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Pope Francis Washes Only the Feet of Women During Holy Thursday Service

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Pope Francis broke with tradition on Holy Thursday by washing only the feet of women, according to the Associated Press. At the Maundy Thursday ceremony at Rome’s Rebibbia prison, Francis moved from woman to woman, washing their feet as Jesus did for his disciples before being crucified. This is the first time ever that the Church's Holy Week ceremony has featured solely female participants. 

Feminist Agenda


The purpose of this aberration was to fuel the idea that the woman is the priest. The whole point of Holy Thursday is to recall Christ's institution of the priesthood where his ordained representatives (priests) give up self and humbly minister to humanity by the offering of Holy Mass, symbolized by the washing of their feet, so washing the feet of women implies that women can now perform this function. 


It coincides with Francis' push for women deacons since the deaconate is a preparatory step to the priesthood. The use of women lectors and altar girls through the years has served to slowly nourish this idea of the woman priest.

The LGBT cardinals appointed by Francis are the ones promoting this heresy since they are ruled by satanic high priestesses (lesbians). Isaias prophesied these times when he said, "As for my people, their oppressors have stripped them, and women have ruled over them." (Isaias 3:12) 


One of the key architects of Vatican II, the late Fr. Karl Rahner SJ used to kneel before his girlfriend Louise Rinser as she "blessed" him. Rinser was a feminist and abortion advocate who called for an end of the Catholic Priesthood. Many of the bishops today are bowing to people like her, including the bishop of Rome.


Warps Our Conception of the Priesthood


The latest stunt by Francis radically alters people's conception of Holy Thursday and the Priesthood. The washing of feet refers strictly to the priestly service rendered to mankind. At his first Holy Thursday ceremony in 2013, Francis insisted that not only women but members of other religions do this, which only adds to the heresy. Members of other faiths cannot be priests.  








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