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Actress Ellen Page repeatedly punched herself and heard “voices” telling her to become trans...

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CIA's MK Ultra or demons? Or, is there really a difference?

There has been a lot of debate surrounding the factors contributing to individuals experiencing confusion about their identity. Research has shown that gender dysphoria plays a significant role in this confusion. People suffering with this disorder bizarrely believe they were born with the wrong sex organs at birth. However, instead of focusing on treating this illness, many doctors, activists, and politicians are enabling the disorder by encouraging these poor, lost souls to take hormones and go under the knife. What’s even more worrying is the huge number of people in this troubled community dealing with mental illness and having suicidal tendencies. There does seem to a spiritual element to this crisis, however, that rarely gets discussed. More on that later.

More than 50% of transgender and non-binary youth in states across the US seriously considered suicide in the past year, according to new survey data on a worsening LGTBQ+ youth mental health crisis.
The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ youth suicide prevention, on Thursday released state-level data from nearly 34,000 queer and trans youth ages 13 to 24, showing alarmingly high rates of suicide attempts, depression and anxiety across liberal and conservative regions.

It’s no wonder so many transgender people are mentally ill and suicidal. They’re not getting the help they truly need.That’s exactly what happened to the actress known as Ellen Page, who underwent a surgical transformation and now goes by the name Elliot Page. As it turns out, right before undergoing surgery to remove her breasts, Ellen experienced a traumatic episode involving self-inflicted facial punching and hearing strange voices telling her to “become transgender.”

You can’t help but wonder if this could be demonic forces at work.

Here’s the relevant excerpts from the LA Times, which refers to Ellen Page as “he” and by the name “Elliot”:

All was calm there, deep in the woods of Nova Scotia, but Elliot Page could not find peace.
He’d withdrawn to a remote cabin hoping it would serve as a balm. He and his wife had separated, and he’d given up his apartment in New York City. Then a friend offered up their sparsely furnished retreat in the Canadian forest. It was 2020, the height of the pandemic. The border was shut, but he was a citizen, born in Halifax. So he drove.
It was an extraordinary place, the cabin. Down a dirt road familiar only to wildlife. Pears and apples from an abandoned orchard littered the grounds. But alone in the stillness, Page started to crack. All of the self-hatred he’d been pushing down for years — the discomfort he felt in his body, the anger toward those who’d told him to repress his identity — spilled out.
One night, he tried to knock himself out. Took his knuckles to his face and pounded over and over until bruises formed. For days after, he sat in a lawn chair on the porch, ashamed, his face sore. And then he heard a voice.
“You don’t have to feel this way.” It was a small voice, barely discernible. But it kept echoing in his head. A way out.

This voice sounds very demonic and frightening. Many of these confused souls would benefit from a relationship with Christ.

“It was as if something in my brain turned around,” recalls Page, now 36. “The agonizing voice saying, ‘No, you’re not,’ ‘No, you can’t’ just switched and became very gentle and loving. ‘Oh, maybe I’m trans. Why don’t I explore that?’”
Within weeks, he’d scheduled a Zoom consultation with a doctor to discuss top surgery. The procedure was scheduled for November. A month later, he announced to fans on Instagram, who have known him since the release of “Juno” 13 years prior, that his name was Elliot.

Contrary to liberal belief, what Ellen experienced isn’t normal behavior or a beautiful moment of realization. Anybody self-harming and hearing voices should be treated for mental illness, not approved for breast removal surgery. Ellen’s experience is like a true-life horror story filled with deep mental and spiritual struggles and eerie encounters, yet it’s the kind of narrative that liberals often view as a “profound awakening” of the human spirit.

If you’ve ever been unsure about the true sprit and energy behind this trans movement, this story about Ellen Page should make everything very clear to you.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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