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Top US General Meets with Pope to Discuss War After Dropping Cluster Bombs on Russians

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Top US General Mark Milley, the man behind the disastrous surrender to the Taliban in Afghanistan, met with Red Francis on Monday to discuss war. Because Milley knows war.

General Milley wants to push forward with the War in Ukraine despite the mass death and suffering in the regime. Milley and Joe Biden decided last month to use cluster bombs, banned by over 100 countries in the international community.

This morning Pope Francis and General Milley met in audience according to the Vatican Press.

The Insider reported:

Top US military officer General Mark Milley met Pope Francis at the Vatican on Monday, discussing issues including the war in Ukraine.

The pope is “obviously very concerned about the hundreds of thousands of people who have been killed and wounded and the innocent civilian lives that have been lost”, Milley told journalists aboard a US military aircraft following the audience.

“He’s very interested in hearing my views on the state of the war and the status of the war, and the human tragedy that’s unfolded in Ukraine,” the general said.

Milley — the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff — has played a central role in efforts to provide Ukraine with assistance including military equipment and training to combat Russian troops who invaded in February 2022.

That assistance has helped Kyiv’s forces regain ground from Moscow, and Ukrainian troops are currently engaged in a counteroffensive that has run up against heavy Russian defences.

Pope Francis, who became head of the worldwide Catholic Church in 2013, calls regularly for peace in Ukraine and his peace envoy visited Moscow in June, just weeks after visiting Kyiv.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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