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St. Francis Borgia, C - October 10th

"O Lord Jesus Christ, Who art the model of true humility and its reward: we beseech Thee, that as blessed Francis took Thee as model in contemning worldly honors and Thou hast glorified him: so Thou wouldst associate us with him both in the contempt and in the glory: Who livest and reignest."

- Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962

Francis, fourth duke of Gandia, was first famed for the holiness of his life at the court of Emperor Charles V. But when he was sent to Granada to the Burial of Queen Isabella, and read in her face, changed by decay, the fate of all things mortal, he bound himself by vow to leave everything and serve only the King of heaven. Accordingly, after the death of his wife, Eleanor of Castile, he entered the Society of Jesus. St Ignatius made him Commissary General in Spain and a little later he was chosen, although against his will, to be the third general of whole Society. St. Pius V appointed him as an aid to his legate, Cardinal Alessandrino, in a mission to unite the Christian princes against the Turks. Out of obedience he undertook the difficult journey; but it was at Rome, as he had wished, that he had happily completed the course of his life in the year of Salvation 1572. Clement X numbered him among the Saints. 1960 Breviary

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus. Amen.

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