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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

To Abortion Activist Kamala Harris

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Dear Kamala:

Have you ever stopped and reflected on how many people you have killed in life? And have you ever had the courage to reflect on what has fueled your abortionist rampage?

The answer: you look down on womanhood and are afraid to bear that image in yourself, which is the end fruit of your failure to confess Christ. You are bound in fears.

Women today are very discouraged about their identity where they feel they must be ashamed of their gender, but this is not courage. A woman should never be ashamed of her womanhood but should be proud to be a woman, which means she shouldn't try to be a man. Women today are very confused!

What has primarily fostered this illness is their small-minded aspiration of holding positions of authority in society, which is contrary to the will and design of God. A woman's place is in the home to see to the needs of her children and not to be out and about trying to be something she is not.

Women need to liberate themselves from this silliness and have true courage in standing up for life. It takes no courage to surrender to the vice of murder but it takes much courage to speak out and rescue the unborn from today's feminists who are obsessed with bullying the helpless and innocent. A bully is a coward but a hero is one who rescues the helpless from their grasp.

You won't rescue the unborn because you are afraid of what silly women think of you, which is no courage. You're bound in the fetters of fear as you run about like a 'chicken' with no head trying to impress a fallen generation instead of being responsible and acting in the best interests of your fellow Americans.

My advice to you is to accept the challenge to be a woman of courage and truth. Admit you have been on the wrong path. Christ said, "The truth will make you free" (John 8:32), and the truth here means a public confession of truth. Stand up and defend the rights of unborn women and don't shrink from the challenge lest you be aborted from eternal life.

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