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Vatican Cancels Three Anti-Islamic Papal Bulls

David Martin |The Daily Knight

The Vatican has "abrogated" three papal bulls, claiming that the documents are offensive to indigenous peoples and "have never been considered expressions of the Catholic faith."

The bulls Dum Diversas (1452), Romanus Pontifex (1455) and Inter Caetera (1493) contain the basis for the "doctrine of discovery," which "is not part of the teaching of the Catholic Church," the Vatican has announced.

For obvious reasons, the abrogation of the three documents is null and void since these documents are irrevocable. The documents perfectly reflect Church teaching and any attempt to abrogate them constitutes an act of treason against the Church. What Francis is doing is catering to Islam and to things indigenous, not to things eternal.

A joint statement issued on March 30 by the Vatican dicasteries for Culture and Education and for Promoting Integral Human Development, said: "The Church acknowledges that these papal bulls did not adequately reflect the equal dignity and rights of indigenous peoples."

Not so. The Church has always acknowledged the equal dignity and rights of all peoples while denouncing pagan culture that oppresses them. The Church issued these documents to protect all peoples from the barbarism of pagan culture, unlike Francis who goes out of his way to expose the faithful to the poison of indigenous idol worship, e.g. Pachamama, Mayan gods.

The Vatican dicasteries quoted Pope Francis' words endorsing the repeal of the bulls: "Never again can the Christian community allow itself to be infected by the idea that one culture is superior to others, or that it is legitimate to employ ways of coercing others."

The Church is a Divine Culture

Unfortunately, Francis has forgotten that Christianity is superior to every form of culture, especially murderous pagan cultures like Islam or those of the Amazon. The Church is a divine culture and its mission is to cleanse the earth of pagan culture through conversion so that all people can be saved. What Francis has done is to dignify paganism and to equate the Church with it. Yea, he has denied Catholic Dogma as professed by the true popes:

"There is one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, outside of which there is neither salvation, nor remission of sins" – Unam Sanctam, Papal Bull of Boniface VIII

Appeasing Islam

The following is taken from Church Militant.

Top Islamic scholars told Church Militant that the Vatican had annulled the bulls not so much because of their purported defense of colonialism and slavery but because the documents were offensive to Islam and an obstacle to ongoing dialogue.

"The revocation of these bulls is likely the result of Francis' ongoing 'dialogue' with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayeb," Robert Spencer, Islamic scholar and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And the Crusades