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“He Will Execute Whoever He is Allowed to Imprison!” – MSNBC’s Scarborough Goes UNHINGED on Trump

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As President Trump continues to surge in both the primary and general election polls, Democrats and the corporate media are starting to get scared. Joe Scarborough perfectly exemplified this fear Tuesday morning during the eponymously named show Morning Joe.

Scarborough and his wife, Mika Brzezinski, began by speaking about an article from the far-left New York Times called “Trump’s Dire Words Raise New Fears About His Authoritarian Bent.” In the piece, authors Michael C.

Bender and Michael Gold use liberals, Democrats, and Never-Trumpers to make their case that Trump’s politically incorrect rhetoric against his enemies signals a turn to toward fascism and a severe toward American democracy.

Scarborough, the weaker half of the duo, then went on a crazy tirade that became more unhinged as he got warmed up. He slammed all of the folks playing down the “threat” Trump poses and then “explained” to the MSNBC audience how America will end if Trump successfully returns to office.

And guess who else was there to provide his analysis? Race-baiting loser and Scarborough friend Al Sharpton!


Relevant transcript:

Scarborough: We have a responsibility to tune out the voices of the haters who are constantly shilling for him…bending over backwards for him like he (Trump) is a normal candidate.

He is not a normal candidate. He is running to end American democracy as we know it.

He is an authoritarian… a court in Colorado ruled he led an insurrection against the United States Government.

If you want to be fair, you will frame it as Joe Biden who supports American democracy and Donald Trump who supports a new form of government. It’s really that simple.

By the way, Reverend Al, when people go “oh, you can’t compare him to past Nazi leaders…because he hasn’t done this.” Well, what hasn’t he done!

He hasn’t done things the American judicial system will not allow him to do last time but may very well allow him to do this time. Or, a judicial system that will be ignored by Donald Trump and ran over by Donald Trump to create the greatest constitutional crisis in our lifetimes.

Just because he hasn’t done it yet doesn’t mean he won’t do it when he gets a chance to do it!

And if he is voted into office then a lot of these people who are talking about literal, figurative or whatever the hell they’re saying, they’re going to look like idiots!

He will imprison, he will execute whoever he is allowed to imprison, execute, drive from the country!

Just look at his past. It’s not really hard to read.

Remember all of the meltdowns when Trump upset Crooked Hillary Clinton to win in 2016? One can safely double the tears and screams if Donald makes his triumphant return in 2024.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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