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Thank you from Carmelite Nuns: praying daily and offering many sacrifices for you

Crucified Jesus meets His Carmelite (By a Carmelite)

I'm extremely happy to update you about the article that we recently posted, "Carmelite Plea for Help in this Time of Crisis," where we included the GoFundMe page for the homeless Carmelite Nuns in Ireland, who needed to raise €30,000 to purchase property for a new oratory. Since the article was posted 7 days ago, by the Grace of God, another €3,000 has been donated by some of our readers and subscribers.

One of the Sisters, shortly after the article posted, contacted us to express their gratitude:


Ave Maria

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Thank you so very much for posting that article about us on your webpage. There has already been a great response to our appeal and I am guessing that it is as a result of your article.

God bless all our friends and Benefactors during this Holy Passiontide.

In union with the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus and the Sorrowful Heart of Mary, the Carmelite Nuns are praying daily and offering many sacrifices for you and your loved ones health in soul, mind, & body during these trying times.

Here is a little gift we would like to share with you painted and written by our community.

God bless you this Passiontide.

In union with Our Crucified Saviour and the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Carmelites of the Holy Face. O.Carm

In addition to the daily prayer and sacrifices of thanksgiving for our team at The Daily Knight, the Carmelite Nuns sent us two paintings and a poem. Enjoy!

Crucified Jesus meets His Carmelite (By a Carmelite)

Doubling for the Mother of God (By a Carmelite)


By a Carmelite

We saw Him of His robes devoid, His Precious Blood outpoured: His comeliness by sin destroyed, His majesty obscured. Of all mankind the most despised And sorrowful was HE; At thirty silver pieces prized, Enslaved to set us free. His tears with dust and blood congealed Upon His Holy Face; His look was, as it were, concealed; An image of disgrace. As one chastised by God and struck, A leper we esteemed Him; While crushed and trampled in the muck, A worm, no man, we deemed Him. But He was wounded for our guilt And bruised for our offenses; For us His Precious Blood was spilt; Our sins His Passion censors. Our sorrows and infirmities The Lord upon Him laid; Chastised for our iniquities, While we, like sheep, have strayed. He suffered by His own free will, He turned the other cheek; A Lamb “midst those who sought to kill, Silent, He was, and meek. He was taken away from earthly strife For sin, a pure oblation; He willingly laid down His life To save a guilty nation. He was reproached by wicked men, Though free from any guile; They cursed Him time and time again, Yet He did not revile. The Father laid His Hand on Him; To bruise Him God was pleased; That laying down His life for sin, His justice be appeased.

His soul endured great agony, He laboured much in prayer, That we for all eternity A glorious crown might wear. Condemned by those whose sins He bore, Forgiving them He prayed;

The King gave all – He had no more- And thus His might displayed.

It is the Prophet’s sad report Which this description borrows; Oh sinners, spare a pitying though For Christ, the Man of Sorrows. Cf. Isaias 53

See here the latest plea for help of these good Carmelite Nuns' GoFundMe page.

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