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WATCH: Soviet-born congresswoman compares Merrick Garland’s DOJ to the KGB

The Daily Knight

By LifeSite News.

Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, who grew up in what is now Ukraine, told Attorney General Merrick Garland that Americans 'are afraid of their own government' during a U.S. House committee hearing on oversight of the Department of Justice.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — An Indiana congresswoman born in the former Soviet Union slammed Attorney General Merrick Garland for overseeing a politicized Department of Justice (DOJ).

Republican Congresswoman Victoria Spartz criticized AG Garland and said people are “afraid of their own government,” citing FBI outreach into towns over unruly citizens who committed disorderly conduct on January 6, 2021.

Her comments came on Wednesday during a U.S. House committee hearing on oversight of the DOJ.

She said the DOJ is like the “KGB” and criticized the abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. She criticized how investigations are “slow walked” when it comes to liberals, including Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden.

“We were very quick on Donald Trump,” though, she noted.

Spartz, who grew up in what is now Ukraine, also brought up Hunter Biden’s business dealings in the country, which included hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees for natural gas company Burisma, while his father oversaw Ukrainian policy under President Barack Obama.

She said that the ineptness of the DOJ is empowering Russia and China as well. Spartz also raised concerns about foreigners voting in American elections.

Garland and his department have come under scrutiny for targeting conservatives, pro-lifers, and Catholics.

In October 2021, Garland ordered federal authorities to be ready to prosecute parents and other citizens who spoke out against COVID regulations and the framing of sex and race discussion in classrooms.