Conservative show host Candace Owens speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida

The Daily Wire, the pseudo right-wing media outlet co-founded by Ben Shapiro, said Friday that it had severed ties with Candace Owens, the conservative show host who has been dubbed “antisemitic” for saying that “Christ is King” and for quoting Gospel passages alluding to the Jewish persecution of Christians.

In November, Shapiro, who is Jewish, called out Owens for her “disgraceful” rhetoric, and Owens responded by tweeting that “you cannot serve both God and money” and that “Christ is King.”

Shapiro’s backlash comes on the heels of similar attacks he has made on Owen’s character. His ill response shouldn’t surprise us seeing that he has a history of siding with one-world Zionism. He has gone on record as saying that the internationalist Jewish elite (like the Rothschilds) deserve the wealth they have for all the good they do, but what is their ‘good’ but to spread porn, LGBT, and abortion as part of their plan to corrupt America and subdue it under a totalitarian one-world government. Clearly, Shapiro sides with this Zionist quest for world control.

Grounded in Guilt

The frequent charges of antisemitism that we hear are grounded in guilt. It’s a defense barrier. Our Jewish brethren have built up this barrier because their conscience keeps hounding them about their consent to the doings of their forefathers who murdered the Christ.

But their claim is irrational; it makes no sense. When we speak of Semitism or anti-semitism, we're speaking of a particular race of people peculiar to a certain geographical area of the globe. We're talking about the biology of genes and chromones, about skin and hair color—the physical part—we're not talking about religious tenets. Hence, speaking against modern Judaism makes one anti-Judaic, not antisemitic.

Naturally, Judaism AD is not connected with the Old Testament. There’s nothing in the Old Testament that says, “Let’s murder the Messiah when he comes.” Most of the Jews of Christ’s time had left the Old Testament religion given by God to Moses; they were not of the Jewish Faith anymore. The true Jews were those who walked with Christ into the New Testament while the rest were renegades, especially the Pharisees who had corrupted the people with their anti-Biblical errors.

Today’s Judaism is grounded in the Talmud, which was penned by the decedents of the Pharisees around 400 AD. It blasphemes Christ by saying he is boiling in his own excrement in hell because of his ‘disobedience to the Jews.’ This is what the Jewish synagogue pushes on its people today, so seen in that light the synagogue is the most antisemitic organization of earth in that it works against the peace and salvation of the semitic peoples. 

On the other hand, Catholics pray for the conversion of Jews to Christ, thereby showing love for their Jewish brethren, so how are they antisemitic? To say that Candace Owens is antisemitic is to say that Christ and 2000 years of Christianity were antisemitic since Owens in her post simply reflected what Christians have always believed.

Candace Owens deserves an apology from Shapiro since she was simply quoting the Gospel in her post. If he had what it takes, he would correct his error and admit that we should love God and not money. And if he could bring himself so far, he would dump his elite cronies and side with the humble.



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