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Francis: Climate Change Deniers are “Stupid”

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Pope Francis is calling manmade climate change deniers "stupid." He told CBS Evening News anchor Norah O'Donnell, "Some people are stupid (necios), and stupid even if you show them research, they don't believe it." 


If people who don't believe in climate change are stupid, what shall we say of those who believe in it? 


Manmade climate change is in the category of science fiction. It has no scientific backing nor is it logical. In the same way that aliens, Martians, or the "big bang" theory are not true, neither is climate change true.


This crackpot theory was invented by population-control fanatics like Bill Gates to provide themselves with an excuse to depopulate the planet via abortion and vaccines. It's all about murder. Their goal is to reduce the world population down to one billion, so they scare stupid people into buying their lie so that they'll promote it for them.


What we're seeing today is not global warming but global warning. Divinely triggered action in the constellations and an approaching planetary body are bringing about climatic and geological changes, and instead of recognizing the hand of God in this the globalists are exploiting these signs to push their own wicked agenda. They hit the public each day with a steady barrage of disaster stories about quakes, tornadoes, and floods to instill guilt about what man has done to “Mother Earth.”

What is worse is that some of these disasters are deliberately created for this purpose. For example, the historic fires in Hawaii and Texas were ignited by government drones. So much for their love of the planet.


Francis punctuated his message to CBS by saying, “Climate change exists,” but who told him this but these one-world U.N. abortion advocates who serve as his advisers?


It's enough to say that the Church shouldn't be engaging in politics, let alone wicked politics. The Church's mission is to save souls, not whales and glaciers, so the hierarchy shouldn't be serving as useful idiots to advance this murderous climate action for the global elite. 






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