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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

To President Trump: Get Back into the Oval Office Because we are Losing our Country

David Martin | The Daily Knight

President Donald J. Trump in the White House (AL Dia News)

Mr. President:

In November of last year Joe Biden and his team of socialists heisted the 2020 presidential election through fraud, and while the evidence supporting this fact stacks to the heavens our “committed” men of justice have smugly refused to examine it for fear of offending the enemies of America.

The fact is that we have an impostor in the White House who is presently driving this country onto a collision course so you should think in terms of getting back into the Oval Office and nothing less. For Biden is nothing more than a pawn of Communist China to take down our country and the takeover is unfolding quickly. The clenched fist rules across our land.

Communism Plaguing America

The widespread attack on Christian-American culture with the George Floyd protests and Antifa’s vandalizing of statues and churches across America in spring-summer 2020 is glaring evidence of Communism’s foothold in our country, as is the traitorous response of our men of justice to the noble acts of retaliation against this Marxist activity. Time and again we see patriots being slandered and punished for their defense of American liberty while Marxist terrorists are given a green light to tear down the Stars and Stripes.

For instance, American patriot Justin Haggerty who heads the Knights Republic — a traditional Catholic organization committed to the restoration of the Faith and traditional family values — expressed his moral indignation over Antifa’s increasing attacks on God and country when, on the eve of Columbus Day, 2017, he threw red paint on a newly erected indigenous statue and placed a wooden Cross, which read ‘Columbus,’ in front of it.

Haggerty’s action should have excited the praise of every normal American across our land. Yea, he should have been awarded for what he did, but instead our corrupt Department of Justice (DOJ) ruled in March 2020 that Haggerty must spend a year in federal prison for his heartfelt effort to counteract this Marxist-fueled attempt to “redwash” all Western and Catholic culture.

Meanwhile, Antifa terrorists are free to assault our country as anarchist mobs continue to loot businesses, burn down our cities, make assassination threats on our leaders, attack and murder our police, attack our Catholic Churches and desecrate our national and religious monuments to their hearts content with near-zero action being taken against them. Their hate violence indeed has the backing of many in our government and DOJ who cater to the mob out of fear and the love of bribes.

For instance, there was the case of two soldiers at Fort Bliss who were smuggling illegal immigrants across the border, and their case was dismissed after a sealed court hearing. They each had faced 10 years in federal prison. Yet a man was sentenced to 15 years in 2019 for merely burning a gay flag that hung from a Methodist church in Ames, Iowa. Shouldn’t all LGBT flags be burned? Did God not punish and destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for the very sin that LGBT people promote?

The U.S. Department of Injustice

The U.S. Department of Justice hereby has earned for itself a new title – the DOI or Department of Injustice. The fourth Beatitude applies. “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.” (Matthew 5:6)

Back to the injustice in the White House. Biden is all about colluding with Communist China for the downfall of America, evidenced just by his newly formed campaign to stop “hate speech” against Communist China. This same Biden played a key role in orchestrating the COVID nightmare that has plagued our country for the past 18 months.

Fauci Implicated in the Spread of COVID-19

We've known it all along and now the details are surfacing. Fauci, Gates, the WHO and China teamed up and produced COVID-19 in the Wuhan lab with the intent of spreading it to America to provide themselves and Biden with a political lever to impose draconian restrictions and poison vaccines. The COVID vaccine is designed to kill people; thousands have already died from it and many more will continue to die from it.

American Freedom Severely Threatened Under Biden

Bill Gates is a population-control fanatic who put $4 billion into this project back in 2019. COVID-19 stands for Certification Of Vaccination ID, a plan that was completed in 2019. With Biden at the controls we are quickly moving into “vaccination passport” mode. Without verification of vaccination, we eventually will not be able to “buy or sell.” (Apoc. 13:17)

Already our country has suffered a tremendous blow from this heinous bio-attack from China. $Billions have been lost, with millions of businesses ruined, so it is essential that you get back into the White House so that immediate action can be taken to demand reparation from the Chinese. For starters, ALL DEPTS to China must be cancelled, completely. Agreed?

And the Biden team must be indicted for treason. You have enough evidence to convict Biden & Company. Use your wealth and hire the best attorneys to nail this deep-state ring of terror, even if you have to pay a $billion or more. God will repay you later.

Remember, you are still the President of the United States because you landslided Biden in the 2020 election. America must not allow Biden and his clique to get away with the heist because this disenfranchises the American people. Repeat: the enemies of God and country must NOT be allowed to steal our country from us.

Knowledge is power and with the better part of America now alerted to the conspiratorial doings of the Biden-Fauci clique it has generated a wave of patriot backlash that can help you ride your way back into the Oval Office. The support is there so if you’re resolved to fight for America as a Washington insider we the people are ready to fight with you.

Please get back into the White House so we can resume the good fight, because you will never be able to navigate the USS MAGA back to a safe port until you are reinstated and at the helm again. Let us steer the ship around and navigate it back to greatness so that freedom and not a death knell can ring.


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