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West Point's Hidden Communists

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

(Photo credit: AP News)

The ideological divide between Army Officers is at a level unseen since the American Civil War. As a West Point Graduate, Class of 2014, I was taken aback by the beliefs and opinions posted by fellow classmates, including graduates before and after me, on social media during 2020. Certain to be concerning to many Americans, there are many hidden communists commanding the current ranks of the U.S. Military.

2020 marked a cataclysmic shift in our society, where main-street Americans watched liberal elitists in politics, law enforcement agencies, main stream media, and social media coordinate a coup to rob the country of its liberty, prosperity, and propriety. Faced with a fabricated pandemic from China that socialist governors used to cripple the economies, Democratic endorsed terrorism of BLM and ANTIFA who burned and looted urban communities, and a general election riddled with voter fraud, election law violations, and foreign interference by private and government entities, many protectors of American freedom, some whom I am well acquainted with, voiced popular support for the enemy.

To avoid slander, I will refrain from quoting any comments, since they could be easily searched on Facebook. In what led to many open arguments on the public forum, Captains and soon to be Majors, many still serving in the U.S. Army, wholeheartedly defended the violent acts and perverted ideologies of ANTIFA and BLM, both led and organized by anarchists, socialists, and marxists. These ideologies have led to over 100 million deaths (over one billion if you include abortions) in the past century. No one can mistaken the USSR flags with the "Hammer and Sickle" socialist fist, and antifascist logos that have been connected with major marxist movements and revolution, dating back to the 1920's. To no shock to most, my posts (especially those exposing ANTIFA and BLM attacks on Catholic Churches) were often "fact checked" or removed, while their sick, pro-communist content would remain.

To these marxists, my position is that of a "white supremacist," as the Usurper in the White House and the main stream media has instructed them to think and respond. It is unfortunate, for the sake of our Republic's security and the integrity of the U.S. Military, that such individuals hold commanding positions, leading the young men and women of this country; our greatest treasure. These marxist officers, in their blind support for the coup, are traitors and should be stopped by their commissions and removed from the Army.

It has taken me over six months to build the courage to make such a bold statement, but the recent revelations of a growing communist presence in the military cannot be ignored. Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier of the U.S. Space Force was relieved of command this past May for his book "Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of American Military," detailing the marxist materials and pamphlets being distributed throughout the armed forces.

This was a very similar tactic that the Bolshevik's used to spread marxist ideologies to Russian soldiers in the trenches of WWI, which led to whole units going rogue, executing their officers, and joining the Red Army during their Civil War. Furthermore, earlier this spring, Rep. Mike Waltz addressed his concerns that Critical Race Theory was being taught at the United States Military Academy at West Point, assuring that more socialists and marxist are being commissioned by the institution. To those who pay close attention to the academy, it cannot be that far from the truth when the current superintendent, Lt. General Darryl A. Williams, has investigated cadets for "white supremacy," because of asinine interpretation of hand signals viewed on ESPN's College Gameday's coverage of they Army vs Navy games. Another opportunistic witch hunt.

When a Lieutenant Colonel (him and his wife being West Point Grads) can tell his formation that "white people" are a problem, we have lost everything that it means and is valued to be an American. This problem is deep rooted, from Second Lieutenants to Four Star Generals, indoctrinated by a secular-modernist society, whose elites have bought on everything from ethno-socialism to the transgenderism of gender ideology to build a system where patriotic men of Christian virtue and European ethnicity do not belong. Last time I checked, the U.S. Military was the bastion of equality, an institution that paved the way for the Civil Rights movements of the 1960's.

It is sad, because I have seen it coming for a long time; perhaps since I was a cadet and saw all the major leadership positions filled by women, when females only accounted for less than 20% of the Corps. To my recollection, the imperialistic British instituted that tactic into every civilization they colonized, often resulting in sectarian violence , genocides, and famine. It is a tool to divide, disrupt, and destroy, so that the seeds of revolution can be implanted for the marxists and socialists of tomorrow to exploit.

We are viewing a brisk reality that our military is facing, along with our communities, cities, universities, politics, and even dinner tables. While our cities burn and become the battleground of ideological clashes, one must ask, "How far is the military from degrading into the same fate?" Perhaps far away, the Usurping administration has been purging the military's ranks of patriots, conservatives, whites, and Christians. When the Civil War comes, and it is coming, the armed forces may no longer be in a willing and invested condition to protect the American people and defend the U.S. Constitution. In fact, I stand corrected, the U.S. Military has already failed to adhere to its oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC.

The U.S Military is in a dire situation when my confessor has to advise young men, who are discerning becoming officers or enlisting, to stay away for the many compromising situations that the force will subject one to; compromising one's Catholic faith and the solemn oath to God to defend something that the corrupt government does not want you to.

I made that oath 12 years ago, and I will bear true faith and fight the enemy until my last full measure.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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