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Yahweh was a Demonic god of the Early Canaanites

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Yahweh was one of the early Canaanite gods that was worshipped alongside Moloch, El, and Asherah, all of which were devils. Some historians hold that Yahweh and Baal were one and the same ‘deity.’

Yahweh has no connection with the Bible. Throughout Bible history and throughout the Bible the Almighty Creator is always referred to as “God,” “The Lord,” or “I AM WHO AM,” but those of idolatrous tendency have decided to rename the Lord "Yahweh."

Confused Catholics Call on Yahweh

We hear it today in our “Catholic” readings and in our “Catholic” hymns and we especially hear this name called upon in the so-called charismatic groupings that are known for their running after strange gods and spirits (demons) that our forefathers knew not.

The fact is that “Yahweh” is not found anywhere in the Bible including the Latin Vulgate from which the original English Bible was translated. Upon searching both Bibles for Yahweh the name shows up nowhere. What shows up on the screen are the words: “Could not find ’Yahweh’ in any verse of the whole Bible.”

The Correct Bible

We should note that the Douay Rheims Bible is the official and most accurate version of Holy Scripture in the English language, for which reason we make it our sole scriptural reference in this discussion. The Douay Rheims was the first English Bible ever produced and is a scholarly translation of the Latin Vulgate, the official Bible of all Christendom that was completed around 405 A.D. by St. Jerome at the behest of Pope Damasus. Its completion marked the first time in history that the individual Greek and Hebrew books of the Bible were compiled into one volume.

Following the completion of the Vulgate, the individual Biblical texts perished from existence so that the Hebrew and Greek Bibles that remain today are simply modern-day translations of the Vulgate as is the King James version. These are very poor translations that add words like “Yahweh.”

Derivatives of Yahweh include Jehovah, Jahveh, Yahveh, and Jahweh, and YHWH, none of which are found in the English Bible or in the Vulgate

Yahweh in Hebrew translates to “Jehovah” in English, but the word Jehovah is not found anywhere in the Bible. Jehovah is the false deity called upon by the Jehovah Witnesses.

Some argue that Yahweh means “I am who am” or “I am,” but the Hebrew term for “I am who am” is “ani mei sheani” and for “I am” is “ani.”

Protestant “scholars” say that Exodus 3:13-15 is the first place in the Bible where “Yahweh” is used, but the name is not found there. In this verse Moses asks God, “If they should say to me: What is his name? what shall I say to them? God said to Moses: I AM WHO AM. He said: Thus shalt thou say to the children of Israel: HE WHO IS, hath sent me to you.” In the original Latin Vulgate, God here is referred to as “Deus,” not “Yahweh.”

Yahweh Was a god of the Levant Region

In ancient times, the worship of Yahweh was peculiar not only to Canaan but to a wide section of the Levant region including the areas now occupied by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Israel. [a] Yahweh was an ancient deity of the Levantines that some historians understand to be Baal.  Baal was a national or tribal god said to have care over the safety and wellbeing of the non-religious Israelites, i.e., those who didn’t follow the Law of Moses.

According to ancient Hebrew literature, Yahweh was believed to possess attributes typically ascribed to weather and war deities, those of fructifying the land and of leading their armies against their enemies. Many of the early Israelites were polytheistic and worshipped Yahweh alongside a variety of Canaanite gods and goddesses, including El and Asherah

That is to say, they were pagan idolaters who despised God and who went after demonic idols for which reason they were punished by God throughout the Old Testament.

In our time, calling God Yahweh reflects a desire to seek a new god for oneself and calls to mind the Pharisees and renegade Jews who bowed to Yahweh and other like gods.

Needless to say, God’s name is not Yahweh and should never be called by that name lest He be accused of being a pagan idol.






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katie yee
katie yee
Jun 18

Wow, fascinating....

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