St. Gabriel of our Lady of Sorrows, C - February 27th

"O God, Who didst teach blessed Gabriel to think continually of the sorrows of Thy most sweet Mother, and didst exalt him through her by the renown of holiness and miracles: grant us through his intercession and example so to join Thy Mother in her grief that we may be saved by her maternal protection: Who livest and reignest." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 St. Gabriel was born in Assisi Italy in 1838 and had great intellectual gifts. As a young man, when by the gift of God’s mercy had already been called to a more perfect life, he fell ill and began to weary of the vanity of this world. Guided by Our Lady, he entered the Passionist congregation and chose the name Gabriel of the Sorr

Trump: “Every child is a sacred gift from God”

President Trump attends March For Life (The Arlington Catholic Herald) President Trump has been called the ‘most pro-life president we’ve ever had’ by Fr. Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests for Life. In President Trump's latest pro-life statement at a rally in Hershey, PA on Dec. 10, 2019, he started out by talking about Governor Ralph Northam, saying: “This character in Virginia. Did you see the Virginia governor? I mean, he gave a whole expose. The baby is born, and then basically, they start talking to the mother. The baby is born. And there’s no other word. If the mother decides no, then they execute the baby. Okay? He’s the governor of Virginia and why the Republicans aren’t

St. Matthias, Ap - February 24th

Saint Matthias the Apostle (Catholic News Herald) "O God, Who didst join blessed Matthias to the company of Thine Apostles, grant, we beseech Thee, that through his intercession, we may ever be conscious of Thy compassion and loving kindness towards us. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Here is a good lenten thought for us to meditate on during Lent by St. Matthias Apostle. “We must combat our flesh, set no value upon it, and concede to it nothing that can flatter it, but rather increase the growth of our soul by faith and knowledge.” The Greek Matthias (or, in some manuscripts, Maththias), is a name derived from Mattathias, Hebrew Mattithiah, signifying "gift of Yahweh.

Lenten Rules for the Knights of the Republic

Christ's Temptations in the Desert (Our Sunday Visitor) "O my Jesus, when I behold You cruelly fastened to an infamous gibbet before the eyes of a whole multitude who are insulting You; when I reflect that in this condition You are the model whom all Christians ought to imitate; when I recall the divine decree that You Yourself, having been loaded with sins which You did not commit, should merit Your glory by the pains and shame of these bitter torments; when I remember my own sins, and that penance is the only path, though a hard and rough one, whereby to regain the way of life; when I set before my mind the greatness of all I hope for, and the unavoidable choice between an eternity of puni

St. Peter Damian, BpCD - February 23rd

St. Peter Damian (Angelus News) "Grant unto us, we beseech Thee, O almighty God, so to follow the counsels and example of blessed Peter, Thy Confessor and Bishop, that we may, by despising earthly things, obtain everlasting joys. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 He was the youngest of a large family; his parents were noble, but poor. At his birth an elder brother protested against this new charge on the resources of the family with such effect that his mother refused to suckle him and the babe nearly died. A family retainer, however, fed the starving child and by example and reproaches recalled his mother to her duty. Left an orphan in early years, he was at first adopt

Prayers Answered on Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation

Pope Francis (SSPX) The thousands, perhaps millions, of prayers and Holy Rosaries for the Holy Father were answered this past week, with the release of the post-synodal apostolic exhortation, Querida Amazonia, for the Amazon Synod this past October, 2019, in Rome. Upon reviewing the exhortation, His Holiness, Pope Francis, doesn't acknowledge the statements included in the Working and Final Documents of the Amazon Synod, where the standards of priestly celibacy and prohibitions of a female deaconate would be relaxed in the Amazonian region. Such language and discussions during the synod, which were highly admonished by excluded Cardinals and Bishops, were seen by many prelates in the German

A Hallow Battlefield - Praying for our Victorious Dead

Kennesaw Mountain, National Battlefield Park, Georgia Yesterday was a beautiful February, pre-spring day, in Georgia; sunny and 52 degrees, my wife and I decided to take our dog to Kennesaw Mountain for a hike. The steady green slope and granite climb up to 1800 feet, marked one of the final engagements of the Atlanta Campaign during the American Civil War. Although a peaceful day, in 1864 this mountain would have been littered with wounded and deceased soldiers, soaked with blood, covered in splintered Georgia pine, and hailed with a storm of hot led. As a West Point graduate, it is a remarkable place to be where each Union and Confederate commanding officers, including each of their combin

Commemoration of St. Valentine, PM - February 14th

Jacopo da Ponte - St. Valentine Baptizing St. Lucilla (Wikipedia) "Grant, we beseech Thee, O almighty God, that we, who celebrate the heavenly birthday of blessed Valentine, Thy Martyr, may by his intercession be delivered from all the evils that threaten us. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 St.Valentine (Valentino) was a Roman priest who performed marriages in spite of Claudius II's law against such (Claudius believed that marriage was distracting to his soldiers, so outlawed it to them for a time). Fr. Valentine was martyred in A.D. 270 on the Flammian way, and at the site of his martyrdom, Julius I built a popular basilica. Other than this, little is known. Because

Quid est Pastor? - What is a Priest?

Eucharistic Procession in Snow (Pinterest) Quid est Pastor? Where in the world today can we find, A pastor, a priest of God’s true kind? One who lives and works for the salvation and sanctification of souls, Knowing well that it is a dignified duty and the highest of all goals. The Priest is the mysterious channel of God’s Love, And a special instrument used by the Holy Dove. Being raised by God to a newer height, In order to win men’s soul is his fight! With all his God-given might, He is to help set all things aright! No longer a mere earthly breadwinner, He is now a God-employed soulwinner! He must remember to be truly good and brave, Sacrificing time to give souls what they really crave!

The Apparition of the Immaculate Virgin Mary at Lourdes - February 11th

Our Lady of Lourdes (University of Notre Dame) " O God, Who by the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin didst prepare a worthy dwelling for Thy Son: we humbly beseech Thee, that we, who celebrate the Apparition of this same Blessed Virgin, may obtain health of soul and body. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 The Holy Rosary is so important in so many of the apparitions of Mary. We see this when Our Lady appeared at Lourdes France in 1858. Right off, the first apparition began with Mary praying the Holy Rosary with St. Bernadette. “Without thinking of what I was doing I took my Rosary in my hands and went on my knees. The Lady made with Her head a sign of approval and He

St. Scholastica, V - February 10th

St. Scholastica (My Catholic Life) "O God, Who, to show us the way of innocence, dist cause the soul of Thy blessed Virgin Scholastica to enter heaven i the form of a dove: grant through her merits and prayers that we may live in an innocence that will win for us eternal joys. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 St. Scholastica, twin sister of the venerable Father, St. Benedict, had been consecrated to God in early childhood, as St. Gregory tells us in the second book of his Dialogue used to visit with Benedict once a year. On these occasions he would go down to meet her in a house belonging to the monastery a short distance from the entrance. On a certain day, a sudden do

St. John of Matha, C - February 8th

St. John of Matha (Flickr) "O God, Who through Saint John didst from heaven deign to institute the Order of the Most Holy Trinity for ransoming captives from the power of the Saracens: help us through this merits we beseech Thee, to freedom from bondage of body and of soul. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 “St. John was born of very pious and noble parents, at Faucon, on the borders of Provence, June the 24th, 1169, and was baptized John, in honour of St. John the Baptist. His mother dedicated him to God by a vow from his infancy. His father Euphemius sent him to Aix, where he learned grammar, fencing, riding, and other exercises fit for a young nobleman. But his chief

St. Titus, BpC - February 6th

St. Titus of Crete (Cassman Catechism) "O God, Who didst adorn blessed Titus, Thy Confessor and Bishop, with apostolic virtues: grant by his merits and intercession that a life of duty and justice here below may win for us our heavenly home. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 St.Titus, bishop of Crete, had the privilege of being associated with the disciples of the Doctor of the Gentiles. He was so particularly dear to Paul for his zeal in preaching the Gospel and for his faithfulness that, when Paul had gone to Troas for the sake of the Gospel of Christ, he declared that his spirit had no rest because he had not found his brother Titus there. And a little later, on his w

St. Agatha, VM - February 5th

St. Agatha of Sicily (Wikipedia) "O God, Who among the other marvels of Thy power, hast granted even to the weaker sex the victory of martyrdom: mercifully grant that we who celebrate the heavenly birthday of blessed Agatha, Thy Virgin and Martyr, may by her example draw nearer to Thee. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 St. Agatha, born in Sicily of noble parents, suffered a glorious martyrdom at Catania In the persecution of the emperor Decius. For when Quintianus, the praetor of Sicily, had vainly tried every means to tempt her from her virginity, he had her arrested as adhering to the Christian superstition. First she was beaten,then tortured on the rack with white ho

St. Andrew Corsini, BpC - February 4th

St. Andrew Corsini (Geni) "O God, Who dost ever show forth in Thy Church new examples of virtue: grant that Thy people may so fellow in the footsteps of blessed Andrew, Thy Confessor and Bishop, that they may obtain a like reward. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Andrew of the noble family of the Corsini of Florence, was born in answer to his parents’ prayer to God and dedicated to the Mother of God, He. was brought up devoutly in his youth, yet was inclined to evil ways and often rebuked by his mother. But when he realized that he had been dedicated to.the.Virgin by his parents’ vow, he became fired with the love of God and joined the Carmelite Order, becoming its supe

Prayer of the Soul and of the Will

Praying Girl (CatholicTruth) The Lord is the keeper of little ones: I was little and he delivered me. ~ Psalms 114:6 Can someone pray without knowing prayers or how to pray? Take a look at the "little ones." Without the intellect, the "little ones" offer their prayers from the soul and the will. Several weeks ago, after coming home from work, I found my 3-year-old daughter's Holy Rosaries in front of the altar in our upstairs prayer and reading room. The Rosaries were sitting a couple feet away, near the spot where I kneel in prayer. I told my wife about what I had found and my amazement that our daughter had been kneeling in front of the Crucifix. According to her reaction, my daughter had

Commemoration of St. Blase, BpM - February 3rd

The Real Story Behind the Church's Tradition of Blessing Throats (Aleteia) "O God, Who dost gladden us by the annual feast of blessed Blase, Thy Martyr and Bishop: mercifully grant that we, who celebrate his heavenly birthday, may also rejoice in his protection. Through our Lord." The ninth-century martyrologies of Europe in their lists, which are accompanied by historical notices, give on 15 February the name of St. Blasius, Bishop of Sebaste and martyr. The Greek synaxaria mention him under 11 February. In the oldest known recension of the so-called martyrology of St. Jerome the name of St. Blasius does not appear; it is only in the later, enlarged catalogues that he is mentioned. The hist

A Prayer to unite your actions to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Pious Reflection of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Virgo Sacrata) Prayer by St. John Eudes to unite your actions to that of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: Oh Jesus, most worthy of love, I praise and thank Thee countless times. I summon all the angels, all the saints and creatures to bless and glorify Thee with me, for all the graces Thou hast given me by this Divine Sacrifice. May it please Thee to preserve and multiply in my soul all the holy desires, thoughts, affections and sentiments which Thou has implanted in my soul during this Holy Mass, and to give me the grace to bring forth the fruit Thou does expect of me. Thou hast lowered Thyself to become present to me in this holy mystery.

St. Ignatius, BpM - February 1st

Saint Ignatius of Antioch (Esquina Pentecostal) "Look down up on our weakness, almighty God; and since the weight of our own deeds bears us down, may the glorious intercession of Blessed Ignatius, Thy Bishop and Martyr, protect us. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Also called Theophorus (ho Theophoros); born in Syria, around the year 50; died at Rome between 98 and 117. More than one of the earliest ecclesiastical writers have given credence, though apparently without good reason, to the legend that Ignatius was the child whom the Savior took up in His arms, as described in Mark 9:35. It is also believed, and with great probability, that, with his friend Polycarp, he wa

St. John Bosco, C - January 31st

Saint John Bosco (The Catholic Gentleman) "O God, Who didst raise up saint John Thy Confessor to be father and teacher of youth, and by him, with the help of the Virgin Mary, didst promote new families in Thy Church: grant, we beseech Thee, that inflamed by the same fie of love, we may win souls and serve Thee alone. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Founder of the Salesian Society. Born of poor parents in a little cabin at Becchi, a hill-side hamlet near Castelnuovo, Piedmont, Italy, 16 August, 1815; died 31 January 1888; declared Venerable by Pius X, 21 July, 1907. [Note: Pope Pius XI beatified him in 1929 and canonized him in 1934.] When he was little more than two ye

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