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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

Vatican II and the Ensuing Darkness in the West

David Martin | The Daily Knight

While many today have commented on the growing spirit of revolution in the West, few have connected this with the revolt from Catholic tradition that was set in motion at Vatican II

There is no denying that Vatican II engendered a spirit of infidelity in the Western world, evidenced just by today’s skyrocketing divorce and contraception. At the Council, Christ’s beloved Spouse ‘threw off her wedding veil’ and began flirting with other religions (ecumenism) to the end that Catholic women today have followed suit, refusing to cover their heads in Church and to submit to their husbands’ authority. This in turn has fostered the same rebellious attitude among their youth.

In an interview with Italian journalist Marco Tosatti in September 2020 (full interview here), Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Papal Nuncio to the United States, said that “it was precisely the spirit of Vatican II that marked the end of a hierarchically constituted society, and of the traditional values common to the Western world.”

The Archbishop said:

“Without Vatican II, we would not have had the student revolution that radically changed life in the Western world, the vision of the family, the role of women, and the very concept of authority.”

Old Mass Needed to Restore Focus

Today’s modernist revolution indeed would not have materialized had Vatican II not convened. The evils of the modern world stem from our having taken our eyes off of Christ, so the way that we refocus our eye is by universally restoring the Traditional Latin Mass that was said before the Council.

For the light of tradition emanating from the old rite is that Lumen Gentium wherewith to enlighten and attract the world to Christ. The Church was instituted as a universal beacon so that the light of Christ might shine over the planet and germinate the seeds of virtue in man, but by withholding this light from the world the Church today is hindering the plan for man's salvation and casting a darkness over the entire planet, giving rise to superstition, idolatry (Pachamama), heresy, violence, profanation of the Church and the general tearing down of our Christian culture.

The ensuing revolution in the West indeed is the result of tearing down the Catholic Church. The spiritual revolt at Vatican II began paving the way to civil revolution and darkness, so the solution to restoring our planet is to return to tradition and “let your light shine before men” (Matthew 5:16)

The Rebellious Liturgical “Reform”

The sin of pride indeed was behind the liturgical revolution of Vatican II. The liturgy was changed because the church had grown ashamed of its own light. Rebel clergy like Cardinal Suenens and Monsignor Bugnini used Pope Paul VI to sign for a Mass that he himself had not called for. The blueprint for the "Mass of Pope Paul VI" was already completed in spring 1962, sixteen months before Pope Paul's election. The opening session of Vatican II was simply used to push the blueprint through, to the end that the document — known unofficially as the "Bugnini Draft"— was formally adopted on December 7, 1962, as the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy and later promulgated on December 3, 1963, as Sacrosanctum Concilium.

Mass Facing the People

The primary objective in installing the New Mass was to turn the priest around so that he says the Mass facing the people with his back to the tabernacle. The ruling for this innovation is found in the September 26, 1964 Vatican II Instruction, Inter Oecumenici, section 91, wherein it states:

The main altar should preferably be freestanding to permit walking around it and celebration facing the people

What has ensued is a historic shift of focus where the emphasis today is on the community and not on God. The Freemasons had long conversed among themselves concerning how they would hijack and use the Church as an instrument to advance their Novus Ordo Seclorum or New World Order, a plan that would largely be executed through the change of liturgy.

It is significant to note that Mass versus populum (facing the people) is unprecedented in the history of Christianity. Acclaimed liturgist Monsignor Klaus Gamber, held by Benedict XVI to be “a prophet for our time,” sets the record straight concerning this.

“We can say and convincingly demonstrate that neither in the Eastern nor the Western Church was there ever a Celebration vs. populum.” (The Reform of the Roman Liturgy, 1993)

Novus Ordo Destructive

According to Monsignor Gamber, Mass versus populum was the most destructive of all the post-conciliar “reforms,” citing that “there is no basis for it in liturgical history, not theologically, nor sociologically.”

There obviously were many other changes made to the Mass. For instance, Vatican II called for a "general restoration of the liturgy" (SC 21) wherein archaic "elements" accumulated through time "are now to be discarded" and "the rites are to be simplified" (SC 50) and it proposed that customs of “races and peoples” be incorporated into the Mass (SC 37). However, the offering of the Mass facing the people was central to this modernist revolution since it would serve as a tiller to steer the Barque of Peter onto secular straits.

Consider the vision of nineteenth century Freemason and excommunicated priest, Canon Roca (1830-1893), who predicted that “the liturgy, ceremonial, ritual and regulations of the Roman Church will shortly undergo a transformation at an ecumenical council … to deprive the Church of its supernatural character, to amalgamate it with the world, to interweave the denominations ecumenically instead of letting them run side by side as separate confessions, and thus to pave the way for a standard world religion in the centralized world state.”

This eerily calls to mind the declaration of Pope Francis that, “There is urgent need of a true world political authority.” (Laudato Si’) The institution of the Novus Ordo is what set the stage and began paving the way for this coming New World Order, so the remedy for reversing this is to return to saying the Mass of the Old Order (ad orientum).

Christ told the people, “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, so must the Son of Man be lifted up (in the Holy Sacrifice) that whosoever believeth in Him may not perish; but may have life everlasting." (John 3:15)

The infernal snake bites that afflict the Mystical Body will be healed when Christ is again lifted up in center-view before the Church via the old Mass. (Numbers 21:9)

“The Church will be in eclipse, the world will be in dismay”

Our Lady at La Salette, 1846


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