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  • Fabio Mirabella | The Daily Knight

We Cannot Retreat, We Cannot Surrender, We are Called to be in the Army of Light for Our Lord!

Fabio Mirabella | The Daily Knight

Painting in a Church in Pennsylvania, USA

I've the honor to write this among my American brothers and sisters, believers like me, and in the Grace of Our Lord. With your permission I would introduce myself to the crowd.

In certain ways and verses I'm a lucky guy. I've been lucky through tragedies of my half century life, I could be already food for worms after so many trials I faced in this path, but I'm not. And through these storms, that any of us has had to live at any stage and age, today I arrived here, among you, brothers and sisters.

There's must be a logic, a reason, of some kind and I know that you know what this reason is. It is more than a reason, it's a whole, and yes, it is God, our Lord. Though I am in Italy, we are brothers and sisters across nations and territories because we have been blessed by the Grace of our Lord to be as one, from any corner of the world.

However, it does exist, in my humble hope, another special reason for me to be here among you. I live in the heart of the Christendom, where the Holy Church established what was supposed to be the Temple of our Lord, to cure, manage, address and direct believers in the harmony and the love that any living being deserves, any creature that comes from the pure source of God, our Creator.

Hence, I contemplate sometimes, how our Lord thought that His creatures would be after He released us in the beauty of this rare world among oceans of stars: how would they be, what would they become?

"Fatti non foste per vivere come bruti ma per seguire virtù e conoscenza","You weren't made to live like brutes but to follow virtus and knowledge", wrote Dante Alighieri in the mouth of Ulysses, who was certainly not a Christian in his culture and faith but still a man of honor and principles.

What we are in essence and quintessence is this freedom given by God. We have to use this gift of freedom, in one sole manner and in one sole task, and logically this means to serve the Mind of our Lord, the plan and the design that He conceived for humankind to be one, civilized, virtuous, and advance in the contemplation of the His creation.

We have a purpose, we have a task, we have rules given to be rightful and honest persons to reach the ultimate goal of Heaven. Nothing should stop us from accomplishing this mission. There will be always be times where we will have to lose, to leave, to sacrifice, in the pain, in the rage, in the desperation, but just you know that by joyfully accepting it, accepting our fate, we are honoring our Lord's plan.

As you know this power, freedom of choice, can be overturned against God's will by humans themselves, committing blasphemy and dishonoring our Lord by the gift of freedom that He blessed us with. These individuals forgot what they are, they don't even think anymore what they are, darkness reached their souls and infected them.

And without presumption, you brothers and sisters know by now that this is the time of the Antichrist, and we are now called to be in the Army of Light for Our Lord, to react and avoid the fall into the abyss that the Antagonist wishes for us, creatures of God. We must pray and fight to be Children of the Light!

We don't have to lose hope, and pray to have enough strength to continue honoring God, because only like this we are fulfilling the Design of God. Thus, we cannot retreat, we cannot surrender, and we have to not be distracted by the immensity of the physical wealth that comes up, surfacing over this abyss or we would betray our task, ourselves, and God our Creator.

In other words, we would fail and would fall into hell, and God this time won't be there to help us again, we had free choice, we had His power in our mind and in our hands, and we used it against Him...then there won't be redemption once you will have part in a plan and a design that is not that wished for you by your Creator, you will be deleted just like a program in malfunction or, worse, one that prejudiced the working of the whole system.

Now, here, in the heart of the Christianity, in Italy, our God has been betrayed, raped by filthy imposters, who are now accomplishing and serving instead the tyranny of the Antichrist on mankind. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is one holy man that has revealed much about this and is attempting to wake souls and enlighten them to this "deep church" in an attempt to do his best to fight this evil. Pray for him and be yourself a light to your fellow brothers and sisters.

In conclusion, I sincerely hope to deserve this noble title of Knight of the Republic although I'm not an American in papers or by birth, I still consider myself one of you, in this task and in the Faith toward Our Holy God's plan.

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