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Heresy: Jesuit Priest Blames Catholic Theology for Lack of Faith

Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese: 'Mass is not about adoring Jesus'

After a survey found that few U.S. Catholics believe in the Real Presence, a Jesuit priest says the Church's own theology is to blame.

Father Thomas Reese said in an Aug. 19 opinion piece, "The Mass is not about adoring Jesus or even praying to Jesus."

"Ultimately, the Mass is more about us becoming the body of Christ than it is about the bread becoming the body of Christ."

Father Reese's article was a response to recent survey results showing that only one-third of self-identified Catholics believe that the bread and wine at Mass truly change into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ.

It was followed up by the U.S. bishops asking Catholics for feedback on how to restore belief in Our eucharistic Lord.

Multiple Catholics responded by calling for better catechesis, greater reverence for the Eucharist and reception of Holy Communion on the tongue while kneeling.

Others called out the bishops for their hypocrisy, for giving Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians — a sacrilege and a direct violation of canon law.

The bishops' response to restoring eucharistic belief? A series of booklets.

Critics say as long as the bishops refuse to defend Christ at the altar rail, their attempts to restore belief in the Eucharist through brochures and pamphlets will prove useless.

Original article at Church Militant, here.

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